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Best Halloween Movies For Kids

Updated on March 22, 2016

Here Are The Best Halloween Kids Movies

It's fun to curl up on the sofa and watch movies with the kids and Halloween is the perfect time of year to do that. I have listed what I think are some of the best Halloween movies for kids on this lens. You may not agree with all of my choices but I bet you do find at least a couple movies that are on your top Halloween films list too.

Want to enjoy a special movie night that will make some great new memories and perhaps even start a new family tradition? Get some creepy Halloween snack recipes, make a fun movie treat like Vampire Popcorn, for your kids and let the flim begin. You can do this every year around's a simple way to have some real fun together as a family.

New Kid's Halloween Movies For 2012

Find the newest Halloween movies for kids right here, where you will find the newest and the best Halloween movies for kids. Have a great time picking out and watching your fun, spooky movies.

Is This Too Much For Kids?

Halloween Movies For Kids

Here are the movies that were new last Halloween...have you seen all of them? And if you have, it's okay to watch them again!

Find Fun Halloween Films for Kids - Halloween Movies Are Fun

I like to Halloween shop online and one of the best stores online is Amazon. They have just about everything including lots of Halloween movies. Now some of the movies you will find there are way to scary for kids, so don't get some creepy horror film you never saw or heard of, just because it's popular. Stick with the kids section, read the reviews from other parents and make a good choice for your little ones. Here are a few of the movies I like to watch at Halloween with (or without) my kids.

Scary Godmother
Scary Godmother

Scary Godmother is a fun kid's movie for the month of October


Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktakular Part 1

The Scary Godmother rescues Hannah Marie...this little girl started out trick-or-treating with the older kids but her mean cousin leaves her in a spooky, old dark house. Hannah gets to go to the Halloween party of the year...check out the video and see a little bit of one of the best kids movie I found for Halloween.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

Any one of the Harry Potter movies is a great kids Halloween film. These books and movies have entertained kids and adults for years and they haven't lost their magic yet. A Harry Potter movie is a great movie to watch anytime of year, but Halloween is best!

A Very Brave Witch...and More Great Halloween Stories for Kids

(Scholastic Storybook Treasures)

Hocus Pocus - Triple Trouble From These Witches

Watch as Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy star as sisters and witches who have risen from the grave by accident. Halloween is the one night these 300 year olds can reclaim their youth...but to do it they need to complete a spell. Fun and action the family will enjoy during my favorite holiday season. This movie may be too scary for very young the trailer and see what you think.

The Dog Who Saved Halloween

The Bannister family moves into a new neighborhood right before Halloween. The neighborhood just happens to have a scary dog, a haunted house and a creepy neighbor. Join Zeus and his owner, George, as they save the day in this latest family Halloween comedy.

The Little Vampire - Fun Halloween Film For Kids

Tony and his family move to a different country where he has trouble making friends. Tony begins to dream of vampires and his dreams start to come true. This is a fun movie the entire family will enjoy. It's the perfect time to make some vampire popcorn or other gory snack! Make your popcorn as usual and then add a little bit of vampire popcorn.

Double Double Toil And Trouble

The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley star in this cute kids movie. Perfect for the youngest kids in the house to watch on Halloween.

What Do You Think? - Give Us Your Opinion, Everybody Has One!

Vote on your favorite kids movie - Which movie do you like to watch at Halloween time?

Which of the following kids Halloween movies do you think is the best?

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How To Make Vampire Popcorn

Vampire Popcorn - A Delicious Treat To Eat When You Watch Halloween Movies

Vampire Popcorn is a Rice Krispies Treat with some red icing swirled in and each piece gets two candy corn fangs. You can really dress it up by making icing eyes and a mouth with a little red line...blood...coming out by the candy corn fangs. Looks cute and it's easy to make.

More Popular Movies For Kids - Enjoy A Halloween Movie With Your Kids

There are so many wonderful Halloween movies that it's really quite difficult to make a short page here. Take a look at more of the fun, classic films you can enjoy with your children.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 [Blu-ray]
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 [Blu-ray]

I'm a big Harry Potter fan and I think any of the Potter movies is great any time of year.


Fun Halloween Movies - Kids Fun Movies For Halloween

There are so many great Halloween movies for kids I can't even picture them all. If you know of any I have forgotten please let me know.

The Best Halloween Movies For Kids - My Top Film Picks

Here are my favorite kids Halloween films.

  • The Scary Godmother Halloween Spectacular

    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

    A Very Good Witch

    Hocus Pocus

    The Dog Who Saved Halloween

    The Little Vampire

    Double Double Toil And Trouble

I'd love to hear which is your favorite Halloween movie for kids, why not leave me a message.

Tell Us What Your Favorite Kids Halloween Movie Is!

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