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Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend - Christmas 2013 is just around the corner!

Updated on April 9, 2014

Gift ideas for each and every girl - The ultimate guide

When women get together some say not much can get out of it. But I beg to differ. When me and my friends get together something good always comes out of it and in this case something good has come out from it, something good for you, dear boyfriend of a girl that will get a sweet gift in the near future.

We often hear that gift shopping for us can be a pain so I decided to make things easier for you. Me and my friends discusses gifts that we have received in the past and some that we would like to receive to give you an insight to help you find the perfect gift for your girlfriend.

Photos used on this page are mine, public domain or CC (see credits).

Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend in 2013

Most wanted and trending gifts for girls

There is no guarantee any of these are perfect but these are general best-sellers and things that are most wanted.

Uggs are still on of the most wanted fashion boots both in teens and young adults. iPhone is a more expensive gift but you can be sure it is on the wish list of many young women and last but not least we have books! Mortal instruments is one of the more popular book series and since the book is getting it's movie adaptation you can expect the popularity to grow even more.



Mortal InstrumentsCHECK PRICE

Read Before You Start Spending!

She might have already told you what she wants

Think back. Us girls don't want to tell you what we want but we do. Well at least we think we do. She might have mentioned something to you to give you a subtle clue. Maybe you noticed one magazine that is constantly left on the kitchen counter opened at that one page? Check that page it might reveal your answer.

Gifts any Girl Would Love

"Safe gifts"

Even though we all have our personal traits there are some things that are always welcome. We decided to call them "safe gifts".

Something engravedA pendant, key chain, glass pretty much anything. Have it engraved with a special note and we will be melting.

Something personalI think my all time favourite thing was a wrist sweatband (washed) that my boyfriend wore when he was actively playing basketball. Personal items are the best!

photo credit: 1000heads via Flickr CC

Something fun and unique she will love

Silver Plated Chinese Fortune Cookie with Hinge, Tarnish Proof
Silver Plated Chinese Fortune Cookie with Hinge, Tarnish Proof

While engraved pendants might be better I really could not resist featuring this silver plated fortune cookie. You can personalize the fortune or just add a personal message.


Best Gifts For Your Geeky Girlfriend

Lots of great ideas to choose from

Guilty as charged. I am the geeky one in the bunch. I love Star Trek, Star Wars and all the other cool Sci-fi series and movies. I am all about science and technology and get you will hear my heart skip a beat whenever the new gaming console is announced. Sounds familiar? If it does I have to congratulate you, you have a fine taste in women ;)

As for the gifts. If I think back the gift that impressed me the most was a simple budget telescope (the one on the picture). I can now see the bright side of the moon... Well I could always see it, now I just see it in more detail. And the moment when I first caught a glimpse of Mars... Priceless! (P.S.: it moves very fast if you have an inexpensive telescope but that just adds to the fun).

I am always happy when I get a funny tee. Super Mario, anything scy-fi, pony zombies are my soft spot, even anime ones are a go.

I would never say no to a fancy novelty gadget but I don't feel comfortable if the gift is too expensive.

Other geeky gifts I have gotten and loved

sea monkeyscrystal growing kitvideo games

Two Geeky Picks

Here are two things I think a geeky girl would have fun with - one more expensive and one budget friendly.

BARSKA 70060 Starwatcher Refractor Telescope
BARSKA 70060 Starwatcher Refractor Telescope

I have a very simmilar telescope, the specifications are really close. This one will do a decent job for begginers, she won't have any issues crater hunting on the moon (you can easily take pictures through the lens with you mobile phone) and with some practice will be able to look at distant planets too!


Best Gifts For Your Sporty Girlfriend

She loves to work out and you often see her engaging in new and fun sporting activities.

My friend Sara is all about sports and healthy living. She runs, does yoga, goes to fitness, mountain climbs, hikes and god knows what.

She said the best gift she ever received were Zumba clothes. She would never say no to experience gifts (rafting, skydiving...) but we all agreed that this is not something every sport lover would love.

We also juggled with the idea that would combine both worlds - yours and hers, especially if you own an Xbox, Wii or Playstation (motion controlled consoles naturally). You could get her a Zumba, Yoga, Fitness or any of the cool Dance games out there. The condition to this gift is that you two play those together naturally.

photo credit: Lifeline Australia via Flickr CC

Zumba is part sport part fashion

While the main point of Zumba is to be fit and healthy the clothing aspect of this sport is also important - you have to have hip zumba clothes to really feel it. I think a top and matching pants (or just one of those) would go a long way.

Zumba Fitness LLC Women's Electrify Racerback Top, Candy Coral, Large
Zumba Fitness LLC Women's Electrify Racerback Top, Candy Coral, Large

Zumba tops are usually in bright colors and it is not rare you will find motivational (or just cool) writings on them.


Fashionista! Your fashion loving girlfriend

Trendsetters and stylish girls

Let's get one thing clear... We are all fashionistas... We just each have our own style. First year in high school I was a punk rocker and that was my style. Even though I didn't follow the trends I still carefully selected what I will wear and where the clothes I wear would be torn.

If you know your girlfriend well enough (be extra, extra careful with the size!) you can get her a piece of clothing, a t-shirt is always welcomed (with teens especially), a simple dress if she wears them, a nice jacket... You could also try the accessories and get her a hat, belt or something similar.

Photo Credit linh.ngan via Flickr CC

Do you have a music loving girlfriend?

She loves music? Or maybe she even sings or plays an instrument (guitar, bass, drums or even something more classical or exotic?)

Tania plays the violin and she loves rock music. She said the first thing you need to consider when getting a gift for a music enthusiast is to know the genre they are into, especially if you would like to give her music CD or something like that. I couldn't have agreed more as I am a former metal head (still love the music, I'm just not as hard core about it) I really wouldn't know what to do with a Beyonce CD. Tania wasn't lucky enough (as of jet) to get that one perfect musical gift but she would be jumping up and down of joy if someone would give her a book about some of her favourite rock bands (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd...).

Years back I was really into metal and rock and I was really happy when I got a CD. And since I tried to learn to play drums when I got a pair of carbon drumsticks I was jumping of joy.

I think that people who are into rock music, metal, jazz, classical and such often appreciate books and biographies about their favourite artists.

People who are more into popular music often prefer something less historical and something more trendy (as far as music is concerned).

The bunch of us agreed on one thing. Mix tapes rock! Some of us got them and some of us dreamt of getting one from our crush.

photo credit: JD via Flickr CC

3 Musical Goodies

From a mix tape packed with special songs, through chick turntable to a classic CD!

Crosley CR8005A-PI Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable, Pink
Crosley CR8005A-PI Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable, Pink

Retro is making a comeback! I would love to have a pink turntable, now even more than ever as you can get all the popular artists on vinyl.



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      It may not be Christmas but gifts for the wife / girlfriend are always good to have on hand.