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'Baby's First Christmas' Stockings

Updated on January 10, 2015

First Christmas Stocking for Baby

What a fantastic experience to have your baby with you to celebrate their first Christmas. Other than birth and the first birthday of a baby, there probably isn't a more important day in your life for them.

So in celebration of that once-in-a-lifetime event, a Christmas stocking for your baby is a wonderful way to create memories of that unforgettable day. Of course once you have the stocking, it can be used for several years while the child is still young.

Although most of us normally will personalize or monogram a Christmas stocking, it's always a great practice to do with the first Christmas of your baby, as the first Christmas stocking they receive will usually be an heirloom passed from generation to generation among the family members. With so many people forgetting a lot of things of the past, the name of the baby, if it isn't put on the stocking shouldn't be assumed to be remembered, as time can easily cause what happened in the past to fade as people carry on their lives.

So a name on the Christmas stocking ensures that it won't be forgotten as to who the baby Christmas stocking belongs to, specifically with families with more than one of the same gender, where memories can fade or circumstances of life can erase the memories of those who would know those things.

Angel Baby Christmas Stocking

Baby Christmas stockings should be whimsical and fun, creating treasured memories. This Christmas stocking with an angel design below meets that criteria completely, and would create a fond memory of the first Christmas for a little baby boy or girl.

Angel Baby's First Christmas Stocking


Baby Boy First Christmas Stocking

This is a very nice first Christmas stocking for a little baby boy. The colors in the simple design are fantastic, and the joy on the face of the snowman is wonderful. I love that cardinal sitting on the branch arm of the snowman. What a wonderful keepsake a Christmas stocking like this would be for a baby.

Girl Baby First Christmas Stocking

This is a great Minnie Mouse Christmas stocking for the first Christmas of a little girl. Even the cute little face reminds you of a baby Minnie, and of course she's as happy as can be, as a baby should be.

I like the tie on the right of the stocking, apparently there for the purpose of appearing like a lace.

Baby Girl's First Christmas Stocking

First Christmas Stockings for Baby Boy and Girl

I'm not sure if these are made for twins' first Christmas stockings, but they are a lot of fun, and the little angel wings remind us of how they look as we see them in the early stages of their young lives.

They definitely seem like little angels, at least for a little while;-)

Boy and Girl First Christmas Stockings

First Baby Traditional Christmas Stockings

These last couple of baby Christmas stockings are very traditional, and look different from the more themed stockings above. But traditional red and green stockings work no matter what you do, and while not as cute as the ones above, would be a nice stocking for the first Christmas baby is in the world.

But for those bear lovers out there, this may be considered as cute, if not cuter, than the rest of the baby Christmas stockings.

First Christmas Stocking for Baby

No matter what type of Christmas stocking you choose for your child or grandchild on their first Christmas, in the end its the memories of that moment that count, and so as long as we know who the stocking was for (and if we have the name on the stocking that won't be a problem), we'll have a reminder of a part of our history on this earth which will stay not only with us while we're here, but with those who follow long after we're gone.


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      Minnie Mouse 6 years ago

      Where can I buy the Minnie Mouse Baby First Christmas Stocking?