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Best Gift Ideas For the Airplane Traveler

Updated on March 15, 2015

Take a Flight Through These Gift Ideas!

Having just gotten off an airplane earlier today, I wanted to share the latest gift ideas for the airplane traveler. I have always dreaded international flights, as do most people, and have learned some of the best products to help ease those long hours. If you have someone in your life (or yourself) who routinely travels, then a perfect gift is one they can take along and use. Sometimes you need more than in-flight movies and airplane food to get you through those hours and hours of flight time. So take a quick flight through these gift guides!

Noise Cancelling Headphones - Finally Some Peace and Quiet

One of the biggest items seen on plane trips are noise-cancelling headphones. They do just what they say, they block out the noise of the plane and surrounding passengers so the wearer won't be distracted. Everyone from business men in suits to college students can be seen wearing a pair. Of course the quality behind them varies significantly with price. The nicer the pair, the better the job it will do. So take that into consideration when purchasing.

Eye Mask - Turn the lights out and get some sleep

Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask with Earplugs and Carry Pouch, Black
Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask with Earplugs and Carry Pouch, Black

One of the biggest problems with an airplane is the lack of ability to turn all the lights out to sleep. Even when the cabin lights are dimmed, there are always lights from in-seat televisions, another person's overhead light, and everywhere else. On a long flight, a person may need a little more help than just closing their eyes. The eye mask can help give the feeling of true darkness and block out some of the sensations which filter through closed eyes. Also, many come made with materials to provide a soothing feel and some even give massages.


Nook Color to the Rescue - Hours and hours of entertainment in flight-size accessory!

Barnes & Noble NOOK Color 7" Tablet
Barnes & Noble NOOK Color 7" Tablet

The big thing I saw on the latest flights were e-readers. Bring an actual book? I saw very very few people with one. Why? They take up a lot of space for only item. I personally choose nook color as my e-reader accessory. I love the size as it fits perfectly in my purse. If the person next to me is trying to sleep, I do not have to turn on my light and disturb them to read. Nook color has a backlight allowing me to read my way through the over three hundred (it holds over 5,000) novels I currently have available. Tired of reading? I have apps upon apps complete with my favorite game of Life, crosswords, and so much more. Far more reasonably priced than an ipad, it fits all of my airplane entertainment needs.


They already have a nook? - Consider the perfect accessory!

Keep their nook color looking beautiful with a fun protective case. If cases are not what you seek, there are so many other options available to give. Look no further than ebay for inspirations and awesome products to purchase.

The Neck Pillow - Say Hello to Comfort!

On my latest flight, the lady across from me was using her neck pillow. No matter if it is domestic or international, I always spot the use of a neck pillow. You can get them made of just about any material. If you do not want to travel with an intac pillow, than consider getting them one which inflates. They can blow it up when needed and deflate it to save room in a carry-on or purse.

The Ipod - Making the plane a musical place.

I hate touch screens (we have a bad history together) and decided to opt to get the latest ipod classic last year. The tiny device fits thousands of songs, can hold videos, pictures, podcasts, and more. I take it along and listen to the latest in immunology, work on my Japanese pronunciation, and listen to Kalafina. Recently I discovered it also has games, which I played for half the flight while keeping my music on shuffle for amusement. When I get sleepy, I switch to my relaxation music and drift off. Seriously consider getting one for the airplane traveler you know. With free podcasts, they can get up to date on the latest news in whatever field they desire. The ipod isn't just a teenage music device, it is a great addition for any world traveler.

The Reusable Water Bottle - Save money and the Environment

My mother is very into the Green scene and purchased us all reusable water bottles. Empty them BEFORE security to avoid confiscation and refill after. Instead of spending four dollars on an overpriced water beverage, get them a better alternative. Once they leave the airport, they can reuse the bottles while sight-seeing and avoid having to spend more money on plastic bottles of water.

The iPAD - A Movie Theater on the Go

Apple iPad 2 MC770LL/A Tablet (32GB, Wifi, Black) 2nd Generation (Refurbished)
Apple iPad 2 MC770LL/A Tablet (32GB, Wifi, Black) 2nd Generation (Refurbished)

For those who are more into watching movies than reading, I saw a lot of ipads on my flights. People are able to plug in their headphones and watch a movie or two while traveling. The man next to me had a device similar to the ipad and spent the whole flight watching what he later told me was Prometheus. He was happy in his movie world, I was just fine in mine. So if you are a movie junkie or have kids, then consider purchasing the ipad. They can play games or watch movies while you nap. This can be a lifesaver if they are not old enough for an ereader and have a very short attention span. The ipad will keep them occupied for hours or hopefully, until they fall asleep and you can reclaim it.


Passport Protector - not risk losing it!

I once spent over two hours on a hot summer day sweating inside a plane which could not take off. Why not? A lady onboard lost her passport and we could not take off from the German airport unless she found it. Do not allow your friend, family, loved one, coworker etc to be that lady. Buy them a special holder to keep their passport safe and prevent them from losing it.

Have a Travel Story? Gift Ideas of your own? - Share Those Flying Thoughts!

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