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Baby Einstein Toys

Updated on November 16, 2015

Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein toys are one of the leading toys sold, and for good reason: parents and grandparents love them. I secretly wonder if some of these toys get as much use from mom and dad as they do with the baby. Of course it's in the interest of spending time with baby that forces that upon them. Hehe.

No matter. I searched around for the top Baby Einstein toys out there so you can get a look at what's available and what babies around the world are getting and enjoying to play with.

One thing for sure about babies, they love sound, and there's that with almost every Baby Einstein toy you can buy.

Babies get a lot of experience with Baby Einstein toys, as they can not only listen, but feel, squeeze and explore most of the toys, including much of the arts like music, language and poetry, which together are a major part of the overall purpose of the company.

Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes

Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes is essentially baby's version of an MP3 player, although in this case its playing classical tunes that most of us know.

Along with the classical songs, which include Serenade No. 13 in G, ''Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,'' K525, 1st movement, Nocturne No. 6, K239, 1st movement, Waltz in GB Op. 70, No.1, Chopin). The Four Seasons, Spring, 1st movement, William Tell Overture, "Lone Ranger," Rossini, Piano Sonata in A, K331, 3rd movement, The Four Seasons, Summer, 1st and 3rd movements, are lights that dance along to the music on the screen you can see below.
This is one of the top toys and sellers from Baby Einstein. 

Takealong Tunes

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

The Bendy Ball from Baby Einstein is another highly popular toy parents get for their babies.

It is made to easily grab and hold onto for the baby, as the very flexible and soft plastic material molds to their hands when they grasp it.

There is also a ball inside the larger ball which rattles to stimulate the baby's interest.

Bendy Ball from Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein Octoplush

Built with the idea of tactile development, the Baby Einstein Octoplush is a cuddly toy that comes with a variety of textures for baby to discover.

It is also built to grow along with the baby, as a variety of colors can be learned, while also the names being spoken in French, English and Spanish as each leg is squeezed.  


Count and Compose Piano

Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano

The Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano is built with the purpose of aiding the development of auditory, visual, and language for baby, and it's great that all of these elements are brought together in one toy like this.

Baby will love the dancing lights on the big screen, which is always a natural attractant to their wandering eyes. Also when a piano key with a number is pressed, the result is the number is spoken in French, English or Spanish. 

Graco Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center

The "Graco Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center" offers baby hours of fun, entertainment and learning, as it introduces them to all sorts of interesting shapes, textures, colors, movement and animals.

Also included is a seat which can swivel 360 degrees in order to build up the muscles of the baby, along with the balance.

There is also the usual bi-lingual learning that comes with Baby Einstein toys, which makes this a fantastic toy and tool to aid the development of the baby or babies we love. 

Discover & Play Activity Center

Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel

This is just about the ultimate in fun and educational toys from Baby Einstein, and it is one of the reasons I wish I was younger again; way younger.

One great feature is it not only allows baby to play and interact with all sorts of things, but mom or dad can also get involved by playing the always fun peek a boo with baby.

As the baby crawls or scoots through the tunnel, there will be encounters with a rattle, animal flash cards, ring rattle, red chirping bird, and a teether filled with water; all of which can be detached. There are also loops sewn in favorite toys can be added to the tunnel to play with. Great fun! 

Animal Exploration Tunnel

Great Array of Baby Einstein Toys

Baby Einstein toys are a fantastic way to stimulate and work on numerous skills for your favorite baby or babies, and as you can see, there are numerous ways to do it that focus on specific or a variety of levels.


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    • profile image

      Dana Sumter 3 years ago

      My Lucas, now 5 years old, still goes to bed with the Caterpillar MP3 Player. His favorites are the William Tell Overture and Mozart's Turkish March.

      He has had this toy since his days as a micro-preemie in an isolette at the NICU of Arkansas Children's Hospital. It's very durable!

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 7 years ago

      With no babies around, I hadn't known just what these toys are. After looking at your photos, I know I'd be buying some if I had a baby to give them to.