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Baseball Birthday Party Supplies

Updated on October 13, 2015

Hit A Home Run With These Kids Party Supplies And A Baseball Party Theme!

Have a baseball birthday party for your little slugger! If your child is a baseball fan, this is the party theme for you. You can find party invitations, party supplies, party decorations and favors, all with a baseball theme. It's great for girls and boys, there are lots of fun party games you can plan for the kids to play, and you can serve a baseball cake or some easy to make baseball cupcakes. What more can you ask of a kid's party theme?

Baseball Birthday Party Supplies Photo Credit

Take Me Out To The Ball Game With These Fun Party Supplies

It's almost spring and that means baseball is on everyone's mind. If you've got a kid's party to plan, here are some "Hit A Home Run" ideas to help you plan a World Series of a birthday party.

Batter's Up With Some Cool Baseball Party Invitations - Find some fun baseball themed party invites you can personalize

You can use personalized invitations that look like a ticket to a ball game or find some cute fill in style invites with a baseball on them, what better way to spread the word that you are planning a party! Personalized invitations send a powerful message and that message spells fun for anyone who is invited to this special party! Kids love baseball and there are so many great ideas you can use when planning this sports theme party. Choose your favorite invites and start planning your party now.
I love the party invites that look like ballgame tickets! Which ones are your favorite?

Baseball Party Favor Ideas - Start the party fun off with some cool kid's party favors

Baseball party favors? Yep, you can find just about any themed party favors for your child' birthday celebration. That's why it's so much fun to plan a kid's party today, just about everything you could possibly want is readily available. Here are some of the cute baseball favors I found and these are some of my favorites. There are baseball Rubber Duckies, some ice cream bowls that look like a Major League player's hat, the always fun inflatable baseball and more!

You can also use party favors as game prizes, and a kid's party needs lots of fun games to be a success. Make sure you have lots of game prizes on hand to give out to your party guests as a thank you for coming to this baseball themed birthday celebration and helping to make it a huge success. Everyone knows how much fun it is to get a game prize and a party favor, so start your party shopping here with these fun ideas.

Can't you see the kids already? Trading baseball cards, applying temporary baseball themed tattoos, and just plain having a fun time.

Baseball Snack Ideas - Is It Peanuts Or Cracker Jacks For You?

When You Are At A Ball Game Do You Eat Peanuts Or Cracker Jacks?

The Baseball Party Favor Box

You can get your party favors separately or you can buy a party favor box filled with baseball themed goodies for the kids, and they come in a very cool decorated box.

These green striped party boxes remind me of a baseball field, lush, green and ready for the game. The box is cute but it's what's inside that's really fun ... a baseball and bat key chain, a baseball bounce ball, a pencil with a baseball eraser, a baseball sticker sheet and notepad, and a big soft baseball. Now that's a winning game play!

Baseball Food Ideas - Peanuts, Cracker Jacks And Popcorn

How about some baseball popped corn? We are all familiar with that old baseball song line that says, "buy me some peanuts, and Cracker Jacks", right? Well, here are a few more tasty and fun ideas for your party treats.

Baseball Party Decorations

Take Me Out To The Crowd

You can decorate the party room with pictures of baseball players, baseball equipment like an Inflatable Baseball Bat, or even use baseball cards to create a ball park look. You can also hang one of those birthday banners, complete with your child's name on it.

Or give your party room that stadium look, complete with seats and fans, with an Upper Deck Stadium Room Roll!

Here's a Baseball Prop Kit that will make your stadium look so authentic! There's a scoreboard, stadium signs, there's even a blimp!

BATTER UP! Baseball Party Game Ideas For Kids

Every kid's party needs some games and you have plenty to choose from when your party theme is baseball.

Play Ball - Why not have a game? Use some inflatable balls and bats and let the kid's have some fun.

Baseball Card Toss - like the old carnival game, penny toss, set out plates and let the kids try to throw the cards onto the plates. Anyone who gets a card on a plate wins a pack of cards!

Baseball Bean Bag Toss - Here's a fun indoor baseball party game

Ball Park Spinner Game Spin to win. Land on spaces called Fly Out, Grand Slam, Ground Out, Triple, Strike Out, Double, Home Run, and Single.

Pin The Baseball Here's a take off on a classic kid's party game with a baseball theme.

Grand Slam Baseball Game Stand-up The kids will have to throw the balls through the holes to score some points.

You've Got To Have A Baseball Game Playing Bonus - Great Ideas For Baseball Party Game Prizes!

Let's see, which of these fun ideas for party game prizes or party favors do you like the best? I love to pick and choose fun stuff to hand out at my kid's parties. It is as much fun to pick them out as it is to hand them out! I've put some cute stuff here for you to get ideas from. Inflatable bats are very cool, and you can start up a baseball game using them. The soft stuffed baseballs make for safe party fun. Since these balls are soft, you don't have to worry about anyone getting a bump on the head from being hit with a hard ball. One of my favorite party favor ideas are those adorable rubber duckies and I found them with a baseball theme!

Don't Forget The 7th Inning Stretch

Baseball Player Stand In - Take Some Great Party Pictures!

This is a 68" tall photo stand-in is perfect for taking party pictures, it's a bit taller than most kids I know, so you might need something for the kids to stand on. These photos would make a great party favor. Just take a picture of every guest, print them out, and include them with the party thank you notes you send out. Every kid at the party is going to be thrilled to be in a party picture.

Giant Inflatable Baseballs

There are 12 in a pack and these balls are 16" in diameter, perfect for kids to play with. These balls are huge, and they are fun. Kids will really like going home with one of these party favor ideas.

Temporary Sports Tattoos

Temporary tattoos can be used as a party favor, a game prize or you can set up your own tattoo booth at the party and who ever wants one can come and get one!

Tattoos are very popular today and these temporary tatts are going to be a big hit at your kid's party. They are easy to apply and easy to remove, and they look pretty sharp when you apply them.

Baseball Cupcake and Cake Decorating Ideas

It's easy to decorate your cake or cupcakes when you are hosting a baseball theme party.

Just take a look at the easy to use cake toppers you can find at Amazon and you won't have a problem baking and decorating your own child's birthday cake this year. It's really easy to make and frost a cake. Then just place the cake toppers on top of your cake...and that's it. You are finished and your cake looks great.


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