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Best Cheap Leather Belt for Men

Updated on May 28, 2015

Best Cheap Leather Belt for Men

I am totally convinced that Dickies makes the best cheap leather belt for men. I bought an inexpensive Dickies belt in September of 2012 and it has been the best belt purchase I've made in a long time - maybe the best ever.

I've worn through so many cheap leather belts and I'm fed up with buying new ones all the time. Most cheap leather belts have a leather look surface that begins to wear and peel off within weeks of use. It must be because they are usually made of bonded leather instead of full, top, or genuine leather. Those can actually be some synthetic material on the inside that has the leather coating bonded onto the outside.

My normal custom (I'm an admitted cheapskate) is to purchase one belt and to wear it until it falls apart. I never have a variety of belts to choose from - only one.

The last belt I purchased lasted at best maybe 6 months, and it was a mess. The holes for the buckle started to tear and the bonded leather surface peeled off in several places. It's hardly worth buying a cheap belt if it falls apart so quickly and you just have to purchase another.

I went searching for a better belt, but for me, it had to be selling for less than $20. After tons of online research and reading through countless reviews on a wide range of inexpensive belts, I selected the Dickies 38mm Leather Belt. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I can safely say that I would recommend this belt as a gift for any man who needs a good belt.

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Updated 12/12/13 - I'm still wearing the same ol' cheap leather Dickies belt and it still looks exactly the same as it did when I took the picture in the introduction of this website up above. That was from months ago.

The belt isn't coming apart anywhere. The holes for the buckle aren't showing any signs of tearing. I can't find one single stitch of thread that has torn or broken. This thing seems like it may last forever.

Updated 5/28/15 - It's approaching 3 years and I'm still wearing this same Dickies belt. Keep in mind that it is still the only belt that I own and the only belt that I wear. I wear it all day, every day.

I have just noticed that the stitching finally broke and began to pull out. I took out my trusty fingernail clippers and cut off the excess thread in hopes that it won't continue to unravel. I'm not sure that the stitching really does anything as far as the structure of the belt. I think it's just there for looks. The belt doesn't appear to be separating at the location where the stitching has broken.

Men's 38mm Leather Belt With Two Row Stitch - By Dickies

This Dickies Men's Leather Belt is made from 100% leather. It has a soft, supple feel. Its durability is what you would expect from Dickies work clothing.

Other cheap belts that I've purchased have been made from a bonded leather that begins to wear within a few weeks of use. The Dickies belt shows very little sign of wear after several months of daily use.

The belt is a little bit wider than what I prefer, though I've not had any problem with the belt being too wide to fit through the belt loops in any of my pants. It just gives it more of a casual look than I was hoping for.

My belt is an all-purpose belt. I wear it to the office and to church, as well as outside mowing the lawn or picking raspberries in our garden. I don't mind the business look in the garden, but the work-duds look at church can be a little uncomfortable. This belt doesn't cross the line, but it's certainly testing the waters.

I read enough reviews about this belt that I fully expected the size to run a little bit short. I wear a 36" waist size in slacks, so I ordered a 38" belt. That turned out to be the right choice, as I am using the middle hole in the belt when fastened around my waist.

I, too, will recommend that you select a belt size that is the next size larger than your waist measurement. That should ensure that you get a belt that fits properly.

What is the Best Type of Leather

Full grain, top grain, genuine leather, bonded leather. What does it all mean? Which is best?

This short video will clear it all up for you. I know it says it's for a 6+ year old, and...well...the guy does talk down to his listeners a bit. But I've never heard it explained any more clearly.

After watching this video, you will definitely know the difference and which is best.

To be completely honest, I don't know for certain which type of leather my Dickies belt is made from. Because of how soft and supple it is, and because of how inexpensive it was, I suspect it is genuine leather, as opposed to full grain or top grain. As long as it wears for as long as it has, and continues to look good and not fall apart, I don't really care which layer of skin this belt comes from.

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