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Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Updated on January 26, 2013

Going to a Baby Shower?

Sure we've all been there...invited to a baby shower and standing in the store looking at the registry wondering where do I start. Believe me, even the new parents to be felt overwhelmed while creating that registry list.

There are so many things that new parents need to have when their baby arrives, but there is also a ton of stuff out there that isn't really all that necessary.

Also, it's kind of fun to give a gift that you know someone is going to get really excited about. Whether you buy the gift or make it yourself it's nice to give a gift that you know will be really appreciated by both the new mom and the baby...sometimes for years to come.

I'll give my top 10 ideas on this lens and maybe update as I think of more. If you have any other great ideas please comment on this lens below to share your idea. If I get enough good ideas from readers I'll update this lens and make it top 20, 30 or more gift ideas. It'll be fun.

This is my list of best baby shower gift ideas that won't break the bank or are relatively easy to make.



Both my daughters were big fans of their little taggies when they were babies.

The cool thing about a taggie is they are cheap to buy and easy to make yourself. So if you are handy with a sewing machine you can whip one out in no time. This way you can make a custom taggie, which is just cool if you ask me.

Taggies on Amazon

Taggies are also neat because they make them in a variety of different ways. Like quilts, baby dolls, balls, rattles and so on. Check these one out.

Boppy Pillow

Boppy Pillows are awesome! I don't know what I would have done without mine. It's one of those things that make you wonder how any mother ever got along without it.

Whether you are going to nurse or bottle feed a Boppy pillow is a great asset. With bottle feeding you can support the baby on the pillow and your arm doesn't go numb while cradling their head.

Maybe some people could make one of these themselves. I am not one of those people.

Burp Cloths

I won't lie, it's amazing how much use you get out of burp cloths. After my shower I thought to myself, "I'll never use all these burp clothes". I thought wrong. You really can't have too many.

These are cool because if you have or know someone who has an embroidery machine you can make personalized burp clothes. My mother in law made me burp clothes that matched the nursery theme for each of my girls. They were so adorable, and she helped me make some for my friends and family who were having babies.

If you are going to make burp cloths yourself I recommend using a standard pre-fold diaper. If you don't have an embroidery machine but want to "jazz" them up you can sew strips of whatever cute flannel on both ends.

Bouncy Chair

My bouncy chair was a worth while investment! The first night home from the hospital with my oldest daughter neither my husband nor myself got any sleep.

We thought she needed to sleep in her crib, because that was her bed. Well she had another agenda which was not to sleep unless either of us was snuggling with her.

The second night we put her in the bouncy chair on the floor in her room (and turned the vibrator on)...she actually slept much better. While she still got up to eat throughout the night of course it was noticably better than the previous night.

I was determined to get her to sleep in that crib, it cost a lot of money afterall! And she did when she turned a month old. I don't think we would have made it through that first month if it hadn't been for that bouncy chair.

Bundle Me

The Bundle Me was a great invention! With my oldest being born in May I didn't have a need for one but my youngest was born in July and by the time cold weather rolled around she was so much smaller than her older sister was at that time.

What's great about a Bundle Me is that it fits right into your standard infant carrier car seat and covers your baby so there is no need for an additional snow suit.

The inside of it is either a fleece or some sort of soft sherpa material and the outside is also soft and snuggly.

It's so quick and easy to get baby ready to head out into the cold, just buckle them in and when your ready to venture out toss the top over their head and face to keep the cold winter winds away. While you shop just pull it down and unzip a bit.

Baby Carrier

Having an on the body baby carrier was great. There were times when I would be shopping where taking a stroller wasn't really practical so I would use my Baby Bjorn or a sling. It's nice because you can be hands free and travel fairly lightly.

Beware: carrying baby around in an on the body carrier can be tough on the back (and let's be honest mom's, we carried them for 9 months) so if possible pass that job onto dad!

What to Expect the First Year

Most new moms read faithfully What to Expect While You're Expecting, and the wonderful authors of that book also wrote What to Expect the First Year. It goes over everything new parents need to know about their growing baby.

It talks about everything like doctors appointments, sleeping habits, what to feed and when as well as mom's recovery and general baby development.

Being a new parent is overwhelming and at times can be a bit scary so it was nice to have such a great resource broken down into each month of babies first year.

Portable Electric Heater

Now you may think this seems like a strange baby shower gift. But think about this for a second.

You take yur newborn baby into the bathroom for a bath, get them naked and they are instantly cold. Even while bathing they are cold and then comes that horrible time when you turn off the water and make the transition to the towel....still cold!

My husband and I decided to bring up our heater from the basement and turn it on and close the bathroom door 3-5 mintues before we were going to give our daugthers their baths.

By the time we were ready it was nice and toasty warm in there. After the bath I laid them on the towel and got them dressed again, all while staying nice and warm.

Now we use the heater when we shower during the cold winter months!

Portable Ceramic Heaters

We have a couple of these heaters in our house, during the winter months our bedroom seems so cold so we set the timer on it for an hour just to take the chill out of the air making it more bearable to fall asleep.

Digital Picture Frame

All the mom's I know LOVE to take pictures of their kids. And if they are anything like me they have taken A TON of really cute pics.

My problem is that I don't have enough frames or wall space to display all those adorable pictures of my girls.

With a digital picture frame you can pick out all your favorites and display them all the time in one convenient place. This way you don't have to print pictures and replace them in a frame from time to time. Or if you're like me I don't end up replacing them because I just can't bear to cover up a particular picture.

First Aid

There are so many choices when it comes to thermometers and nasal aspirators. When I first brought my daughter home from the hospital I tried to use the blue bulb aspirator they sent with me...I couldn't master it successfully.

I happened to get onto a mailing list for a magazine with all kinds of kids stuff and that is when I found a nasal aspirator that I liked and could properly use. (See Below)

With thermometers I liked the pacifier one when my daughter was really little but then I switched to an ear thermometer. You can get them pretty inexpensively but take my get what you pay for.

Of course you will need nail clippers and honestly just about any kind of nail clippers for baby would work just fine. Medicine spoons and syringes are also a necessity. There's nothing worse than finding yourself with a sick baby and not having the proper tools to help them feel better.

Baby First Aid Items

While you can certainly buy complete first aid kids for baby (I even received a couple as gifts) I recommend purchasing items you know you will be happy with and piecing together a kit of your own.

Please let me know if these baby shower gift ideas were helpful to you, or if you have any you would like to add.


I'd love to hear your thoughts

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      jamesonsquidoo 4 years ago

      I like the "bundle me", it looks so cute. Thanks for the ideas :)