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Baby Showers-Tips to Making a Welcome Baby Gift Basket

Updated on April 16, 2012

Have you ever wanted to host a baby shower and make your own baby gift basket? This article shares some ideas of how you can create original and fun baby gift baskets for those special people in your life who are having a baby.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Do you have a friend or relative that is going to have a baby? Would you like to throw her a baby shower? Baby showers are a great way to show how much you care, and have a little fun. Being pregnant can be a drag and a burden on an expectant mom's body. By throwing a baby shower for her, you can help her take her mind off of her worries and enjoy the benefits of having a baby.

A baby gift basket is a gift that is perfect for the expectant mom. They usually consist of little odds and ends that every mom can use for her baby and allow her to save a little money from not having to buy the items. Making your own baby gift basket is a great way to pick and choose what you would like to give, rather than just give what is already pre-packaged.

So what can you put in a baby basket? It all depends on the size of the basket you want to make up, and what your budget will allow.

Nursery Room Ideas

While there are many things you can get for a baby's nursery, there are a few essentials that every mom would love to have. You can include a colorful mobile to keep a baby busy, this can also come equipped with a music box that plays lullabies to help soothe a fussy little one. You can make up some home made cds with songs that your own children liked, or you can buy some from a store. If you want to do up a deluxe basket, you can add things like changing mats, layettes, or other smaller furniture items such as a singing lamp. Don't forget to throw in things like educational toys that will help baby develop his cognitive skills and stimulate his brain.

Toys R Us or Walmart have a great selection of rattles, pacifiers, bottles, teething rings, sippy cups, bibs and spoons which are also great little knick knacks to throw into your baby gift basket.

Every mom knows the importance of having an ample supply of bath products on hand. Baby shampoo, baby powder, baby towels, wipes, bubble bath, brush set, and toys for the tub are great add-ons for your gift. Babies grow so fast that you can never have enough clothes. Since they are so small, they can be rolled or folded neatly on the bottom of the basket. You can choose to go with neutral non gender colors such as white, pale green, or yellow.

Food Choices

While they won't be needing food for a little while, adding in some extras such as baby food jars, baby cookies, baby cakes, and other snack items that are securely sealed and do not expire for some time can save on costs later on. They are also good to have on hand to be able to try your little one on things little by little without wasting money trying things that he does not like.

Baby Accessories

Announcement or thank you cards can also be a pleasant surprise as many new moms forget all about picking these up with everything else that is suddenly more important. Adding small picture frames or albums for baby's first year is also a nice touch.

Don't Forget Mom,Dad and big brother or sister

Gourmet food, wine or other fine foods may be a nice thought for the parents to celebrate. A coupon or voucher for a caterer may also be nice since Mom will be tired and sore and Dad may be busy with other children and duties. And let's not forget the big brother or sister. You can make up a mini sized gift basket for them as well so they do not feel like they are being left out or forgotten. You can add soft toys, board books, board games, piggy banks, clothes, or video and computer games for older kids.

Decorating Your Baby Basket

If you do not want to go with the traditional look of bows and ruffles, you could be more creative and make up a decoupage of baby pictures or baby items. Other handmade craft ideas could also add a more personal touch. Try a little paper mache, origami, a sculpture, a small painting, or any crochet or knitted items you may have spent time on over the last few months.

If you are planning to give the baby gift basket at a celebration such as a baptism or christening, placing a small bible,silver cups, or any other symbolic item in relation to the mom and dad's religious choice may be appreciated. Creating your own baby gift basket can be both a fun and rewarding way to show that new mom just how much you care and how you will always be there for her. A unique gift from the heart will be remembered a lot longer than a simple pre-manufactured gift and much more appreciated.


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