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Fun Beer Costumes

Updated on August 7, 2015

Beer Costumes

Now here's a costume that will fit into many occasions and seasons: the Beer costume.

While it would work on Halloween, for those who like to drink their beer and party, is there any situation this wouldn't fit into for them, as far as going out goes. I don't think so.

Another thing I discovered concerning beer costumes, is there are a lot of people that like to dress up as a group; something I hadn't expected, but was pretty cool.

Since most of beer drinking isn't a spectator or individual sport, I guess it shouldn't be surprising that most people dressing up in costumes like to do it together or as a couple.

That means when it comes to group cosplay, there are some that put together their own costume themes. You'll see a couple of interesting ones below.

Beer Costume

Okay. Where's the marketing guy for Pabst? Is that him in the can? That is one thing I noticed about a number of beer costumes, people like to dress up in a costume showing off their favorite beer. Nice looking costume, but I think it would have been easier if the head was able to stick out.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Costume

Beer Mug Costume

I thought this beer maid and mug couples' costume was amazing and creative. It's like she's taking him to a customer by the way she's holding the mug handle. And that mug with the foam on his head is great. As a matter of fact it looks like he's been drinking a little too much foam himself from the real bottle.

Of course her cute beer maid outfit works well with his, and is a great costume combination.

Beer Maid and Mug Couples Costume

Beer Pong Costumes

Talk about having a blast as a group going out costuming. This is of course a representation of beer pong, and those watching them together are enjoying the fun as well. They actually used a football of soccer ball as part of the game.

Beer Pong Group Costumes

Flying Dog Brewery Costumes

Now this was an amazingly creative set of beer costumes worn by this group of friends. What a unique idea to dress as a six pack of you favorite variety of beers. If you look into the eyes of some of these partiers, they look like they've had a little taste of their favorite beers, as they look a little glossy eyed to me. Okay. Which one of you cans is the designated driver?

Flying Dog Brewery Group Costumes

Beer Costumes

This grouping of beer costumes was great fun to write about. Other than the first costume covering the head, you can see how much everyone is enjoying it, as there are smiles everywhere.

As for where these would be appropriate, I would think they would work at any type of party, including Halloween or office parties which would include a costume theme. Without a doubt they would work well at college parties and even cosplay events.


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    • profile image

      Melissa 6 years ago

      Awesome costumes and great ideas for future costumes