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Totally Awesome Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

Updated on October 23, 2015

What Gifts Should You Buy for a 10 Year Old Boy?

Looking for this year's absolute hands-down, best list for toys and gifts for 10 year old boys for birthdays, Christmas & more? This comprehensive list has all the gifts that 10 year old boys are wishing and asking for, no matter if he's into outdoor toys, games, reading or other hobbies.

This year, get him a gift that he'll love more than a few hours after opening it -- these gifts for 10 year old boys are sure to excite and delight him (I know I got excited just making this list)!

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So You're Buying a Gift For a 10 Year Old Boy...

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A Zippy, Fun, Scooter Gift (Hot on Everyone's List This Year!)

Alright, so I'm not a 10 year old boy, but I have tried this awesome gift out! It has some pep to it!

These are all the rage right now, at least in my neighborhood. They are at a good price point and I have a feeling more and more kids are going to be getting this for the holidays.

When I first got on this, I couldn't figure out how to get the motor to switch on. What you have to do is kick off with your foot, and once the scooter gets to 3 m.p.h. the motor will turn on. This thing can go up to 10 m.p.h., too! To a boy this age, that seems super-fast!

This is an awesome gift that he will love (and it would look perfect under the tree with a huge bow on it).

Educational Gift for 10 Year Old Boys

This is an awesome, AWESOME gift set for 10 year old boys. If he's got a curious mind in general, or has shown that he's interested in electronics/technology or "how things work", this is for him. He'll learn how to set up a simple doorbell and how to build an AM radio.

All these use simple circuits -- I know, when you first read about this, it sounds kind of complicated, right? The directions are implicit, and they really explain in a way that teaches your child about electricity.

This is such a fun way to learn if you are looking for an educational gift. There are a total of 100+ projects included. Plus, it's completely affordable.

Fun, Intriguing Board Game

This is an awesome game that would be great for a family game night--adults love it, too! It's a really simple game. There's over 100 wooden blocks with six different shapes in size colors. The object of the game is to build a line with either all the same color or all the same shape.

This is fun game for 10 year olds because they are old enough to strategize...and it's great for the whole family (including younger children) because the instructions are so simple!

More Board Games for Boys Age 10 - Great games to get him thinking - he'll love these gifts!

I love to give games for birthdays and for Christmas--I like that it's something the whole family can have fun with together. These are fun games that he'll enjoy playing again and again, and they are perfect to add to your gaming collection.

Totally Gross: The Game of Science
Totally Gross: The Game of Science

All he's ever wanted to know about a ton of gross things: ear wax, snot, and more! Yuck! But, 10 year old boys love these types of subjects.

Rory's Story Cubes
Rory's Story Cubes

A fun game where you make up stories using the cubes.


Remote-Controlled Fun

The problem with most remote-controlled vehicles is this: it either costs $200 and is durable, or it costs $30 and falls apart. This one, surprisingly, is very inexpensive and will stand the test of time.

This will climb up rocks as big as it is, navigate shallow water (don't do this too much, though), and handle curbs with ease. It can even be used indoors - my neighbor loves to set up mini-obstacle courses and drive this around his playroom.

This is a highly-rated gift he'll be sure to love.

Great Book, Just for Boys

This book is certainly ALL BOY, and I think it's one of the best books for 10 year old boys in particular. It's a great book that even non-readers will enjoy. He'll learn all kinds of stuff: cool tricks, survival skills, activities, games and more. This book has over 60 great reviews, with many parents saying their sons simply could not put the book down.

If your 10 year old loves interesting, gross and fun things, then he will love this reading gift.

Check it out for yourself--you might learn a thing or too as well. If anything, it's always good to know what he is reading.

This book would also make a fantastic add-on birthday gift, Christmas stocking stuff, Easter basket filler, etc.

Awesome! Lazer Tag!

If he's an active 10 year old boy (or you want him to be), this gift will get him up and moving. Laser tag is so much fun! This twin pack can be expanded for play up to 24 people (great for lots of friends!); he'll have so much fun blasting his opponents and he'll get a ton of exercise, too.

This gift also has a great feature: if he wants to play in solo-mode and has access to a smart phone, he can download an app that allows him to play laser tag in the "real world." The phone turns into a "scope" and as he explores his surroundings enemies to shoot appear on the screen. Want to know what 10 year old boys like to play with? This gift right here!

Does Magic Intrigue Him?

As with everything that is Melissa & Doug, this is a high-quality magic set that your 10 year old boy is sure to love, especially if magic intrigues him.

All of the tricks are easy to perform; you'll see all types of traditional magic tricks such as disappearing objects, mysteriously multiplying coins, and much more. As a bonus, the storage case changes (like magic!) into a demonstration table.

If you'll love to see his curiosity piqued, this is a great gift for him.

© 2011 Lauren

What Will You Get Your 10 Year Old Boy?

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    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      My boy likes to think of himself as a secret agent, so those night vission goggles are perfect.

    • LaineA profile image

      Amy Stephens 5 years ago from Missouri

      My ten year old boy would defiantly love the magic kit and so would most of the ten year old boys that I know. Also they are really into dart guns. Well besides video games of course.

    • TemporaryTattoo1 profile image

      TemporaryTattoo1 5 years ago

      Great stuff here, many toys here that we would`nt see in Ireland so to me they are unique and maybe i`ve found something cool for my Nephews Christmas Pressie.