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8 Creative Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for your Sister

Updated on August 5, 2014

Raksha Bandhan is a very special festival because it celebrates a special kind of love, the kind that exists between a brother and a sister. This inseparable bond is difficult to describe, yet, impossible to live without. It is with your siblings that you spend most of your time as a kid, and come to rely on as an adult. On Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a Rakhi around their brothers wrist to symbolize this bond of love and protection. Brothers gift their sisters something special, an act that says that they will always provide for them and keep them happy.

Are you wondering what to gift your sister this Raksha Bandhan? Well, fret not, for here are a couple of gift ideas your sister is sure to love!

Makeup Kit

Irrespective of her age, your sister is sure to love this gift. We all love to spruce up our face a bit with some makeup, especially if we have to head to a party or event. Get her a couple of makeup essentials like a lip balm, a good kajal, a blush and some funky nail polish shades. These are safe makeup products because your sister will surely use them. But, I understand, asking guys to gift makeup products is like asking a child to explain the current state of economic affairs. So, worry not, for there are ready-made makeup boxes available with products that are perfect for your sister. The Maybelline Instaglam Box is one such gifting wonder. Want to know more about this product? Get the goss here: 5 Reasons to Get the InstaGlam Box this Raksha Bandhan

For a comprehensive review, check out this article: Heart Bows And Makeup Reviews the InstaGlam Celebration Of Bonds Box

Image courtesy: discernsoup-wordpress
Image courtesy: discernsoup-wordpress

‘Best Sister Certificate’

My cousin sister received this gift once and I was so jealous that my brother never gifted this to me! Make your sis feel incredibly special this Raksha Bandhan by giving her a document that makes her greatness official. Reward her with a certificate that acknowledges all that she has done for you and proclaims her to be the ‘Best Sister in the World!’

You’ll find several such certificates, online as well as in gifting stores. Choose one that has an official air and a meaningful message.

Personalized Mug/T-shirt/Pin-up Badges

This is another great Raksha Bandhan gift for your sister. Nothing like having a mug or T-shirt that has a message especially for you. You could also print on cute messages on pin-up badges or magnets.

Spa Voucher

We girls love to be pampered and even though your sister hasn’t demanded to be treated like a princess, she secretly would love to be, at least for a day. So, gift her a spa voucher, maybe for an exotic foot massage or a hair spa and let her enjoy all the pampering she desires. However, before you book an appointment, find out the days on which she’s free so that you can be a hundred percent sure that she’ll be able to make it for the appointment.

Locket with Photographs

Contradictory to what many people feel, this is not a corny idea at all! In fact, it’s an adorable rakhi gifting idea. Lockets with photographs will never go out of fashion because the act of gifting someone this overtly displays love and affection. It also strengthens the bond between the giver and the receiver.

Gift your sister this locket along with a beautiful, delicate chain. Inside the locket, stick childhood photographs of you and your sister. You could also paste a laminated message inside. On the outside of the locket, you could get her initials engraved.

Image courtesy: kodakexpresscamden
Image courtesy: kodakexpresscamden

Chocolate Hamper

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially we girls, we go gaga over them! Put a mile-wide smile on your sister’s face by gifting her an assorted hamper with her favourite chocolates. Slip in the gooiest, richest, creamiest varieties. Toffees, jelly, fruit-flavoured candy, dark chocolate bars, the sky is the limit. Remember, the greater the variety, the more thrilled she’ll be.

Wrap your hamper creatively, bow and all, to make it look festive and special. Also, don’t forget to add in a small note with a message only for her.

Image courtesy: singaporeflorist
Image courtesy: singaporeflorist

Shot Glasses/Beer Mugs

If your sister is of legal drinking age, this is actually quite a cool present to gift her. It’ll make you come across as the fun-loving, liberal-minded brother who wants his sister to enjoy herself. It’ll also give your sister a happy surprise, after all, which brother is so chilled-out at the idea of his sister downing a few shots, right?

Give your present a personalized touch by printing a funny message on it. You could try something like, “You May Drink, but You’ll always be a Kid to Me!” or “Sis, Go easy on this!”

Brilliant, right?

Image courtesy: dezains
Image courtesy: dezains

Membership to a Dance/Fitness Class

Maybe your sister is a fitness freak or maybe she’s been obsessing over losing those extra pounds for a while now or maybe she just loves dancing, this gift is something most sisters will genuinely appreciate. (I know I would!)

However, when selecting a membership package, select a one-month one rather than a lifetime one. So, even if your sister decides that she’s not much into fitness in a couple of weeks, you won’t waste too much of your hard-earned moolah. Also, sign her up for a class that is fun, like a belly dancing class or a zumba class. These classes do a great job of burning calories and are also a hundred times more enjoyable than gym sessions!

Image courtesy: telegraph co uk
Image courtesy: telegraph co uk

Hope you liked these ideas. Put some thought into the gift you’re giving your sister to make this Raksha Bandhan a special and memorable one for her!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I liked it, its very informative


    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Interesting about this special time. I miss those days not home anymore and don't practice what means most to me. Your ideas are useful.

    • Cherylann Mollan profile imageAUTHOR

      Cherylann Mollan 

      4 years ago from India

      Hi Flourish! This is an Indian festival and is celebrated on a grand scale here. :) It's called Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. This sister ties a Rakhi (A symbolic cord of love around her brothers wrist) and the brother reciprocates by gifting her something.

      And yes, my brother and me are poles apart too. But, I guess it's the difference that breeds fondness. :)

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      I've never heard of this occasion and enjoyed learning. I love having a brother, although he is quite different from me.


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