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Batman (Dark Knight) Costumes

Updated on December 13, 2014

The Dark Knight Costume

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight | Source

Batman (Dark Knight)Costumes

Whether it is Halloween trick or treating, or a costume party, Batman is a solid hit. Batman seems to never go out of style, so wearing a Batman costume in multiple years is acceptable. And, if it gets too warm and the outer costume must come off, just introduce yourself as Bruce Wayne.

Whether the wearer of a Batman costumer refers to the character as Batman or the Dark Knight is a matter of taste. Either is acceptable.

Batman costumes are acceptable for children and for adults, so we will try to have a variety here.

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Choose Your Color

Batman is seen both in black and in gray and blue. Either is acceptable. Choose the color scheme that you prefer, or best goes with the color scheme of a companion.

How Much?

A full Batman costume is nice, but he mask with or without the cape is a quick and inexpensive option. The full Batman outfit can easily be hot, and uncomfortable if the weather is too warm. However, in colder weather one might appreciate the heavier costume.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises: Batman Child's Costume Set with Mask, Cape and Batarangs (Black)

The Shirt Option

In my area, Louisiana, Halloween can be in the 80 degree range, or as cold as the 40s. It depends on when the fronts arrive. Our weather swings wildly in the fall, and even in the winter. For trick or treating, often parents purchase heave clothing, then have to leave all or part of the costume at home, or worse, carry it.

Opting for a tee-shirt, under which a sweatshirt can be added if needed, is one way of avoiding the temperature problem. Shirts can also identify the adults accompanying a child wearing a Batman costume. And there are several attractive shirts from which to choose.

Mardi Gras

In some areas, such as southeastern Louisiana, Mardi Gras is another time when a costume can be worn. It is done less than in the 50s when I was young, but there are some who still put on costumes for Mardi Gras. Groups sometimes dress alike or with a common theme.

As with Halloween, we never know what temperature to prepare for. Costumes sometimes have to be altered for temperature at the last minute.

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    • mikes-cool-stuff profile image

      mikes-cool-stuff 5 years ago

      Nice Batman costumes and shirts, very nicely done. Also I find myself once again in the position of thanking you liking another one of my lenses.