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Best Birthday Wishes And Birthday Messages

Updated on July 9, 2013

Birthday Messages, Best Birthday wishes, Funny Birthday Wishes

Birthday is a common celebration for us. Every year we celebrate our birthday as well as we attend lot of birthday celebration and birthday party of our friends and relatives

Now you want to create your own birthday card with some special birthday message, or want to send some funny birthday message to your friend.

In this page I am listing some of websites where you can find some great birthday messages. Also I will post some birthday messages here so that you can cut and past it from here itself. What's More I am also adding some Birthday gift ideas also Here. You can use these messages and gift ideas to make a personalized birthday Card for your friend or relative

Happy Birthday Cards
Happy Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday Wishes and Happy Birthday Messages

Great Birthday Wishes, best birthday greetings

Please Find some Beautiful Birthday Wishes and yo can use these messages on your birthday Cards. Even you can use this Messages on homemade birthday cards so that your birthday card will stand away from the crowd

Happy Birthday

May this day be a special one

To remember for ever

A simple celebration

a gathering of friends

I am wishing you happiness

and Joy that never ends

Happy birthday to you

It is the day to celebrate

To Enjoy, have party with friends

Happy Birthday to you

May this birthday Brings you

Joy, happiness and Prosperity

Happy Birthday to you

Birthdays are milestones in our life

Each milestones will have something special

I am wishing you happy birthday!!

Many many happy returns of the day

Happy birthday you you My dear

You are my Sweet, You are my inspiration

Happy Birthday to you dear

As I am writing this birthday card

I am dreaming a Fun filled birthday Celelebration

Happy birthday to you Dear

Birthday Card for Friend
Birthday Card for Friend

Birthday Wishes For Friends

Birthday Messages and Greetings For Friends

Are you going attend a friends birthday and have bought gifts for him. But stumbled while writing suitable birthday wishes for him. Unable to get words. Well there is not only you lot of people are stumbled when they are looking for birthday messes fro best friends. Here you can find some messages that may help you

When we write the birthday messages to you

Any words is not enough to express our friendship

and the fruits it has given to us

Happy birthday my dear friend

I am so happy than for my birthday

Because today is my best friend's birthday

Happy birthday my dear Friend

You are my soul and life

We shared lot of moments together

To leave wonderful memories for life

Happy birthday My dear friend

It is the day to celebrate,

For all the success waiting for

It is the day to say thank to God

For all the blessing he showered on you

It is the day to dine and Dance

For all that friendship we have

Happy Birthday to you

Birthdays are milestones of life

We have to stand and look back

for all those we have accomplished

We have to stand and look forward

For all those we have to accomplished

My wishes and I will be with you on your journey

As I was with you on your journey

Happy birthday my dear friend

If friendships are gardens that flourish,

All around the year without a break,

and the fruits are success and victory

then our friendship is a Garden of gardens

Happy Birthday my dear Friend

birthday wishes for best friend

I am lucky to have you as my best friend,

Because Best friends can change life of man

You have supported me when I need,

Happy birthday to you my friend

Friends are the only true asset,

And to get you as my best friend is

Something blessing

Happy birthday to you

I am happy to celebrate your birthday

Than mine, Because you are my best friend.

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Best friends are the true asset

They can change the direction of our life

And to get you as my best friend is a blessing

Happy birthday to you my dear

Birthday Wishes For Brother

Happy Birthday Brother and best birthday wishes for brother

You may be looking for Birthday wishes for brother. Brothers are normally will not be with us in these modern world. So normally we have to send a great Birthday card which will remind your childhood love and affection for each other. I will post some list of websites where you can get some great Birthday wishes for brother. Please find some Birthday messages below which you can send as text messages or can be added to your birthday card

My dear brother, I feel to have our childhood

Birthdays again, when we were cutting cakes in

front of our dad and Mom.

That time I was upset as you used to get the

Birthday cake first. Any way Now I will be happy

to feed birthday cake to you first.

Happy birthday my dear brother

Wishing you a birthday filled

with Happiness, joy and Celebration

In childhood I was the number one VIP

on your birthday Party

Now I can wish you only from here

Happy Birthday Dear Brother

I am so great to have a brother

Who is loving caring for his

dears and family.

Happy Birthday My brother

When I wa a child

I used to be so proud to attend

Your birthday as I was thinking

I am lucky to have a brother like you

Now I know that I am blessed

To have a brother like you

I love you brother

Happy birthday to you

When I was small your birthday party

was a granted celebration for me

Now even though I want to attend

I can only send birthday wishes to brother

Happy birthday to you my dear brother

Birthday Wishes For Sister
Birthday Wishes For Sister

Birthday wishes for Sister

Birthday wishes messages and greetings for sister

Looking to send birthday wishes or sweet messages to your sister. Then have look at below

Happy birthday to my sister

Who is a real angel

I am lucky and blessed

I have an angel as my sister

Happy Birthday sis

You are the best sister in the world

For a brother like me, who is a just a normal person

Happy birthday my sister

I a so blessed to have you as my sister

Happy Birthday to sweet sister

When I was a kid I get upset when

Dad and Mom gives you birthday cake before me

And I used to wait for my birthday to have the cake before you

Now I wait for your birthday to feed the birthday cake myself

Happy birthday my dear Sister

Birthdays are like milestone

Where we have stand and look back

to see the way we passed,

And you were always my dear Siter

Best friend and well wisher

Happy birthday dear siter.

Birthday Card on Amazon

Buy a great card from amazon

Birthday Wishes For Wife

Best birthday messages and Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Your wife or girlfriend is having birthday. And you are looking for a great birthday wishes for the card you are presenting for her. Here you can see some

Ever Since you came in to my life

My life is a celebration for me

So when you celebrate your birthday

It gives me Double happiness

Happy Birthday Dear

You are love of my life

Happy Birthday Dear

Your birthday is the blessing for me

Because you are mine

Happy birthday to you dear

For me two days are most important

Our wedding anniversary and your birthday

These two days changed my life

Happy birthday to you .

You came to my life with endless happiness

You Turned my life to a poem

Now it is your birthday and

I have to turn it to a celebration

Happy birthday to you

Birthday WishesFor Husband

Birthday wishes sms and Birthday Greetings for husband

Please Find some birthday wishes to your husband

Happy Birthday my sweetheart

You are my luck and you are my blessings,

Happy birthday to you my dear

Ever since I married to you,

my life is flowing like smooth river,

With loving shore guiding me the way

Happy birthday my sweet heart

You are my guide, you are my inspiration

Happy birthday my darling

I was alone, you have given me company

I was sad, you made me happy,

I was confused, you have shown me the way,

And I have grown and blossomed on your shadow

Happy birthday my darling

Happy Birthday greetings and Messages - Websites for Best Birthday messages, SMS and Quotes

Find some great Birthday messages here

Birthday Wishes for Kids - Birthday Messages, Wishes and Birthday Invitations for Kids

I Think the most popular birthday category is Kids Birthday. Normally everybody celebrate their kids birthday. Some thim kids insist to celebrate their birthday at Mc-donalds or swimming pools. They want to celebrate with their friends and classmates. Some times we may have to find Printable Birthday Invitations so that we can print the invitations with the address of the premises, where we are going to conduct the birthday party.

Birthday Wishes For Boss - Birthday Wishes For Boss, Friend and Relatives

You are looking for websites which displays Birthday wishes for boss, Or birthday messages for Friends?? Then browse through the below links. Definitely you can find some great birthday messages for boss, Birthday wishes for uncle, Birthday greetings for aunt

How to Say Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday! In Languages of the World

How to Say Happy Birthday: As we know the world is small, but it is diversified. There are different languages and cultures all around the world. So if your Friend can not read english what is the use of sending birthday wishes in english.

Please Find some resources for birthday wishes in different languages around the world

Birthday Card For Wife

Birthday Card For Wife 2

Text with BIG Picture - Birthday Card For Boss

Wish a Happy Birthday Here

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