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Being Jessica Rabbit for Halloween

Updated on September 6, 2014

Being Jessica Rabbit for Halloween

If you want to be sexy and elegant with a touch of playful flare, there is no cartoon vixen better than 1980s Disney siren Jessica Rabbit, wife of famous funny man Roger Rabbit. Jessica is a female human cartoon, but Roger well he's a rabbit. A short goofy Rabbit.

All you need do to be this deep voiced beauty is have long red hair (or wear a long red wig), wear a long sexy red dress, long purple evening gloves and high heels. Red or black shoes will be fine, because it doesn't matter, not many people will be looking at your feet. This painting In the Grass is by Arthur Hughes. He lived 1831 to 1915, this is now in public domain.

Make is Key

You can look as realistic as you please or you can choose to look more like an outlandish cartoon. Make is key in this sort of transformation. Ruby red lips, higher eyebrows and crazy people purple eye shadow can all aid in this look, but you can see this for yourself while watching these hand picked YouTube videos of woman going as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween.

You can use false eyelashes. You can use an eyelash curler, eyeliner and mascara. If you choose to black out your eyebrows with Elmer's glue stick or with profession make-up, you will need an eyebrow pencil to draw them back in.

Make Up

You can buy these weird crazy products to black out or eyebrows, go natural or use glue sticks, yes glue sticks work as well as the commercial products and they clean off more easily.

Good coverage make-up and glue sticks are any easy way of creating this look.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, is a classic 1980s film and is one of the first movies to mix cartoons and reality realistically. This movie is in a classic Filmore look and feel. It is about a Cartoon rabbit who was framed for murder, but by who. A cop who hates cartoons and Toon Town has to help this poor pathetic rabbit and find the real killer before he or she finds him.

The actual Costume Dress

The dress is a good price for your costume needs, but you will still need more. This does not include any of the accessories, but the company makes the wig that goes with it. Red heels, the wig (unless you have the hair for it) and long purple gloves is all you need to finish this very sexy look. The slit is very high.

A More Fancy Look

These are higher quality dresses in case you'd like to wear the red gown for other occasions. You buy a silky red dress from your local store or find one online.

Work It!

The other thing you need to remember is to act the party. Be sexy not sleazy, talk in a deeper sexy voice and play pattycake with your husband or boyfriend, and yes I mean play pattycake, she is a cartoon afterall.

Be comfortable, if you don't like showing a lot of skin like me, you can wear a fake fur wrap, or a full length fur coat.

Remember you are not bad, you're just drawn that way. I'm paraphrasing from the movie.

You do tthese costumes as part of a theme party. Some of themes could cartoon movies, live action cartoon movies or Disney cartoon movies. It could of course be part of a couples costume. You could even dress your baby as baby Stewie and take him trick or treating.

Your Man

Your man, well your boy toy at least. If you don't have your own Roger Rabbit to take with you to the party, you can grab this one. Made for the money he is only a bit smaller than the cartoon.

Roger Rabbit

If you don't want to go alone to the party, you have the option of bringing your date along in true style. This is a normal sized Roger Rabbit Costume. This is a great cute and funny look for the man you want to play patty cake with.

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    • ShineRita profile image


      6 years ago

      Cool costume ideas! My favorite is the High Heel Pumps. ^^


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