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BEST for DIY: DeWalt Table Saw

Updated on December 31, 2013

Yet another great tool from DeWalt. The common denominator I find when reviewing this brand over others is consistency. Consistency in build quality, consistency in handling and performance.

It's no wonder that on millions of construction sites, DeWalt tools can be seen everywhere. Professional builders and home enthusiasts alike tend to choose this make over and above the competition. Speaks for itself doesn't it!

DeWalt Design

This DeWalt DW744XRS Table Saw With Rolling Stand is one DeWalt product that I wished I owned. I have seen it being used by a friend and marveled at its effectiveness and tidy design. The word design always crops up with a mention of DeWalt. The thought that has gone into making the unit so compact and portable, combined with its strength and efficiency make it an outstanding piece of equipment.

Telescoping Rail Allows Bigger Rips

What has often caught me out when undertaking large projects is the inability to rip down 8' x 4' sheets of board efficiently. Whether it's plywood or chipboard, it's still awkward trying to lay a large flat sheet in a position to enable a longitudinal cut in one go. It becomes a balancing act, which is not good from the safety point of view.

Having a portable table saw with telescoping railing allows operators to cut sheets of timber up to 24.5 inches wide. Because of the sturdiness and strength of the built-in rails means you can rip down huge pieces of plywood sheeting without concern that the telescoping rails might bend or fold during the cut. The sizable table surface area ensures that you don't need to rely on an extra pair of hands to secure the sheet.

Some of the Features

  • It has a telescopic fence which delivers 24 -1/2 inch rip capacity without affecting any of its portability.
  • Smooth, fast fence adjustments are made via the rack and pinion fence rails, this also makes for complete accuracy.
  • It has an amazing amount of power to allow it to cut hardwoods and pressure-treated lumber with a 15.0 Amp high-torque motor.
  • This is a beauty! It has the ability to create a soft start, which extends the gear and the motor life by reducing the torque at startup.
  • Vibration is kept to a minimum by the stabilizing effect of a heavy-duty internal motor mechanism.
  • The 2" Dust Collection Port is able to connect to a vacuum to enable efficient dust extraction.
  • Depth of cut: 3-1/8" at 90° and 2-1/4" at 45°
  • Table platform surface measures 26-1/2" x 19-1/4" which is adequate support for most materials.

By having this DeWalt table saw on site with you will speed up the work-rate dramatically.

Maybe Father Christmas will read this one day! But, I expect it might slow down the reindeer. Will have to think again.

Happy woodworking with happy tools!


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    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      I've never used this model - but I'm impressed that it has minimal vibration (for it's size) and a dust collection port.