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Best 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated on July 10, 2014

Do you have a child, niece, grandchild or cousin that is about to have their first birthday, but you’re unsure of what to get them and looking for 1st birthday gift ideas? There are lots of solutions both in-store and online if you know where to look.

Make the 1st birthday the best with these gift ideas!
Make the 1st birthday the best with these gift ideas!

Functional Gifts

Onesies and Clothes in general are always in need. If you know the size of clothing your 1 year old needs, toddlers are always in need of more clothes. Though clothes is an underrated clothing option, it can be fun to go shopping for tiny onesies, jumpers, socks and shoes for the birthday boy or girl.

Diapers are another great option. Although they’ll be outgrowing them soon, parents are always in need of more diapers for their child, and rightfully so. Did you know that the average baby grows a size every few days? That’s a lot of sizes to go through! Make sure you know the size you’re buying beforehand, because there’s always the chance you’ll buy something too big or too small!

Finally, teethers. We all know a child who has had a horrible teething experience… we were probably one of them! This is a gift that you cannot go wrong with, and with fun designs like these cute little bugs and so many cheap options in stores, they’re a great go to option for a one year old or even a two year old!

Fun Birthday Gifts

Sippy cups are a great option that provide versatility and necessity for a growing child. Every child loves having his own Sippy cup with a handle or fun design, and they soon grow to know that that cup is their own! It’s also a great option for the parents because they can hide essentials like water or liquid medicine inside of them. Because of the fun design and feeling that that’s their special cup, the child is much more likely to drink out of it than just a regular bottle or cup. Some even come in sets, such as these which make for great baby bundle gifts and 1st birthday gift ideas.

You can never go wrong with cupcakes! If you decided to pass on the functional gifts and you happen to be a really good baker, maybe you should try making cupcakes, like a onesie cupcake! This will give you the option to use any colours and decoration you want and make it a special day for everyone in attendance – after all, the birthday party is for everyone! You can even make a special one for the birthday boy or girl in their favorite colour, or with their favorite cartoon character on it! The nice thing about cupcakes, too, is that they’re just the right size for a child without too much of a sugar overload, which will make their parents happy too!

Toys! We all love to give toys to a new toddler, learning how to discover and learn! There are hundreds of thousands of toys for toddlers, so make sure you get something they’ll love and, preferably, something they will love for a long time afterwards. Try to get them something educational, something they can learn their numbers and letters on, or something that will engage you or their parents as well. Just be careful that when you buy a toy for them, that there are no hazardous parts and that the safety label is read.

Peter Rabbit's Baby Book - My First Year

Meaningful Birthday Gifts

Their first birthday _______. You can literally fill this blank in with whatever you want when looking for 1st birthday gift ideas. There are quite a lot of options for this, such as My First Birthday Bib or My First Birthday Playset, or even a handmade First Birthday gift of your choice. Celebrate their first birthday with something precious that they’ll never have the chance to get again. You only have a first birthday once!

Books are another good choice. At this age, they should be getting curious about numbers and letters, and there are books sold specifically for first years, both as soft cloth books and as hard books. This book, Peter Rabbit's Baby Book - My First Year is a great option for toddlers because not only does it give them their first baby book, but it’s part of a series that can continue to nurture their soon-to-be love of language.

Have them immortalized in an artistic way. This is a big thing that parents and grandparents have started doing for their child’s first moments. Hire someone professional or someone you know to paint or graph a picture of them at their first birthday. Take pictures of them and frame them and keep them away for when they’re older.

Invested money that can be put away for when they’re older and can spend it on something they’d like. This is not a gift choice for everyone, as it does not have an immediate result. Parents often start saving money for a child once they’re born, but some cannot afford to do this. Put some cash away for them for their education, their graduation or just something for a rainy day. Some people are opening up an account for their toddler and letting that money gain interest until they’re 18.

There are lots of gift options out there for a 1 year old, so don’t get too overwhelmed trying to think of something – just go for one of our recommended 1st birthday gift ideas and you’re sure to get it right!

You only turn 1 once, so regardless of whether you get them something special, something fun, or something they need, just make sure they’re happy with it and make their birthday a wonderful day of memories!


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