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The Best Adult Halloween Costumes Ever

Updated on September 20, 2014

Adult Halloween Costumes

This lens highlights the most popular halloween costumes from previous years and gives you an idea as to what is going to be popular this year.

All the costumes and accessories are 'road tested' in our shop and all items that we do not consider up to standard are removed from stock and our website.

We give you good, honest and clear advice. Our reputation means a lot to us and we do not want to lose it by selling below par items and giving bad advice. All of our team are NVQ trained in customer services. Don't forget, you can contact us 7 days a week (either by telephone or email) and we will even measure any costume for you so you know that you have ordered the right costume for you.

Don't forget if you have any questions you can either email or call the shop 7 days a week or leave a comment at the bottom of the lens and we'll get back to you.

You can call us 7 Days a week

01245 327156

Why Buy From Us? - 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Us...

  • Costumes In Stock For All Budgets
  • Great Range of Sizes
  • FREE Shipping (over £60.00 not including VAT) - Mainland UK only, all other carriage is charged at cost.
  • You Can contact Us 7 Days a Week Via Telephone or Email
  • Established since 1998 - We know what We Are Talking About!

Sexy Morticia Addams

Sexy Morticia Addams
Sexy Morticia Addams

How To Choose Your Halloween Costume

First of all, you must be honest and take a look at your figure shape and size.

A lot of the models used in the costume images on photos and packages are going to be an idealised size and have the advantage of photo studio and photoshop for the pictures. We do try to describe each costume thoroughly (on our website) as we do see many people trying on the costumes in our retail shop and, we get a really good idea as to what costume will suit particular body shapes.

We are happy for you to either email us, or call us, so that we can give you professional, and honest advice on whether your chosen costume will be suitable for you.

So, you have established your true size. Now decide if there are certain areas of your body that you would rather not show, or on the flip side,are there parts of you that you want to show off a bit more! We once had one lady who wanted the lowest cut dress possible as she had just had a boob job!

Now decide what sort of look you are after, long, or short. This may have a bearing on what you've decided about bits of your body you want, or would rather not, show.

You will then need to decide on how much time and effort you want to spend getting ready. Some costumes will not require too much adding too, but others will need some time spent on them to get the 'look' you are after. Men are more likely to purchase a costume with a mask, so they have not got to do anything else to their hair or face, but females may take the opportunity to be a little more experimental with make-up and looks. Practice and good preparation can pay dividends.

Where are you going to be wearing the costume? If it is a work function, you must be able to continue to do the job you are being paid for, so ladies may not be able to wear false nails and be able to type at the same time.

If it is a charity function, you may need to be in it for quite some time and therefore it is important that the costume is comfortable and you are able to do what the charity needs you to do. Remember masks give limited vision and this must be taken into consideration for Health & Safety.

Are you going to be near or around children? You do not want to be too scary or you may spend the entire time with children crying near you (sure to give you a headache!)

Doctor of Death!

Doctor of Death!
Doctor of Death!

Popular Ladies Halloween Costumes

Look at the selection of costumes below that have been top sellers over previous years and some ideas as to whom they may be suitable for

Ladies Halloween Costumes That Have Been Popular In Previous Years

This pretty witch costume flew off the shelf last year (without a broom even!). The quality of this costume is just great considering how cheap it is to purchase.

The costume is available in only one size but because of the front lacing on the bodice it it very flexible. This witch costume will fit a UK dress size 10 - 14. The funky hat shown in the image is included.

This type of costume is ideal if you want to have a slightly sexy look, without showing off too much flesh. It is also a great costume to choose if you want to cover the tops of your arms.

Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride - pictured right - has been a great seller for a couple of years.

The costume consists of a white dress with black lace overskirt and large sleeves. The veil is also included.

This halloween costume will fit a UK dress size 10 -14. The dress is flexible to fit as the bodice has lacing that can be adjusted.

If you decide to purchase this type of costume it gives you lots of scope for dramatic make up, you can either glam it up, or go for the full 'risen from the dead' effect.

As the costume has a veil, it is not important to wear a wig, but it will add to the overall effect. Take a look at some of the wigs available in the section below.

This costume has been popular with all ages as it has a great effect but all of your body is completely covered. The front bodice of the dress also laces up to give a lot of flexibility for sizing.

Fairy Spider Costume

This Fairy Spider Costume has proved a hit halloween costume in previous years.

The costume includes a bodice short dress and great wings, yes, those wings are included in the low costume price.

Like the costumes listed above, the laced up bodice will give far more flexibility for fit. This costume will fit a UK dress size 10 -12.

Just add some fishnets and maybe a wig and you have a fantastic halloween costume. We have also found that a lot of ladies wear a pair of leggings so that they do not have to have their legs out on display.

Sexy Witch

This budget witch costume is available in 2 sizes.

The costume includes a short black dress, belt and hat. Great value for money costume and is a good option if you are working with a tight budget.

The smaller size AC014 is suitable for a UK dress size 8-10.

The larger size AC056 is suitable for a UK dress size 12-14

Another easy option if you want the sexy look without showing off loads of flesh. The costume is fairly basic but can accessorised if you want to give it your own unique twist.

Plus Sized Ladies Halloween Costume

Due to demand, manufacturers have started to develop a great range of costumes for larger ladies (and not before time!). For the last couple of years, we have been able to supply a costume suitable for a lady who was a UK dress size 16 - 18.

The Sorceress of the Moon, picture shown right, was one of the costumes that filled this gap.

The costume comprises of a black dress with a bodice with attached chiffon overskirt, and matching hat. Please Note: The black under dress has a hem that has been cut up raggedly, some of these cuts are quite high.

For a sexier look, just add some fishnets!

We have a great range now for ladies who are over the size of 14 and to get the best idea, we would recommend you pay a visit to our website.

Popular Mens Halloween Costumes

Look at the selection of costumes below that have been top sellers over previous years and some ideas as to what will be best for you.

Mens Halloween Costumes That Have Been Popular In Previous Years

Dracula Cape. This is a dramatic looking long cape. It has an attached jabot and large collar.

Dracula has always been a popular choice for men to wear at halloween. This costume is so easy to wear and that is probably the reason why it has proved so poular. You can wear your own white T shirt or shirt and black trousers.

There are many Vampire accessories available to complete your costume. You could just add some fangs and a little theatrical blood,or, you can get a wig and create a dramatic make up effect.

An ideal costume for the man who really does not want to do too much. Just add a pair of vampire fangs and that is all you need to do. But for those of you who want to go the whole way there is a huge choice of make up effects and accessories that you could use to create a spectacular costume.

Grave Groom

This Grave Groom sells out every year. It also has another use as Baron Samedi from the James Bond film 'Live and Let Die'. Anyway, back to halloween!

The costume includes: Distressed looking gauze tailcoat, vest, bone printed shirt and trousers, top hat, tie and gloves.

Available in 1 size only. The costume will fit a man with a 42 - 44" chest.

Please note: The image shows a model wearing make up not a mask.

This is a very effective costume, but it does need to have additional things done to it to make it look truly fantastic. This is not the costume for you if you do not have much time to get ready for your function.

Some people will wear a mask, and there are some half-face skull masks on the market - but most masks do restrict your vision in some way and so others will paint their face just like the image, but this will take some time. You could also go for a zombie look, with your skin peeling off. This looks really good, but needs some time spent on achieving the desired look.

Zombie Costume

Zombie Costume. This is a truly fabulous costume.

The costume includes: Mask with attached hair, gloves, shirt and trousers with sewn in body parts. The costume looks generally very tatty and realistic. Very popular last year.

The standard size AC139, will fit a man with a 42"-44" chest.

The extra large size AC136, will fit a man with a 44" - 46" chest.

This costume may appeal to someone who wants to look like they have done a lot but in reality have literally just put all the items on!

Bear in mind that the costume does come with a mask and although this will restrict your vision, its 'half-face' format allows for talking, eating, etc . The gloves provided are of a rigid latex which might make it difficult to hand out leaflets etc...

New Halloween Costumes Tipped To Be This Year's Top Sellers!

Be ahead of the rest and get your halloween costume before stocks run out!

Halloween Costumes Tipped To Be This Year's Best Sellers

So what will be 'the' costume that everyone wants this year? Well, we can give you some ideas as to what we think will be popular this year.

Don't leave it too late, popular costumes sell out quickly and we can't always guarantee getting another delivery in time for your function.

If in doubt contact us:

Telephone 01245 327156 - open 7 days a week

or check out our website

Victorian Vampiress

Burlesque Victorian Vampiress. This costume looks fantastic and we have had a good response regarding it.

Only available in 1 size. This costume will fit a UK dress size 10 - 12.

Just add some fishnets, vampire fangs and a little blood trickling from one side of your mouth.

An elegant but sexy look. If you are not too keen on having so much leg showing a simple trick is to wear 'American Tan' thicker tights underneath your fishnets. This will give you nicely tanned looking legs and the feeling that you are more covered up.

Doctor Killjoy

Doctor Killjoy. This costume will get lots of attention this halloween. Ideal for someone who really does not want to have to worry about wearing make up and wigs. Just pop on the coat and accessories and you are done!

The costume includes: Bloodied white coat, latex gloves,mask and syringe.

Available in 1 size only and will fit a man with a chest 42" - 44"

Novelty Monster Marriage Costume - AC432

Monster marriage. A great novelty halloween costume that will get other guests laughing all night.

So how do you wear this costume? Well, you wear the trousers and overshoes. The 'ladies' inflatable legs are attached and the body of Frankenstein is inflated. Pop on the ladies dress and wig, attach the inflated 'body' and you are ready.

Available in 1 size that will fit a man's chest 42" -44"

This costume gives the impression that you have done quite a lot, when in fact all you have done is put all the items on. Men who want to go the whole way can spend time in putting on their make up and false eyelashes!

Devil's Mistress - AC448

Devil's Mistress. This fabulous and glamourous devil costume has had some good feedback so far.

The dress has a rouched front with large fan tail lace hem and oversized sleeves. Add a dramatic wig and horns for a fantastic look.

Available in 1 size only that will fit a ladies UK dress size 10 - 12

This lovely costume will cover all of your body and has a lovely rouched look which is ideal to cover up any lumps and bumps you may have. As you can see, the dress is floor length and quite long, so I wouldn't recommend that you wear this if you had to walk up and down lots of stairs,or it was going to be dirty where the functionis being held.

You can wear many various wigs and accessories to get the complete 'look' you are after.

Twisted Jester

Twisted Jester. This costume really is spooky.

Available in 1 size only to fit a man's chest 42" - 44"

Costume includes: Tunic with belt, trousers and mask with attached hat.

Ideal for someone who does not want to worry about wearing a wig and having to do their make up. Quite frightening looking so not ideal if you are going to be near or around children.

Don't forget - We can answer your costume queries 7 days a week 01245 327156

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Costume. This costume is ideal for halloween.

The costume is available in 2 sizes. Small will fit a UK dress size 10 - 12. Medium will fit a UK dress size 12 - 14. The lacing on the front bodice gives great flexibility for fit.

This costume includes: Dress, fabulous wings, halo and wand.

A nice flexible costume as it has front lacing on the bodice. The costume comes with quite a few of the accessories that you may want to complete it. If you wanted to add to it, you may consider wearing a wig, eyelashes and fishnets

Devil Supreme

WOW is the only word for this amazing costume!!!

Yes, it is not a cheap choice but you really will be the talk of the entire fancy dress party.

Available in 2 sizes.

If you want to take a look at this costume in detail then have a look at it on our website and put in the code AC534 in the search box.

This is not the costume if you want to get dressed very quickly. The costume does come with the muscle chest and padded arms, but you will need to apply red face paint to your face.

If you are wearing face paint, please remember that it will be water based. This means if you start to sweat it may come off. If you rub against someone, or sit down on somebody's white sofa, they are not going too be too happy!

Miss Addams

We have a couple of versions that are suitable for Wednesday Addams. In fact we have all of the Addams Family licensed costumes (Manufactured by Rubies), including:




And of course, Wednesday

We also sell wigs and accessories to help you to complete your outfits

An easy costume that will just need the addition of a black wig and possibly the 'over-the-knee' stockings, but not too much more input.

Sexy Pretty Witch

Look at this lovely sexy witch.

Available to purchase in 4 sizes, it is suitable for ladies from a UK dress size 8 -18.

The costume includes the terrific hat.

Just add some fishnets and a broomstick and off you go.

This costume can be worn as it is, or you can add one of many accessories that are sold to create your own unique and special look. It looks sexy without showing off too much flesh, and remember my TOP TIP on how to feel more comfortable wearing fishnets - just put a thicker pair of 'American Tan' tights on underneath.

Take a Look at Some of Our Other Halloween Costumes

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Order Code 3253Order code AC3246Order code 3170Order Code AC530Order Code AC216Order Code AC223Order Code 3243Order Code AC532Order Code 3355AOrder Code 16571
Order Code 3253
Order Code 3253
Order code AC3246
Order code AC3246
Order code 3170
Order code 3170
Order Code AC530
Order Code AC530
Order Code AC216
Order Code AC216
Order Code AC223
Order Code AC223
Order Code 3243
Order Code 3243
Order Code AC532
Order Code AC532
Order Code 3355A
Order Code 3355A
Order Code 16571
Order Code 16571

Need Some Halloween Accessories To Complete Your Costume - Take a Look Below

I am Interested in Your Opinion

If you were invited to a fancy dress party, would you dress up in a costume?

See results

Halloween Accessories

We stock a huge range of halloween accessories including:

* Wigs

* Jewellery

* Make Up

* Masks

* Weapons

* Eyelashes

* Blood

Our make up range includes:

*Fake blood

*Zombie skin

*Special Effects Wax


*Nail varnish

*Make Up sets

This wig is available in:









Ideal for witch and vampiress costumes

We stock the following jewellery suitable for your halloween costume.

*Rings, including coffin, gothic and spider.



*Dracula Medallions

Your turn: Am I right?

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      like the lens, cool adult costumes so I gave you a 'thumbs up'!

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      anonymous 9 years ago

      Nice lens!

      I am very happy to see "The Best_Adult_Halloween_Costumes_Ever" because it gave me a new idea, how to become popular for this Halloween. Yes, I believe all the Halloween costumes are of good quality and standard and Halloween Accessories are also very impressive. Thanks for your valuable advice.

    • AdeleW profile image

      AdeleW 10 years ago

      Let me know what you think and take a look at my other Squidoo lens and hub pages on all aspects of fancy dress and costume theme ideas.


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