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Baby Mermaid Costume - Crochet Photo Props! Buy it or make it!

Updated on November 4, 2013

Have the cutest photo session with a baby mermaid costume!

My friend is having a baby soon, just a few days left and I would lie if I said I wasn't excited about it. Judging by her and her partners personality I just know this baby will be a ray of sunshine.

A few days ago I was browsing and brainstorming about what to get her as a gift (I don't know the gender) and by accident I came across the most adorable thing ever - baby mermaid costume! This was to precious not to share as I think this makes the most perfect baby Halloween costume or just a great photo prop.

It would be awesome if her baby would be a girl (I do suspect a boy though) and if she would be a mermaid for Halloween.

There are many different baby mermaid costumes available for you to buy, I could probably make a list of 100 different products but I choose to include just a few of the ones I personally like the most.

Blue Baby Mermaid Outfit - The natural look

I had to include this one, not only because of the adorable outfit but also because of the clever ruffled fabric that looks just like sand on the beach! I would add a shell or two or a starfish and I think the photo would be amazing!

You can buy this costume

Mystiqueshapes Cute Crochet Knitted Baby Hats Girl Boy Diaper Cover Set Photo Prop
Mystiqueshapes Cute Crochet Knitted Baby Hats Girl Boy Diaper Cover Set Photo Prop

I love the teal color, it's the most common tail color in the mermaid world (probably, if there would be such a world) and this is why I think this one would work great for baby girl mermaids as well as baby boy mermen (no need to use the bra for him).


Pretty in Pink - Pink Crochet Baby Mermaid Tail - For the girly girl

Another great photo setting! I love the teal faux fur placed on the baby bed.

This one has scales! - I love this one!

If you are thinking about making this one yourself, I didn't find any patterns which would show you how to make the tail but I can tell you how the technique is called - it's the crocodile crochet stitch.

Handmade Mermaid Baby Set
Handmade Mermaid Baby Set

While you can buy this one if you are attempting to make your own, I can't help you with the tail part but you can find the crocodile crochet stitch instruction at the free patterns section a bit further down this page.

As for this adorable one, well there's not much to say about it but that it's gorgeous!


Even more of them on eBay!

I could spend hours just browsing on ebay - it's a great resource to get new & old things as well as unique hand crafted things so it's no wonder there are a lot of these cute dresses available there. Be sure to check them out.

FREE! Baby Mermaid Tail Crochet Patterns - Well currently only two

I can't believe these are so hard to find! I'we litteraly went through hundreds of pages to find patterns and tutorials (my search will continue!)

If the baby won't cooperate maybe the cat will?

But knowing cats I think you have more chance with the baby!

Photo credit: lemonhalf via photopin cc


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    • ThisisMissyMiss profile image

      Mommy 4 years ago from The Fabulous Midwest

      This is adorable!