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The Best Christmas Songs For Kids

Updated on August 5, 2012

What are the best Christmas songs for kids to sing at this festive time of the year?

As a child, I would look forward to Christmas not so much for the toys, but for December 1st, the official day my parents would allow us to put Christmas songs on the radio! We had a wide range of Christmas music to listen to, from the modern Mannheim Steamroller to the old and worn-out classics such as White Christmas, but out of that massive selection, there were a few particular tunes that have struck me as special.

On this page, The Best Christmas Songs for Kids, I would like to share these classic tunes I used to enjoy as a girl with you. It is my hope that you, too, can play them to your children and have them share in the magic of Christmas music as well!

Merry Christmas and Happy Listening!

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Funny Christmas Songs for Kids

The following funny Christmas songs for kids will have your children giggling out loud. From silly tunes about grandmas getting run over by unwieldily deer to cheeky melodies about extramarital relations between mom and the big old man, there are many funny Christmas songs out there to tickle your funny bone!

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - Funny Christmas Songs for Kids

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer is a Christmas classic you either love or hate. It was written by Randy Brooks in 1979, and performed by the husband and wife duo Elmo and Patsy Trigg Shropshire. Over the years, it has been rerecorded many times not only by the famous duo, but also by other artists such as Family Force 5 and Less Than Jake. There also exist a number of parodies of this song such as "Obama Got Run Over by a Reindeer."

The song speaks of a grandma who, after knocking back too much alcoholic eggnog, wanders out into the snow in search of her medication. Unfortunately, Santa and his reindeer are driving by just at that time and run her over, killing her. The moral of this silly Christmas song is that Santa not have a driving license and that we should all be on the alert when he drives by!

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Funny Christmas Songs for Kids

Written by Tommy Connor, and performed by Jimmy Boyd in 1952, this song is a true American Christmas classic. It reached number one on the Billboard Charts in 1952, and has continued to be rerecorded by dozens of famous artists including The Jackson Five, Amy Winehouse, John Mellencamp, Jessica Simpson and more.

At first, this song caused quite a bit of controversy at the Roman Catholic Church. The bishops did not like the idea of kissing being associated with Christmas. However, once Boyd met with the Archdiocese to clearly explain the meaning of the song, and how kissing mistletoe is commonplace, the ban was dropped.

Fun Christmas Songs for Kids

These fun Christmas songs are exactly what the title suggests - fun to sing, fun to dance to, and fun to learn! They are the songs that my class of nursery school students most enjoyed learning over the years that I have been teaching them Christmas songs. I hope your children will enjoy them as well!

Up On The Housetop - Fun Christmas Songs for Kids

Up On The Housetop is actually a surprisingly old children's Christmas song, written in 1864 by Benjamin Hanby. Even more surprising is its significance in our modern day Christmas culture. In the song, Hanby speaks about Santa landing on the roof of people's houses. He was, in fact, the first to ever suggest this concept, and it still remains in our imagery of Santa Claus today. What's more, it is thought to be one of the first Yuletide songs to use Santa Claus as its main theme. If that weren't enough, it is also the oldest secular Christmas song besides Jingle Bells.

Old Toy Trains - Fun Christmas Songs for Kids

The beautiful Christmas song Old Toy Trains was written by famous country singer Roger Miller in 1967 for his then two-year-old son. Though it is not one of the most famous Christmas songs in existence, it is certainly one of the most melodic. In fact, it is the one song, besides Jingle Bells, that the children in my nursery school class love to sing in continuation! Many versions have been produced by artists such as Nana Mouskouri and Canadian children's artist Raffi. Nana Mouskouri even created a French version which you can listen to!

Christian Christmas Songs for Kids

There is no better way of teaching the Christian faith to young children than through song. These lovely Christian Christmas songs for kids will not only teach your child the story of Jesus, but will also make learning about him more enjoyable than it would be simply reading from the Bible.

There Was A Little Baby - Christian Christmas Songs for Kids

Though I cannot be sure, I believe this song was written by Canadian children's song writer Raffi for his compilation Raffi's Christmas Album. It is a simple, religious song about what happened to Jesus when he was born in Bethlehem. The video below shows a group of children singing their own extended version of this song with extra verses.

Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella - Christian Christmas Songs for Kids

Bring Me Torch Jeanette Isabella is a French Christmas song from the 16th century, though it was later translated into English in the 18th century. While it isn't specifically a child's Christmas song, it is sweet, catchy and places a focus on Jesus as a baby, which is always appealing to children. I remember that this song was always one of my favourites as a young girl.

The version below features some slightly altered lyrics, but mostly remains faithful to the English original.

Easy Christmas Songs for Kids

If you are teaching English as a second language to children, or simply want to find a song that your children can pick up quickly, these easy Christmas songs for kids are ideal! They are short, repetitive, and easy to remember.

Must Be Santa - Easy Christmas Songs for Kids

Must Be Santa is another old tune your kids will love, written by Hal Moore and Bill Fredericks and sung by Mitch Miller in 1960. The song was made famous first by Tommy Steele and again by Bob Dylan.

This easy Christmas song is great for small kids as it features lots of repetition, and a call and answer structure, meaning that one group cries out one lyric (i.e. "Who's got a beard that's long and white?") while a second group responds ("Santa's got a beard that's long and white!")

The Merry Christmas Toys - Easy Christmas Songs for Kids

I believe this song was written by one of the teachers at my elementary school as I have never seen it anywhere else on the Internet. It is a shame since this song is cute, catchy, interactive and very easy to pick up. The video here is of our class' Christmas concert. Since the lyrics are hard to decipher, I've provided the chorus for you.

Tap tap tap tap, go our little hammers,

Ring ring ring ring, ring our little bells,

We are Santa's helpers, tap tap tap tap tap tap,

We are Santa's helpers, making Christmas toys.

We are the merry Christmas toys,

Made just for little girls and boys,

Santa stuffs us in his sleigh,

So we'll be gifts on Christmas day!

Did you enjoy these cute Christmas songs for kids? - I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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