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Best gifts for Music Lovers

Updated on April 14, 2013

3 Great Present Ideas Music Fans will Love

Music is the soundtrack of our lives. We all have that special song, that particular record we bring on and treasure forever, reminding us about some of our best memories and life experiences. If you have anybody close to you who deeply cares for music, then you know what I am talking about!

Wether your significant other likes to rock out old school, your kids strives to keep up with the latest hip hop or your granpa enjoys chilling to some smooth jazz, the basic rules apply to all tastes and genres when it comes to get a special present for a music lover. The term itself, being a "music lover" is such a wide definition that it could get a little difficult to come up with a truly winning gift idea. This short list of suggestions will hopefully serve as a guide to pack a pleasant surprise for your music-loving dear ones!

Mp3 Players

This might be quite a lame present for the younger generation,(every kid these days most certainly already owns one), but an mp3 could be a truly great present for a old school music lover.

You could give him/her the chance to finally experience their beloved music collection in a truly different dimension, Being able to bring their favourite tunes out on a walk with them, or directly plugged into a car stereo. Even for the most "analog" music fan out there, getting to understand how an mp3 player works will be a walk in the park, and to make things even cooler, there's is an extremely wide selections of products to choose from, from the fancy and highly desirable iPod products, to starter model with simplified functions and a more friendly price tag.

ps. If you feel extra generous you might even decide to get a gift card from places like iTunes, Emusic or Amazon, so that the mp3 can be instantly filled with new exciting music!

Musical Instruments Starter Kits Gifts

Unless you have money to spend, and I mean big money, you should not consider purchasing a musica instrument or piece of musical equipment for anybody who is a veteran. Musicians develop their own taste for gear, and their expectation can get really high overtime.

On the other hand, going for a starter musical instrument could be a truly amazing present for kids , teenagers or anybody who's starting to show a real interest for music. A starter guitar kit, beginner dj equipment or some basic keyboards could go from 50 to 200 dollars, and even if the price range it is not among the cheapest, the appeal of a brand new musical instrument is just too good. Picture the face of your kids unwrapping their first electric guitar + amplifier kit? Such a gift litterally has the potential of being life changing for whoever recieves it.

If you already have a kid, friend, or cousin who just started to play music and really wishes to upgrade his gear, you might want to look into effect units (guitar effect pedals for examples). These are usually nice, compact items that come in different price ranges, from ten-bucks entry level models to pro equipment with quite a few zeros after the number one!

Vinyl Record Gifts

Sure, we live in the age of the digital music revolution, where everything is just one simple click away, but nobody can deny the fascination of a vinyl record, one of the most iconic formats in the history of music. Vynil records and record players are experiencing a really huge commercial comeback these days, stepping outside of the "cult" niche and becoming a desirable and sought-after item, without necessarily getting your wallet to sing the blues.

Older people will definitely be amazed at the the thought of being able to re-discover and re-experience the music of their golden days the way they first had a taste of it, and the younger generation would be amazed and amused by such a peculiar gift. Even if a teenager does not own a record player, getting them an lp with pictures of their favourite band to hang on a wall or turn into a clock will be a really awesome and fun gift!


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