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baby shower diaper cake ideas

Updated on July 5, 2016
single layer baby shower cake
single layer baby shower cake | Source

A baby shower can be a great deal of fun. There are many different enjoyable things you can do during a baby shower, which can make it very special for the expectant mother and her new little miracle.You want to create a beautiful setting for the baby shower. You can decorate with chiffon and signs with the new baby’s name. You can make a diaper cake including toys for the new baby. You can do it somewhere unique such as at a beautiful botanical garden.There are many fun game that you can play during a baby shower. For instance, you can make a baby shower bingo for everyone to play. You can also play a game in which everyone is forbidden to say a word such as baby or pregnant.

DIY baby shower diaper cake
DIY baby shower diaper cake | Source
Beautiful Diaper Cake for Baby Shower
Beautiful Diaper Cake for Baby Shower | Source
diaper cake Baby Shower
diaper cake Baby Shower | Source
Diaper Cakes, Baby Shower Decorations, Baby Shower Ideas
Diaper Cakes, Baby Shower Decorations, Baby Shower Ideas | Source
ladybug diaper cake for baby shower
ladybug diaper cake for baby shower | Source

Make a DIY diaper cake

A diaper cake typically consists of 60-100 newborn diapers. The items that are used for a diaper cake will include the following. A cardboard cake circle, diapers, empty paper towel cylinder or large baby shampoo bottle, rubber bands or ribbons, 1 inch decorative ribbon, and chosen decorative items will be used. A cardboard cake circle can be spray painted in a gold, silver or pastel color to compliment any theme if preferred. Determine the theme and style of the diaper cake and then get started.
Roll and tighten the diapers with the design on the inside then place a rubber band or thin ribbon around each diaper to secure in place. Complete the rolling process of each diaper. School age children can help with this activity too. Place the diapers around a paper towel cylinder while working to make a large circle of diapers. Tighten a string or ribbon around the diapers and secure to a cardboard cake circle. It is also acceptable to not use a paper towel cylinder and the diaper cake will still hold. Either way it will be important to secure the bottom of the diaper cake to the cardboard cake circle. Glue or tape will work to keep the diaper cake from slipping. Make each tier the same way in graduating sizes. A two or three tier cake can be made depending on the amount of diapers that are used. Make sure each tier is tied tightly around the cylinder. Then a decorative ribbon can be used to add color.
This cake will make a grand statement. It will take a closer glance to truly determine that the cake is made from diapers. A floral diaper cake placed on a table will create a backdrop for any shower while cascading flowers will camouflage the diapers beneath. Pick colors that signify the gender of the baby, the palate of the nursery or the theme of the shower. Silk flowers can be purchased at Michaels or any craft store. Choosing several flowers will add depth to the diaper cake. A complimentary choice of two or three colors can add variety to the decoration. For example pastel pink, peach and ivory roses will be a soft touch for any diaper cake. A bright array of dahlias can include dramatic burnt orange, yellow and red. If the stems are long they can easily be trimmed for the length that is needed. Top the highest layer off with a tiny bouquet, porcelain block or miniature silver rattle.
A practical, yet adorable cake will make a sweet statement. The tiny baby items will be hidden throughout the cake which will surprise the “mom to be” as she takes a closer look. This cake can evolve out of providing

the essentials that will be appreciated later. Several items can be placed around or on the cake to create a whimsical theme. Shop bargain stores, gift stores and local shops to pick up the products that will become favorites. Color coordinating the items can create a pleasant decoration that will add to the cake. Baby bath products, hand towels, receiving blankets, pacifiers, rubber ducks and rattles are favorites for a baby inspired cake. A large baby shampoo product can be hidden in the center of the cake at the start of the assembly process. A small thin blanket can be placed between the layers or toward the top and draped to cascade below the cake. This creative diaper cake can have a variety of items tucked in or displayed from the outside.

The time involved in assembling a DIY diaper cake will create a truly unique handmade gift. This delightful centerpiece will certainly be picture worthy. A diaper cake is a sweet gift that will be adored, eventually unraveled and worn with love by the “baby to be.”

Fun and games

Everyone gets a clothespin and if they hear someone say the word they can take their clothespin. The person who has the most clothespins at the end wins. Another fun game is for everyone to guess how big the mommy is. They all have to guess the length string that will fit around her waist. They will each cut a piece of yarn to what they think is the right length. Afterward you will measure the real diameter and the one who is closest wins. You can also have a little trivia quiz in which people have to guess details about the mother such as her cravings, favorite pregnancy outfit, etc.

How To Make The Most Beautiful Diaper Cake Ever


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      6 years ago

      wow, you are really creative and the stuff is so helpful!


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