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Top 7 Christmas Gifts for New Dads for Under $50

Updated on November 23, 2013
New dad holding baby : Creative commons licensed via Flickr
New dad holding baby : Creative commons licensed via Flickr | Source

New dads also deserve some special attention!

Who says only new moms should get special presents for Christmas? The dads would sure love it too you know! He’s just become a father for the first time in his life, so imagine how excited he must be feeling? Boost up his excitement a little more with a cute Christmas gift for him this year, keeping in mind the fact that he just became a new dad. So something like a cool t shirt congratulating him on becoming a dad would be more appropriate than a perfume set or a normal watch. You get the idea?

Below are 7 awesome handpicked Christmas gift ideas for first time dads. All of these gift ideas have top ratings and feedback from the customers who've purchased them.

NO 1: Willow Tree New Dad Figurine

Product info
5* + Ratings/Positive feedback from over 50 customers.
28% Discount: You Save $7.78
One day shipping option available
Carved by Susan Lordi

Above New Dad Willow Tree Figurine on Amazon

Beautiful sentimental Christmas gift for a new dad!

Here is a beautiful Willow Tree Figurine of a father holding his baby. This figurine is carved by Susan Lordi, who is the original creator of Willow Tree figurines. She creates each piece with an intention to allow only the gestures of the figurine to convey its emotions and she wants the message perceived to be left free to the person looking at it. When the new dad looks at this gift, he is more likely to perceive the message as the joy of a father holding his new born child just like how he must have felt. This will be a very sweet Christmas present from a wife whose husband has just become a new dad.

NO 2: Holiday gift Personalized Wooden Two Pen With Box

Product Info
Deep laser engraving
5 font styles to chose from
42% Discount: You Save $25
5*+ Ratings/Feedback from 3 customers.

Above personalized wooden pen box set on Amazon

Personalized gifts are always more special.

This personalized wooden pens box set is another unique Christmas gift you can get for a new dad. If you’re a wife buying this for your husband, you can get “Happy Christmas Daddy” or something similar engraved on the box and the name of your child engraved on the pens. If you’re a friend or family member buying it, you can get something like “Happy Christmas New Dad” or “Congratulations New Dad” engraved on the box and any names or cool words engraved on the pens.

When placing an order, the manufacturer has instructed that you choose a font style from the list available on product images of this item on Amazon and then message them via the Amazon messaging system to let them know what font style you have chosen and what message/words you would like to have engraved on the box and pens.

NO 3: 14-Ounce Daddy Mug, Gift Boxed with Ribbon

Product Info
High gloss finish stoneware
Dishwasher/Microwave safe
GiftBox/3 Piece Ribbon wrapped
Can hold 14 Ounces of drink
4 1/2 inch high
5*+ ratings/positive feedback from 3 customers.

If you’re looking for a super inexpensive Christmas gift that will still be a hit for a new dad, this cute mug will be it! It has a very bubbly look to it and the message is also cute enough to put an instant smile his face.

NO 4: Daddy's Love Photo Frame

Above Daddy Photo Frame on Amazon

This is such a cute photo frame gift you can get for a new dad. If you’re a wife or someone closer who is buying it for him, you can take a picture of the dad holding his baby and put it on this frame. If you don’t have a picture like that, the default one on the frame is also very adorable. The message underneath the picture reads “The power of love, held in my Daddy’s hand.” Isn’t that sweet?

NO 5: Papadaddy's Book for New Fathers: Advice to Dads of All Ages

Does new daddy know what should and shouldn't do to take care of the baby properly? Well it’s not rocket science but this book will be a very handy gift for him to learn some useful advice on fathering and pre-birth-schooling etc. It is also full of humor!

NO 6: Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag

Product Info
5*+ Ratings/feedback from over 390 customers.
29% Discount: You Save $16.71
Free Shipping/Returns
Available in 12 more colors/designs

New fathers are often put in situations where they have to carry their baby’s diaper bag, which might usually look like an obvious diaper bag or a ladies [his wife’s] hand bag. Why don’t you get him a cool manly diaper bag as a gift for Christmas so that he can feel more comfortable carrying it around? The one featured above definitely doesn't look like a diaper bag, you can check out more pictures and the other colors available on the product page.

NO 7: Broadway Basketeers Photo Gift Box Collection

Maybe he loves sweet treats? If so, get him this unique mahogany photo box filled with sweet treats, tea and cocoa that are delicious enough to please his sweet tooth. If you’re a wife buying this for your husband, fill in the photo spaces with pictures of you and him, your baby and your family together to make the gift extra special.

Which one of the above is your favorite Christmas gift choice for a new dad?

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    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 4 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      My grandson became a new dad in July. You have some good ideas here.