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Batman Birthday Cakes and Cupcake Ideas

Updated on September 7, 2014

Make The Perfect Batman Birthday Cake!

Looking to have an awesome Batman birthday cake? You've found the right place! Find many different Batman style cakes and cupcakes to choose from as well as cake toppers, cupcake rings, cake images, Batman figures, and many more!

Batman Cake by Betsy Watters

Image credit

5th Birthday by Mags

Batman Cake Toppers

To complete your Batman birthday cake, you will need a great cake topper such as these options below.

Batman Volcano Birthday Cake

Creative Designs Featuring Super Heros

Batman Cupcake Rings

A cheap alternative to buying already-made cupcakes from the store is you can buy little Batman cupcake rings and stick them on yourself!

Alicia's Batman Cupcakes

Edible Batman Cake Image/Topper

You can buy Batman image cake toppers that cover the whole birthday cake for you! No messes or stress, just plop the picture on.

Batman Figures To Put On Top Of The Cake!

If you want to make your child double happy, put a real Batman figure on the birthday cake so after they eat, he now has a new toy as well!

4th by Dan Lundberg

Batman Party Supplies - Batman Plates, Cups, Napkins

The Batman birthday cake is essential to the party, but so is the plates, napkins, cups, and silverware! Grab these cheap supplies to make your child's Batman birthday party perfect!

Batman Cake Decorating Ideas

Here are some more Batman birthday cake alternatives, view them as slideshows or tutorials with these YouTube videos.


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