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Best gifts for 4 year old girls in 2013 - Fourth Birthday and 4-5 Year Olds

Updated on July 27, 2013

Getting the best gifts or toys for a four year old (4-5) girls!

Whether the girl is celebrating her 4th birthday or if she's already on her way to turning 5 this hand-picked gift list will make it easy for you to get that one perfect gift.

This age is pretty easy to shop for as most of the toys are suitable for four year olds (not all mind you).

There are many new cool toys and gadgets coming out in 2013 so keeping up to date isn't all that hard!

This article includes quite a few of different ideas, from the budget friendly to the expensive ones so there's something to be found for every pocket.


Dolls that are safe for a 4 year old girl

While a 4 year old might still be too young for some of the most popular dolls of today (like Monster High and Bratz) there are some cool dolls out-there that are created with a young girl like yours (or your friend's in mind). They are generally cute, fashionable and fun.

The most popular amongst those dolls are Lalaloopsy dolls, there's no doubt about it as they are sew cute. There are many different Lalaloopsys out there, different styles, different names, different occupations so there's plenty to choose from.

Disney also have a wide selection of dolls suitable for 4 year olds and they just added a new princess to their assortment this year (2013) and girls already love her. It's Princess Sofia the First.

A brand new bike


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Does she know how to ride a bike? If not a bike would make a perfect gift. You can start with ones which have helping wheels. If you won't be getting helping wheels the only thing you have to make sure is the girl can stand over the top tube with both of her feed on the ground.

As for what bike to choose? There are many in girly colors, you can get Barbie printed, Disney princess printed one...


Stuffed toys and plushies make a perfect gift for a 4 year old

Most stuffed toys are appropriate for a four year old so anything goes. Some of the better choices are cats, unicorns, pink teddy bears...

Another great idea is to get an interactive plush toy, something like FurReal Friends.

These are the most popular brand at the moment and they have a rich assortment of toys from white fluffy kittens who wiggle with their tail and meow to fun monkeys who blink and make monkey sounds.

Giant plus toys are another great idea, which girl wouldn't like a toy that's bigger than she is?


Which electronics and gadgets are best for 4 to 5 year old girls?

As we live in a modern age getting electronics for your kids is OK and it will keep them up to date.

Tablets are a good pick! They are fun and super educational, not to mention you kids will be prepared for the modern world we live in.

Top two tablets for kids on the market today are the newly released VTech's InnoTab 3 and Leapfrog LeapPad2. You can get both of these in pink (and other colors).

Digital cameras are another great pick, you can get kid friendly ones that won't break no matter how many times they drop on the floor. Who knows, you might have a future famous photographer in your home.

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Is a 4 year old girl responsible enough to get a pet?

Yes! And she will love it! But if you are getting a pet make sure you are prepared to take on the responsibility for taking care of it in case she won't. Lots of kids wish for a pet and promise they will take good care for it but they are not.

That said the best starter pet is a fish! Visit your local animal store and ask which fish needs low maintenance and is healthy gold fish are very popular but they tend to live very shortly and need constant cleaning so they aren't actually the best pets for kids. Beta fish on the other hand are very hearty and are also extremely beautiful.


Let them learn through play

Have them open their own shop and learn the value of money. A toy cash register is a fun way for them to learn how to handle money.

This will also help them with learning numbers and even some basic calculus as they will have to return the change and add up the numbers to pay the right amount.

You can make this gift even more interesting by adding some toy products for their store.


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