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Baby Shower Gifts That Will Be Used

Updated on January 21, 2013

Tips For Buying The Right Gift For A Baby Shower

We have all gone to a baby shower with a gift and wonder if the baby gifts will be actually used. It is not that I mind spending money on friends and family that are having a baby but I hate spending money on something that will end up in a pile not being used. I really would rather even spend a little more and get them something that is needed.

As a mother of three I can also attest that it is many times the same on the other end. A mother to be may get so many gifts but end up with gifts that is not needed but still lacking in areas for things that are needed. Like most, I was also very aware that my guests worked hard so they could give me a gift so I would never even think about chancing hurting someones feeling by asking them if I could exchange the gift. I have even went as far a opening a gift for my baby to take a picture in with never really using it again.

  1. You do not have to spend a lot of money:

    I have been shopping with more then one friend that is getting a gift that will just pick up a big priced item and buy it because they really want to help. I have been there too before I had kids in fact, I remember buying a big teddy bear the first baby shower I attended as an adult. While a teddy bear was cute a cute outfit would have probably been more used at that time and it would have probably cost a lot less.

  2. It is more then okay to give money or a gift card but it is nice to get gifts just as much.

    As a mom, we love it that others are excited about our little bundles of joy. We are so excited about having a baby it is very nice to see that so many in the same room have taken time out to be excited to.

  3. It is okay to attach a gift receipt to an item.

    While a typical mother to be will be tickled pink that you thought of her baby and will love anything that you give her and the baby. The fact is that some clothing and expensive items just will not work, or maybe she will end up getting more then one of the same thing. If she has a gift receipt she can go back and exchange it without feeling bad for asking for receipts.

  4. Hand made items are awesome and very much appreciated. If you are going to sew in a babies name make sure you are spelling the name correctly and make sure they are very set on that name.
  5. If you are giving second hand gifts make sure they are clean and ready for use. If you have any second thought about rather giving a second hand gift is appropriate at this baby shower either talk with the host or just call to ask the mother to be. You can always give second hand items before or after the shower if wanted.
  6. Not all baby clothes bought for baby showers should be the size of new born or new infant .

    Babies grow very fast, it is suitable to give clothing that is up to 6 to12 months in size. Just try to do your best in guessing the type of season that would be in during those months. For example a baby that is born in November should not be given beach clothes in size 3 months if they live in an area that has three feet of snow that time of year.

How To Buy Diapers For A Baby Shower

Diapers is probably the number one gift to be seen at baby shower. One gift that many moms ask for with great passion. The cost of diapers can be great and just the savings of having help with diapers is wonderful.

  1. Find out if parents to be is planning to be using plastic or reusable diapers.
  2. Avoid getting infant diapers unless told specifically to do so. Most new parents only go through a small amount of newborns before baby is moved to a different size. Feel free to get diapers up to size 12 months.
  3. If possible find out if they are brand loyal for the brand of diapers they use.

    While most new parents may not be so hung up on a brand, parents that has had children before may only use one brand. If you are unable to confirm what brand do not let this stop you, most parents will usually go ahead and use any brand if available. If not they can usually find a friend that will use them easily enough.

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