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Best Gifts for a 13 Year Old Girl - Lots of Ideas!

Updated on April 9, 2014

A Hand-picked list of gifts to give to a 13 year old girl

I had to pick out a gift for my 13 year old relative, a girl whom I haven't seen for ages so picking something personal was not an option as I don't know much about her likes and dislikes (I know she's a rocker though). I was thinking about what to get her and decided to look for some inspiration on the internet. I've made my tea, sat down in front of my computer and searched for the best gifts for a 13 year old girl (something trendy in 2013) and wasn't exactly happy with the results... Everything was so... I don't know...

I went on a searching campaign of my own, thinking back what I was like when I was 13 (things were different but the need to be up with the trends was the same) and what I wanted and what I could get. I browsed the internet for thoughts and opinions and even chatted with my 14 year old neighbour to see what are (well were) her likes and dislikes and what is cool and what's not. I found my gift and am happy with it.

So while I was searching I have come up with lots of ideas and things I think 13 year old girls will like and are also "parent approved" - well most of them anyway. Hope you will like my selection and will find something that catches your eye. I think these will work for any occasion - for birthdays, Christmas, as a gift for Valentine's Day (if you are a boyfriend), sister to sister, mother to daughter... Everything!

Photos are mine unless otherwise stated

How to pick the best gift for a 13 year old girl?

Let's do some detective work!

Each and every teenage girl is unique so there is no straightforward answer to what is the perfect gift for her - there are some things girls like in general (we will come to them later) but not all work for everyone. If you want to get the perfect gift you should do some minor research.

13 is a very delicate age, I am sure you remember, girls are building up on their identity and want to show it both on the inside and outside - be it with how they act, what they wear, the music they listen... You might find the behaviour funny or think that some things shouldn't be the way they are but ask yourself - were you any different? How did you feel when you were 13? Things might have been different back then, fashion was different, the music was different, what was acceptable and not was different but in a way you were the same.

Now lets get gift shopping! I am sure the girl whom you are shopping the gift for has her interests, ask yourself what they are... Is she a fashionable girl? Does she love music? Is she geeky? You can find out a lot of this if you take her to the mall and just go window shopping, she will tell you what she wants if you know how to listen.

Photo credit: © 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc

Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Girls in 2013

Latest is greatest

Keep up with the trends when picking up the present!


One of the dominant trends in clothes is the so called "ombre". I really like this trend both in clothes as hair color. I think clothes are always a great gift for a teenager (and an adult to be honest) but you should always get something that goes with the style they wear. I remember when my father bought me quality boots (they really were of high quality) without asking me (and I was older than 13 then) and they were awful. You know how many times I worn them? Once for Halloween. Remember if you get them something they won't like, they will probably take it but won't wear it - meaning it was a waste of money. What I want to say is even if "ombre" is hot if a 13 year old doesn't like it it don't get it.


Not all girls are into music idols such as One Direction or Justin Bieber but if the one you are getting the gift is this is the safest option! Both of these are hot in 2013!


While I am not keen on giving gifts that are this expensive I know I wanted the most modern phone on the market when I was a teen and I got it (it really wasn't as expensive compared to phones today) so why should things be different today? I know teens dream of having a new iPhone - I think it is one of the most wanted gifts.


One Direction CHECK PRICE


You Really Can't Go Wrong With A Gift Card - From her favourite store or Amazon

There are so many ways you can go wrong with getting a gift for a 13 year old but there is one thing that will make any girl happy - a gift card. If she has a favourite store or two be sure to get a gift card from that store.

If she does not have a favourite store or if you don't know which one is her favourite store Amazons (and similar) gift card is the safest bet as they will be able to buy pretty much anything.


Magazine Subscription Make A Great Gift - Magazines are making friendships

And I don't mean all that articles like "How to make a friend in 20 minutes". When I was starting high school I didn't really know anyone in my class. In the first week of school I bought a magazine (I think it was Seventeen) and went through it at recess... It didn't take long for a bunch of people to gather around me and we started chatting about what was in the magazine, what the horoscope said for everyone and so on...

I wasn't even into teen trends and fashion that much but I loved reading teen magazines, I would read them everywhere. This is why I feel a magazine subscription would make a fine gift.

There are lots of different magazines available Teen Vouge being one of the top picks between teens - you could also get Seventeen, GL magazine and others.


Cool Electronics - From the inexpensive ones to pricey toys

There were a lot of electronics available when I was 13 and I wanted them all, there are a whole lot more electronics available now and teens still want them all.

I have this camera and it's great! I have a pink one but it comes in many beautiful colors. I know all the modern phones have great cameras but nothing beats a real digital camera.


There's no need to spend lots of money, you can get something that's inexpensive but unique. I love the MIMBOT USB flash drives, they really take data storing to a whole new level!


Let them be unique! Give them a chance to express themselves

Get them a gift that will spotlight their character

Fashion is important to every thirteen year old girl. Period. I though it wasn't important to me as I wasn't following trends but I was always getting the newest t-shirts from various rock and metal bands. I was following fashion it just wasn't mainstream!

Make up and nail polishes are another way of expressing their style so they too make a fine gift.

Jewelry and accessories are good too but again be sure to get her something she will wear. I hated golden color when I was a teen and if someone would give me the most expensive golden necklace I wouldn't wear it.

Getting Make Up For A 13 Year Old Girl? - Yes!

My mother didn't allow me to wear make up the same way her mother didn't allow her to wear make up. But you know what? Both me and my mother would leave home without make up and put it on on the way to school. It's something most teen girls do if they are not allowed to wear make up. I think make up is great as long as there are limits to how to use it - lip gloss is fun and a little bit of mascara never hurt anyone.

If the make up is modest I do think it makes a perfect gift! The same goes for nail polish!

Lip gloss is the most innocent of all make up in my opinion and I did so love it when I was in school.

Kleancolor Retro Neon Set of 12
Kleancolor Retro Neon Set of 12

I couldn't live without my nail polishes when I was a teen (well I still can't) - I would have different nail color every week.


Clothes make a perfect gift for a 13 year old girl - Just be sure to get her something that matches her style

You can also take her shopping and give let her pick whatever she wants (giving her a price limit naturally)

Skinny jeans are currently the most popular and every girl has to have a pair or two. I have ten... In all possible colors.


I do so love this one S.T.A.M.P.S. Watch - There's a watch for every girl out there

These are awesome! I thought about including jewelry but thought this was a way cooler option - it's functional and it's an accessory and its fun! And there are millions of possibilities.

The face and the band of the watches are sold separately in many different colors and designs so you can mix and match and get the coolest looking watch (or more of them).

Great gifts for your 13 year old friend - Gifts to give to your friends

Majority of gifts on this page were chosen to be gifts gifted from parents to their daughter but here are a few gifts that friends can give to each other... These are less expensive items most teens can afford.

If your friend has a laptop you can get her a skin - there are tons of motives available from animals to the fantasy creations.


Are you two best friends? Why not show that with a necklace that can be split in two parts. BFFs!


What I got her - A Rocker Pack

As the only thing I know about my 13 year old is that she is a rocker I decided to give her a rocker pack! I phoned her mother to ask if it's ok to give her an eye liner (something I adored as a teen as I was a rocker too) and she said yes! I also checked if she already has a camera.

The idea behind this gift is everything she needs to go to a concert - black eye-liner as this is a must for every rock chick, a camera (red is rockin!) to take quality photos of her favourite band and a S.T.A.M.P.S. watch so she won't miss her curfew.

Keep in mind not all gifts are for everyone!

Anything you would like to add? - I would love to hear your opinions -parents and teens alike!

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    • profile image

      random 13 year old girl 

      14 months ago

      sorry but everything but the makeup I would question if the gift was a joke

    • profile image

      Random 13 year old 

      14 months ago

      I wouldn't like any of those

    • profile image


      16 months ago

      I am 13 and none of those ideas would be good for.... makeup is a big no no.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      None of those...

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      These ideas are good it is just I'm a tomboy but I like makeup to so so things I'd lik would be lik a new slitor or a new colour lip gloss

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      im 13 and none of that i would want srry......


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