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Best Army Costumes for Women

Updated on September 21, 2014

Get the Best Ladies Army Costume Out There!

The female army outfit has been around for years. Its camouflage colors, artillery and flash have been used in famous movies, shows and photos. To dress up in army gear can give you a sense of power, sex appeal and style. So it's no wonder that the costume is one of the most sought after in the market.

But what makes an army outfit a superior choice for parties, Halloween or time alone with your husband is that it has so many areas in which to customize and still make it apparent that you are in the army. There is no "one" look for an army costume and below you will see some great examples of different styles and looks.

So to help you dawn the best of outfits, we will begin by discussing the different types of army costumes that are out there. Some are classic, while others are naughty. You can either be macho tough or sleek and sexy. Either way, after reading our section, you should have a better idea of what type of soldier you want to be.

After that, we will look breakup the article to target the two types of party goers: the "need it quick" type and the "DIY " type. The "need it quick" part will be directed for those who don't have time to customize or make their own costume. After hours or research, we found the best on the market that will let you stick out without sacrificing originality and appeal.

The second portion, or DIY section, will be for those thrifty creative bees out there. Giving you key ideas in a DIY style for making your won Sailors costume. We have included components and pieces that will help to make your soldeir costume the best.

The Best Soldier Costume Sets on the Market Amazon

For those of you who don't have the time to search for components or pieces in order to make your costume, we have searched the world of "best costumes" and found these top choices for you. They will range in style and type, but are sure to be a hit at any party.

Smiffy's Women's Wartime Officer Costume, Green, Medium
Smiffy's Women's Wartime Officer Costume, Green, Medium

Using the classic WWII look, this stylish costume will make you stand out with class. $30.44

Charades Costumes Women's Army Babe Adult Costume Small Green
Charades Costumes Women's Army Babe Adult Costume Small Green

Sleek and simple, this one piece is sure to catch an eye or two$35.97


Here are some GREAT ideas on making your own soldier costume

If those super cute sets don't appeal to you, then perhaps the idea of making your own will. The soldier look is quite sought after, but by making your own, you don't need to fear anyone else at the party wearing the same outfit as you. So how does one make their own army outfit?

Just about anything with camouflage will suffice as an army base. If you have boyfriend or husband that hunts, raid their closet! Otherwise army surplus stores (and they are everywhere) will give you super cheap access to the materials you need.

After you have procured camouflage gear, you can then start to fit it to your needs. If its an army blouse (collared bloused army shirt) then cut out the arms, tighten it around the waste and it because a super sexy combat suit ;)

If you don't have the means for camouflage pants, you can always just use black shorts or pants.

Finally, either find or buy a combat hat. Best bet is amazon or again the army surplus store. If you don't like the look of a combat hat/cover, they look at buying a camouflage trucker hat or regular ball cap. Always a nice touch.

Once you have these basic items set, you are golden. Now there are many things you can do to add to it. There are some wonderful boots that would totally go with the outfit. There are also some really hot jewelry pieces that can add to your image. So check out our next section and see if there is anything else you would want to add to your sailor look!

Jacobson Hat Company Child's Plastic Netted Army Helmet, Green
Jacobson Hat Company Child's Plastic Netted Army Helmet, Green

Army cap doesn't do it for you? How about a WWII helmet?$3.54

Volatile Women's Boot Camp Combat Boot,Black,8 M
Volatile Women's Boot Camp Combat Boot,Black,8 M

Nothing says soldier girl better than knee high combat boots.$49.95

Jacobson Hat Company Plastic Bullet Belt
Jacobson Hat Company Plastic Bullet Belt

A great addition to any soldier look. Ensure to be loads of fun as the night wears on. This set will really add to your soldier look. $9.27

Hunters Specialties Crème Tube Makeup Kit (Woodland Camo)
Hunters Specialties Crème Tube Makeup Kit (Woodland Camo)

Cute strips of paint on the face or full blown camouflage, either way you are looking the part!$5.99


In Conclusion

The soldier outfit is an instant classic and can promise you to bring quite a few looks. So look your best and go out with a Bang!

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