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Smoking Hot BBQ Guide

Updated on December 27, 2009

Almost everyone in the world would recognize that wonderful aroma of freshly seasoned and cooked barbeque. It is just one of those universal smells that lights up your taste buds. One popular way to cook barbecue is by using BBQ smokers. These devices can be used year round for all sorts of events from spring and summer cookouts to cooking that succulent smoked Thanksgiving turkey breast. Smoking food is simply a process of cooking food on indirect heat using the smoke itself to give flavor to the food. You can smoke all kinds of meat such as seafood, beef, pork and chicken. You can also smoke brisket, lamb and turkey as well.

Smokers use a process of cooking over very low heat over a long time period.  BBQ smokers are enclosed which allows the heat to build up inside and passes the smoke through the meat to give it a particular flavor.  You will notice with smoked meat that it comes out so tender and juicy from the long, slow cooking process. This cooking method is meant to keep the juices inside to make it as moist as possible.  There are BBQ smokers for sale that use charcoal, electric or gas.

If you are using charcoal, you will want to check on the food often since you might need to add or take away coals to keep it from over cooking or burning. Using an electric smoker will allow you to set it up and come back at the end when the meat is fully cooked.

Home Made BBQ Smoker

Home made bbq smoker
Home made bbq smoker
Is that a side of beef in the background?
Is that a side of beef in the background?
Anyone who complains about the meat gets shot!
Anyone who complains about the meat gets shot!

Which Do You Think Is Most Important In Ensuring A Great BBQ Taste Experience?

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There are many choices to make about your smoker, most importantly whether you will use wood chips, briquettes or pellets. Different woods will flavor the meat accordingly. These include: apple, oak, maple, mesquite, cherry and pecan as well as others. Certain flavors go better with particular types of meat, so you might have a little trial and error.

Decide whether you would like to use a rub or a marinade for your meat. Marinades take a good while to sit, so make sure you decide on this up front so the meat has time to soak up the liquid. BBQ smokers all work a bit differently, so read your manual carefully to get any recommendations about whether to rub or marinade the meat. The manufacturer of the unit often knows best!

There are lots of different BBQ smokers on the market these days. They are available in several different price ranges as well. You might want to do some online reading about the whole smoking process before you invest in a smoker. Decide what your budget is, and try to stick to that. Read real customer reviews of the different smokers you are considering so that you know what others think about them. If you see great reviews, that might be the best smoker for you. However, if you see a lot of bad reviews you might want to reconsider that choice and look for a smoker that has top reviews from previous buyers.

If you are brave and a bit handy with power tools you could consider making your own BBQ Smoker like the ones shown above. It may take you a try or two to build yourself the perfect smoker but the level of satisfaction is 2nd to none!


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