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Beach Christmas Cards

Updated on July 29, 2014

Great Beach Christmas Cards

Beach Christmas cards are really a lot of fun, and they're usually always sent for the enjoyment of rubbing it in if you're living in a warm or tropical climate, to someone living in a cold or frigid climate that will get a good laugh at reminding them of the differences.

But they are also used to send to those who dwell in tropical or southern climates for the purpose of letting them know their Christmas is a little different than those of us who live in the colder regions.

In this group of beach Christmas cards I'm focusing primarily on humor and fun related to the theme, as we get Santa and his reindeer and his elves enjoying the tropics and beaches, which seems to be after a hard yearlong preparation and completion of their Christmas task.

The beach Christmas cards are all funny and makes you wish you were enjoying some of the benefits that Santa and his gang are.

So enjoy these great images of Santa and his workers while they get a little R&R at the beach after a hard and long year of work. Don't get too jealous though, they're going to be right back at it after soaking in a few rays.

Christmas Card of Santa Walking on the Beach

Ah, here's the jolly old elf strolling the beach with his tropical looking shirt and all. You can see he's close to flipping open that chair and settling down for a long nap. I think that towel is just for looks. With those shades he's just going to lay back on that chair and forget about everything. Nice beach Christmas card

I like the way the shades, towel and tropical shirt contrast with his seemingly ever-present hat. And how about those sandals?

Christmas Card of Santa Strolling on Beach

Santa Resting at Beach Christmas Card

Now it looks like Santa has found his spot on the beach, and other than his reindeer friends, has it all to himself. Now that's my kind of spot.

But with Santa having his eyes open, it looks like he can't get the vacation ending out of his mind and the next years' work beginning. At least the reindeer are having fun.

Did you notice Santa's hat resting on the surfboard? Funny!

Christmas card of Santa resting on beach

Santa Christmas Card of Him Crashing on the Beach in Hammock

Now it looks like Santa is finally getting some real down time. Laying in that hammock like he is shows he's not thinking about anything but catching up on a few z's. Now you can see why beach Christmas cards can be so tormenting and wickedly delightful; at least if you're the one lying around enjoying the tropical sun

Christmas Card of Santa on Hammock

Santa Business Beach Christmas Card

I thought this was a hilarious beach Christmas card of Santa and his elves, where he reminds them that the post-Christmas vacation is tax deductible. Looks like it made Santa and the elves enjoy the trip just a little bit more.

I guess that's why the elf is sitting on the stack of Christmas lists, in order to justify the tax exemption.

Business Beach Christmas Card

Santa and Reindeer Waving to Plane Flying Happy Holidays Banner

I don't know why, but this this particular beach Christmas card was my favorite. Seeing Santa and the reindeer waving at the plane as it flies by wishing them a happy holiday is just pretty cool.

Maybe it's the sun setting and the day ending while they sit there and relax that makes it enjoyable to look at. It also is partly because of the way the reindeer are sitting side-by-side with Santa on the lounge chairs. I really like this Christmas card with Santa on the beach.

Santa and Reindeer Lounging on Beach

Really fun beach Christmas cards featuring Santa

These beach Christmas cards are among the more fun and captivating I've seen in a long time, and would really put smiles on the faces of those receiving them. I really enjoyed looking them up and putting them in this Christmas card article showing Christmas cards with a beach .


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    • HandmadeChristmas profile image


      8 years ago

      This is certainly a different take on Christmas Cards.

      Guy on the 1st card reminds me of Rolf Harris!


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