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Beautiful Halloween Zebra Costume for Toddlers & Babies

Updated on September 15, 2014

Infant Zebra Costumes

A zebra costume for toddlers and babies is super cute and adorable. Who can resist the ears, the mane, the hooves and the beautiful zebra print jumpsuits?

Zebras are very beautiful and amazing creatures which is why they make a perfect halloween costume for your child.

This page showcases a number of styles of zebra costumes for toddlers and babies. For newborns there is the 'Zany Zebra Costume', the four-piece zebra set and the Carter's zebra bubble costume.

If you are looking to make your own zebra costume, I've included links to a couple of no-sew tutorials and you'll find a ready-made zebra ear and tail set on this page.

Image: Animal Planet Toddler Zebra Costume available through Amazon.

Infant Zebra Costume - Zebra Outfit for Babies

Unique Child's Infant Baby Zebra Costume (12 Months)
Unique Child's Infant Baby Zebra Costume (12 Months)

This baby zebra costume comes with a zebra print jumpsuit and matching headpiece with ears and mane. For babies 6-12 months.

Cute Baby Zebra
Cute Baby Zebra | Source

Toddler Zebra Costume Dress - Ruffled Zebra Dress with Tail

Fun World Costumes Baby Girl's Zebra Toddler Costume, Black/White, Large(3T-4T)
Fun World Costumes Baby Girl's Zebra Toddler Costume, Black/White, Large(3T-4T)

This adorable zebra costume for toddler girls is a unique and fun option for Halloween.

The outfit comes with a dress that has an off-the-shoulder bodice with ruffled zebra print fabric and black trim, a tutu skirt formed from layered pink, black and zebra print fabric and an attached tail. There are matching zebra print legwarmers, cuffs and a headband with zebra ears lined with pink.

You must supply your own tights and shoes.

Available in 24 months - 2T and 3T - 4T sizes.


Zebra Costume for Toddlers - Toddler Zebra Outfit

Child's Toddler Zebra Halloween Costume (2-4T)
Child's Toddler Zebra Halloween Costume (2-4T)

Zebra print bodysuit with tail, matching hood with mane and ears. Fits toddlers 2-4T (although, based on customer review, it may be a bit big for those at the lower end of the size range).


Video: Zebra Costume Makeup Ideas

There are many options available for zebra face paint. You could keep it simple and just draw a black circle on the tip of the nose and perhaps a few black freckles for extra cuteness. Or you can go all out and paint your child's face with zebra stripes. Check out this cool tutorial:

Your little girl will be pretty in pink with this adorable zebra costume by Carter's.

This costume comes with three pieces: a hot pink long-sleeved t-shirt, hot pink tights with black feet, and velour zebra print bodysuit with stuffed belly, attached tail and hood, pink main and applique smiling zebra face. There is a zipper up the back and elastic around the face.

Available in a range of sizes for infants from newborn through 24 months.

More Baby & Toddler Zebra Costumes

Underwraps Costumes Baby's Zebra Costume Jumpsuit, White, Medium (18 - 24 Months)
Underwraps Costumes Baby's Zebra Costume Jumpsuit, White, Medium (18 - 24 Months)

Jumpsuit with attached feet, hood with eyes, and mittens. Available in 6 - 12 month and 18 - 24 month sizes.

Baby Zany Zebra Costume
Baby Zany Zebra Costume

Available in 0 - 6 month and 12 - 18 month sizes.

Disguise Madagascar 3 Marty The Zebra Classic Costume
Disguise Madagascar 3 Marty The Zebra Classic Costume

Official Dreamworks costume. Zebra jumpsuit with matching hood. Available in 2T, 4 and 6 sizes.


Four Piece Zebra Print Baby & Toddler Outfit

This adorable zebra outfit is made with 100% cotton and comes with its own zebra print pouch.

The cute set includes a long sleeve t-shirt with easy on/off lap-style shoulders, matching pants, booties and hat with ears.

Available from Amazon in 3-6 month, 6-9 month, 9-12 month and 18-24 month sizes.

Buy the Four Piece Baby Zebra Outfit from Amazon

Another Costume Idea: Zebra Vests

Zebra vests are fun for Halloween and for dress up play. Pair with a solid pair of black pants or leggings and you are set.

Zebra Costume for kids. One Size 3-9 Years.
Zebra Costume for kids. One Size 3-9 Years.

One piece zebra print vest with attached hood and tail. For little and big kids, ages 3 - 9.

Zebra & Jaguar Reversible Vest
Zebra & Jaguar Reversible Vest

Two costumes in one! This reversible vest has zebra print on one side and jaguar print on the other. The vest has a tail and comes with a set of ears on a headband. For infant 12 months and up. Hand wash and hang to dry.


Poll: Halloween Costumes

What animal is the most fun to dress up as for Halloween?

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How to Make a Zebra Costume for Kids - Make your own toddler zebra costume

If you are interested in making your own zebra costume for your baby, toddler or small child, then I've found some great tutorials to help you on your mission. The really great thing about both of these DIY kids zebra costume options is that they do not require sewing.

To add the final touch you can find zebra ears and tail sets from the list of zebra accessories below.

Zebra Ears and Tail Accessories

If you plan to create your own zebra costume from scratch, buying a ready made ear and tail set can save you time.

Kids Plush Zebra Headband Ears & Tail Jungle Safari Dressup Costume Set
Kids Plush Zebra Headband Ears & Tail Jungle Safari Dressup Costume Set

Two piece zebra set. The ears are affixed to a zebra print headband and the tail is attached to a waistband with a Velcro closure. Will fit up to 24 inches.


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Zebra Costume for Toddlers Guestbook - What do you think of baby and toddler zebra costumes?

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    • malena10 profile image

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      Looks very cute and comfortable, soft.

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      This is really cute, this is great to share .. :)

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      These are really cute!

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      The costumes are cute. And the video is adorale.!

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      I never thought of a zebra costume for Halloween. Very creative.

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      These are so cute. Can't wait for the big night.

    • hntrssthmpsn profile image

      hntrssthmpsn 5 years ago

      Too cute! My son is 18 now, and I suspect he'd resist if I tried to dress him as a zebra. I miss the days when he loved playing dress up with mom! For Halloween this year, I've been granted permission to borrow my friend's 4 year old daughter. She wants to be a princess. I'm going to push for a zebra princess.

    • profile image

      bluedarkart 5 years ago

      Awww! :)))))) Sooo Cute Little Zebra! Lovely Lens! :)))

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      @anonymous: That's so exciting! Congratulations on your soon-to-be new grand baby!

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      Wee, wee...these are sooooo cute! I've got a new grand baby on the way, so I'm :)

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      Quite the adorable Zebra toddler outfit, Great Lens!

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      I don't have a toddler or baby to shop for, but if I did these zebra costumes are perfect! How cute.

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      Nice lena

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      ggruden2 5 years ago

      Very cute halloween costume!

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      I can't say how much these toddler zebra costumes look cute on the babies. Super cool for Halloween.

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      snrklz 5 years ago

      How adorable! I love the costume with the hooves...

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      Super cute costume ideas.

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      Another great lens from a great lensmaster. Keep up the great work.

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      These are so adorable. Too bad my kids have outgrown these.

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      So great!

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      Cute lens; I enjoyed it.

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      These zebra costumes are so cute! Too bad my kids are all grown up, you've done a great job on the layout of this page.

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      @Camden1: I'm still deciding what to dress my daughter as this Halloween but I am seriously tempted to choose one of these zebra costumes.

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      These zebra costumes are so adorable - wish I had a child young enough to wear one!

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      @Oneshotvariety LM: Thanks!

    • Oneshotvariety LM profile image

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      Great selection of Halloween costumes! My twins would look cute in them! Nice lens!

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      Great selection of costumes, very cute.

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      These are priceless

    • Melissa Miotke profile image

      Melissa Miotke 5 years ago from Arizona

      This is so cute! I love animals as the first baby costume. I think it's the cutest thing ever. But I've actually never seen a zebra before. Usually lions and monkeys:)