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Bumble Bee Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

Updated on January 20, 2015

What is all the buzz about?

Let's make a party that everyone will be buzzing about! Bee theme party is excellent! Browse through ideas on how to decorate, what kind of food to make and serve, which activities to have and what games to play on your bee party. Add some party favours and you are done.

Enjoy the ideas and! Do leave a comment before you buzz away.

I have a connection with bees although I do admit I fear them a little bit. Both of my grandpa's were beekeepers and they both taught me so much about bees. There is nothing more delicious than home made honey. Did you know bumble bee's to produce honey?

Original Photo credit: The Foodie Gift Hunter

A FreeBee for a start - Invites!

If you are looking to save some money you can use this simple invite I designed. Personal use only naturally. Right click and save.

Bumble Bee Party Supplies

Everything you need to give your place the buzz

Party supplies can give the soul to the party. I found two bee themes, pink one and a regular bumble bee obne. I think the pink one is perfect for girls (big and small alike).

I also found bee cut-outs that will make a perfect party decoration.

Pink BeeMore

Bumble BeeMore

Bee CutoutsMore

Bee Cake Ideas - From hives to bees

These are just lovely!

You can simply make a round cake, frost it with green or draw little flowers and add some edible bee decorations.

Photo credit: The Foodie Gift Hunter

Bee Hive Cake Pan - Easy and stunning

I wish they had this cake pan when my grand dads were still alive as I do believe they both would be really happy to get a cake like this.

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Beehive Cake Pan
Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Beehive Cake Pan

This pan will help you make the perfect cake! You can cover it with fondant, ice it or just dip it with some honey and it will look amazing.


As for the Cupcakes...

A simple bee decoration idea! Just frost your cupcakes with your favourite frosting (mine is butter-cream, this one could be with some honey and vanilla flavour) add in some yellow food colouring. Decorate with chocolate syrup.

Photo credit: cjmartin

The best cupcake idea I have ever seen

Everyone will love it

This is probably one of the best bee cupcake ideas I have ever seen. JamieAnn's Candyland features these gorgeous honey cupcakes that can be stacked together to make an amazing beehive centrepiece!

Combine these with the hive cake and you have a winner!

You can try making the bees yourself or use the edible bee decorations you can get in the shops.

Cake Pops

Hit at every party

Cake pops will look great at any party! Check the bee pop cake tutorial to learn how to make these super cutties for your celebration!

They are easy to make and will impress your guests regardless if they are young or old!

What will the drinks bee like? - Bee sure to serve them in bee hives!

If you will decide to serve your drinks in Beehive beverage jugs (I adore them) your best bets are yellow juices such as orange, peach, pineapple, apple and similar. You could also experiment with adding honey to some of them to make them more bee friendly. I love a glass of lemonade with honey instead of sugar in it.

Beehive Glass Beverage Dispenser 2 Gallon
Beehive Glass Beverage Dispenser 2 Gallon

These will look great at an adult party or at a party for kids.


Bee Party Games

Fun, fun, fun!

Pin the bee on the beehive

...or on the flower... A variation of pin the tail on the donkey

Find the bees

Before the party starts hide the bee figurines or paint some rocks to look like them and hide them around the place. Have the kids find them.

Honey Bee Tree Game - Fun for the kids

I stumbled upon this game on Amazon and I think it is perfect for this party theme. I think kids will love it and I would dare bet that adults would have fun playing it too.

Game Zone Honey Bee Tree Game – Please Don’t Wake the Bees – 2 to 4 Players, Ages 3 and Up
Game Zone Honey Bee Tree Game – Please Don’t Wake the Bees – 2 to 4 Players, Ages 3 and Up

The object of this game is really life like. You have to be careful not to upset the bees and have them tumbling out. Players take turns in pulling out the leaves trying not to upset the bees.


Fun Bee Crafts

To keep the kids entertained

You will find tens of great craft activities for your kids to enjoy;

Lots of fun crafts

Free printables!

Even more fun crafts!


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