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Best Christmas Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

Updated on September 30, 2014

What are the best gifts for Doctor Who fans?

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan; I have been since I was a kid and watched re-runs of the old Doctor Who with Tom Baker. I was so excited when it came back on in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston. Then I loved it even more when David Tennant took over. Of course Matt Smith was equally fantastic. I'm really excited to see what Peter Capaldi can bring to the role in 2014. I think he's going to be great!

There are a lot of presents for crazy Doctor Who fans like myself. I'm not saying anyone should buy me any of these; I'm just making a list. Hint hint!

Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar

The Doctor Who cookie jar is perfect for the beginning Doctor Who collector. There's really nothing better than the combination of Doctor Who and delicious cookies. Sadly, the cookies are apparently not included, but still it's a fabulous gift. It has the advantage of being both cute and practical. I can't even imagine anything better than having a TARDIS cookie jar next to me as I watch the new episodes of Doctor Who.

Unfortunately, unlike the "real" TARDIS, this cookie jar is not bigger on the inside. Well, nothing's perfect, I guess.

At the time of this article, the Doctor Who TARDIS cookie jar is priced about about $30, but this is likely to fluctuate somewhat during the holidays. How about buying this TARDIS cookie jar and loading it up with fantastic cookies for your favorite Doctor Who fan for Christmas?

The Sonic Screwdriver

Each Doctor Who has his own sonic screwdriver, and if your favorite Doctor Who fan has a favorite Doctor, you can find a number of different sonic screwdrivers for purchase. You can find many different sonic screwdrivers for the different Doctors, but the easiest ones to find are the 4th (Tom Baker), the 10th (David Tennant) and the 12th (Peter Capaldi). If you're not sure which Doctor Who your fan prefers, it's a safe bet to purchase the 10th. Everyone loved David Tennant.

Interestingly, I haven't been able to find a sonic screwdriver for the Ninth Doctor. It's possible that Christopher Eccleston wasn't in the role long enough for a screwdriver to be made for him, but I bet if you could find one, that would be a truly special gift!

The prices on these sonic screwdrivers are usually around $30, but you can be sure that any Doctor Who fan will love it. Note that the sonic screwdrivers will light up, but they will not open any door like the "real" one. Sigh.

Doctor Who Travel Mug

If you are looking for a coffee mug or travel mug for your Doctor Who fan, there are a lot of great choices. One of my favorites is this TARDIS mug with a top. And it's not just my favorite, it's consistently one of the most popular Doctor Who gifts on Amazon.

I really like the Doctor Who travel mug myself. Actually, maybe I'll get one of those to take to work with me. Now that would be a conversation piece!

Another great Doctor Who mug is the disappearing TARDIS mug. As the mug heats up, the TARDIS disappears from one side of the mug and reappears on the other side. I love this! If only it made the TARDIS disappearing noise, it would be practically perfect. (Note this is not dishwasher safe, or it will stop working.)

Dalek Projector Alarm Clock

There's not a Doctor Who fan around who wouldn't want this great Dalek alarm clock. This is no ordinary Doctor Who alarm clock -- this is a projection clock, so it projects the time digitally, and will also yell, "Exterminate!!!" to wake you up in the morning.

If I were purchasing this, I'd be sure to check the size; people have said it's smaller than they have expected, but customers seem very happy with its durability, sound, and projections. I don't know if I'd like to be woken up by a Dalek every day, but it seems like a lot of people do!

This Dalek alarm clock would be a great Doctor Who gift!

Doctor Who Art Work

There is a lot of really fun Doctor Who artwork that any true fan would really like. I am partial to this infographic piece with logos and quotes. I really like it because it packs a lot of information into the poster, but I also love the colors and design. What's also great about this particular poster is it can be purchased either alone or framed. The cost is anywhere from $15 to $70, depending on how you want it. Personally, I'd like it with a nice silver aluminum frame. Very simple, but also classic, and the color would go well with the colors in the poster.

What Doctor Who items are selling on eBay?

eBay is a great place to find more unusual collectibles for Doctor Who. These are some items up for bid right now.

Are there more Doctor Who gifts I've missed? Let me know!

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    • Coffee-Break profile image

      Dorian Bodnariuc 

      6 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

      I love Doctor Who. It is interesting, captivating and it raises questions. Nice gift ideas.

    • tonybonura profile image

      Tony Bonura 

      6 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

      I am a Doctor Who fan. I have liked almost of the various Doctors with only one exception and I can't even remember who he was. It was quite a while back. Fans have gotten used the various incarnations of the good doctor and his assistants. It wouln't be Doctor Who without it.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I own the Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver - and I have quite a good number of fan-created t-shirts. Great stuff! :) Blessed by a SquidAngel!

    • EileenSmith LM profile image

      EileenSmith LM 

      7 years ago

      This is perhaps one of my favorite lenses so far! I adore Doctor Who, and it's a great setup for finding the perfect gadget that goes along so well.


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