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"Be My Valentine" Messages

Updated on February 29, 2016

Great ideas to help give the "Be My Valentine" message this year

How will you ask that special person in your life to be your valentine?

Traditionally, cards and letters were sent on 14th January that were embellished with hearts and the well known "Be my valentine" caption. This was how sweethearts asked their lovers to be theirs and share Valentine's Day with them.

If you're looking for an original way to say "Be My Valentine", check out some of these great ideas here on this lens.

Vous soyez mon Valentine?

Be My Valentine Songs on Amazon MP3 - Songs with the Be My Valentine Message Lyrics

Be My Valentine
Be My Valentine

Chose a Be My Valentine CD or MP3, snuggle up with your sweetheart, press "play" and sit back to wait for them to get the message through song


Be My Valentine Coloring Messages

Be My Valentine Colouring Pages - Personalise your Be My Valentine message by colouring in one of these cute pictures yourself for your Valentine


Be My Valentine Jewelry Messages

Be My Valentine Jewelry

A jewelry gift can be the ultimate of romantic gestures. Why not pass on the Be My Valentine message this year with a delightful charm or glamourous pendant. Chose from this Be My Valentine jewelry selection for a Valentines Day gift that can be worn all year round.

Pandora Be My Valentine Pendant with Pink Cubic Zirconia, 390331PCZ
Pandora Be My Valentine Pendant with Pink Cubic Zirconia, 390331PCZ

The perfect gift for the Pandora collector - this beautiful pendant with pink cubic zirconias is the ultimate way to ask someone to be your valentine


Be My Valentine YouTube Messages

Be My Valentine on YouTube - Say it with a song!

How about sending you Valentine the Be My Valentine message via a song. This selection of videos on YouTube has songs with Be My Valentine in their titles and/or lyrics. Send the link to the video in an email, or perhaps post it on their facebook wall, to send the Be my Valentine message with a difference this year.

By My Valentine T-Shirt Messages

Wear your Be My Valentine Message

Make sure your Be My Valentine message isn't missed by wearing it on a T-Shirt! Choose your favourite design and colour and wear your message with style this year!

Be My Valentine Poster Messages

Be My Valentine Posters from Zazzle and AllPosters


Be My Valentine Book Messages

Be My Valentine Books on Amazon

Be My Valentine
Be My Valentine

Drop a subtle yet romantic be my valentine hint by leaving this theme titled book on your sweethearts pillow.... will they get the message this way?


Be My Valentine Message Poll

How will you ask your lover to be your Valentine this year?

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Your "Be My Valentine" Messages - Post your Be My Valentine Message here today ........

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