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Best Books for Christmas

Updated on August 29, 2017

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Welcome to your Christmas library of best books. If you want to know what's hot this year on the bookshelves, then look no further. I am only going to share with you one or two of the top best selling books on Amazon. If you want to know where I got this information, then you will be very pleased to hear that it is from Amazon themselves, well why not they are the biggest seller of books in the world. So chances are their best sellers are going to be worth a look.

The first offering is the 9th edition of 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Long Haul'. This is a book series that was born from an original incarnation as an online comic. It was written by Jeff Kinney, a young man who has somehow managed to get himself considered as being one of the world's most influential people. High pedigree indeed.

The basis of the story is that Greg Heffley, the primary character in the book, faces a lot of problems. Family, friends and school life. No matter what he does to try to rectify the problems, everything backfires on him and he ends up in a worse mess with comical effect.

In the 9th edition of the book series - The Long Haul - Gregory is going on a vacation with his family. But as usual it is not a smooth ride, the highlight of which is Greg being bitten by a pig and ending up being treated like a pet at a veterinary surgeons. This is however just one of a series of disasters that encompass the Heffley family on what should have been a fun family holiday.

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The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Marches On

The latest release from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is 'The Long Haul' number 9 in the series and looking like it is going to be one of the world's best seller's this Christmas.

The Long Haul: Book 9 (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
The Long Haul: Book 9 (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

The adventures, or rather misadventures, of Gregory Heffley continue with the latest book in the series - The Long Haul.


It seems like going from an online format to a published book format is proving rather popular. The second best seller featured for this Christmas is - Humans of New York - a blog turned book.

— Brandon Stanton (author)

Best Christmas Books for 2014

Humans of New York
Humans of New York

Humans of New York is a collection of street photographs involving a huge range of every day, ordinary New Yorker's with accompanying interviews. It gives the common people of New York a voice and displays them in a candid way that appeals to anyone that loves a 'reality' format. Social media gave it the legs to move forward and now in this published format it is reaching an even wider audience.


Books for Adults and Children

Are books as popular as ever, or is the appeal diminishing?

My Favourite Way to Read a Book

Paper or eReader that is the question?

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The Very Best Kindle Available - eBooks now outselling printed books

There is no doubt that there are several distinct advantages to reading books in a digital format. Less to carry about, easy to store many books on one device, selectable font, font size, line spacing and there are many more benefits to owning an eReader which you can read about using this link.

The Wake Crasher
The Wake Crasher

A black comedy that can invoke the odd cringe, especially from parents who suspect their children might follow suit.


eBooks by Indie Authors on Amazon - Both Fiction and Non-Fiction

Not all the best writers are best sellers, sometimes it takes a while for a good writer to be discovered and if you only ever buy best sellers you may be missing out on some great books.

Book Trailers on YouTube

If you like your information in video format then you are going to love these book trailers on YouTube.


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