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Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

Updated on June 26, 2013

Gather all little ballerinas at this beautiful party!

I wanted to be a ballerina when I was a kid, but well didn't every little girl?

I think this theme is more than perfect for any little (or big girl), I know I would be really happy to have a ballerina birthday party when I was a kid.

Browse through fun and beautiful ideas on how to decorate for your ballerina themed party, browse through cake ideas, cupcake ideas, snatch a simple yet amazing looking cupcake topper tutorial, get your invitations, game ideas, food ideas and much more!

You will also find all the ballerina party supplies and favours you could possibly need to make your party one of a kind and memorable.

I do hope you will find my ideas useful and that you will have a great party!

Party Invitations

A nice invitation goes a long way

When I was a kid it was pretty rare you would get a themed party invite but on those rare occasions it happened it was something we all cherished. I remember having the invites showcased on my shelves, I was always feeling so proud when I got one (it was mail after all and who doesn't love to get snail mail - bills excluded naturally).

While there are quite a few invites available for you to buy I think this freebie looks a lot better than the whole lot.

Ballet invite

Ballerina Party Supplies

Everything you need to set the table

There are a few different styles available but this print is my personal favourite as it's not to childish yet it's not to adult.

Prima Ballerina Party SuppliesCHECK PRICE

Ballerina Cake Ideas - Tutu's and ballet shoes

There isn't anything more memorable on a party than a birthday cake, be sure to make a masterpiece!

There are a few cake toppers available to help you creating a the most beautiful cake without even if you are not the most skilled cake artist, however if you are have skills when it comes to cake decorating you might want to check some of these for inspiration.

More delicious inspirations

Sculpted Dreamy Ballerina Cake

Dress Detail On A cake

Pink Cake

Sculpted Ballerina on a Cake

Photo Credit: Hyeyoung Kim via Flickr CC

Bear Ballerina Cake Pan - Bears can dance gracefully

I didn't find any other cake pans you could use for this party but I do think this bear cake pan is adorable.

Wilton Ballerina Bear Pan
Wilton Ballerina Bear Pan

I don't have experience with this exact pan but I did work with quite a few other Wilton cake pans, they are really easy to work with and they also come with ideas and techniques on how to decorate the cake.


Ballerina Cake Topper I Absolutely Love - A pair of ballet shoes

Cake toppers can indeed be life saviours. For example they can save the day if you already have a nice sculpted cake and you somehow manage to drop it (not that this happened to me, or did it). Inexpensive and a nice focal point of the cake.

Ballet Slippers Cake Toppers
Ballet Slippers Cake Toppers

Ballet shoes and tutus are what make ballerinas special. I really like this pair of slippers, I like them because they are in my favourite color purple.


Ballerina Cupcake Toppers and Rings

Best Cupcake Ideas

Cupcake rings are perfect as they make a pretty cupcake decoration as well as a great party favor!

Cupcake on the image uses a lovely ballet shoe ring.

To make your cupcake as on picture you can also use mini cherry blossom edible flower decorations and pink sugar to make cupcakes even better looking.

One Ballet ring for each and every cupcake! - Gorgeous pink shoes

What's not to love with cupcake rings. They make a great decoration and double up as a party favor.

Ballet Slipper Rings
Ballet Slipper Rings

Don't you just love these? They will be looking utterly adorable on top of the cupcakes and on the girls fingers later on. There won't be a girl at the party that wouldn't be a fan of these in my opinion.


Make your own Cupcake Toppers

I just had to share this!

If you have a lot of time on your hands before the party you simply must make these.

I would use these as name tags on the table or as cupcake toppers. They are really easy to make but if you are going for large numbers will take awhile.

The white combination is adorable but you can also try different colors - pink, beige, light blue, well in any color your heart wants.

How to make ballerina cupcake toppers tutorial and free template

Party Decorations

Tutu's up

Keep it white and pink with a lot of tutus and ballet shoes!

Print out and cut out ballerina silhouettes. Stick them on the walls. You can decorate them with glitter or and use tutus to make them pop!

Pom poms and balloons make a great party decoration.

Simple Decorations make a Big Difference

Creative Converting Tutu Much Fun Honeycomb Centerpiece Party Decoration
Creative Converting Tutu Much Fun Honeycomb Centerpiece Party Decoration

This centrepiece actually reminds me of summers when I was a kid. At one summer decorations such as this ballerinas tutu were served on ice creams - they were in all the colors of the rainbow and I was always excited to get one.

Martha Stewart Crafts Garland, Pink Pom Pom Small
Martha Stewart Crafts Garland, Pink Pom Pom Small

If you are crafty you can make your own pom poms and I know they will look great, if not you can always count on Martha Stewart.


Games and Activities

Make the little ballerinas dance

Pin The Tutu on The Ballerina

A version of pin the tail on the donkey

Ballerina Simon Says

Simon says with ballerina moves.

Coloring Pages


Image Credit: D Sharon Pruitt


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