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Best Jewelry Gifts for a Teenage Niece

Updated on February 11, 2013

Teenage Niece Gift Ideas: What are the best jewelry gifts for teenage nieces and daughters?

If you have nieces on your holiday gift list or if a niece has a birthday or special occasion approaching, jewelry can be a wonderful gift choice. Jewelry gifts can be trendy or simple. They can be classy or funky. You can be lavish or frugal. You can buy something online, at the mall or at a jeweler's shop, or you can make it yourself. There are many directions you can go with a gift for a niece.

You can be symbolic or silly. You can provide a special keepsake. You can signify a coming of age moment, a special achievement or give a jewelry gift just because. I'm a mother to three teenage girls, aunt to two. I'm a former school teacher who worked with teens. I'm a former teenager myself. I can tell you that some interests don't change and some gifts are always perfect. Others may be great for a while, then fondly set aside for later years' memories and occasional use. It's fun to look through my own teen jewelry treasures and to relive the experiences associated with some pieces. Others are little trinkets I bought for myself. Whatever your goal, there is bound to be a great piece or set to go with it.

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Keepsake Jewelry for Teenagers: Nieces, Daughters, Friends

My keepsake pieces mostly came from my grandmother, who was an avid fan of gems and jewelry. My pearls were started when I was a baby, added to each year. I have many pins and a couple of little rings. Charm bracelets, an ivory broach, and other little items that provide fond memories.

Do you have a keepsake piece that is especially significant? Share your experience may help others as they look for the right jewelry gifts!

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Birthstone necklaces for teenage girls: find a significant piece of jewelry for your niece, daughter or granddaughter!

One of the most symbolic pieces of jewelry you can give a teenager is a birthstone. It might be a necklace, earrings or a ring. It could be a set. It represents her birth month, and it's perfect for highlighting the importance of who she is and how uniquely she has been created. There isn't a right age for a birthstone jewelry gift, though you might use it to commemorate some of the more noted birthdays like 16 or 18. I have a couple of birthstone pieces that my Grandma gave me at different points.

It's worth noting that a birthstone jewelry gift for a teenager doesn't have to be expensive though it can be. There's nothing wrong with a pretty but affordable synthetic gem. If you do invest in a pricey piece, be sure to communicate the fact that it's real and that it's valuable so that it will be handled with care.

The options change but the sentiments are similar...find the latest gemstone necklaces for teenage girls.

Charm Bracelets for Teenage Nieces

Charm bracelets are more exciting than ever. Mine came from my Grandma, of course! It was hard to deal with the jump rings to attach the charms, and I didn't wear it for long. I had other charm bracelets that were tokens from trips my grandparents took. The came completed. I also was given a beautiful charm bracelet as a graduation gift from a teacher in high school for whom I was a student aide. Needless to say, it can be a great completed gift or a gift to keep adding to.

Modern charm concepts are so much easier to deal with. The popular Pandora bracelet concept is great because charm beads are used. You'll find wonderful designs and a vast range of themes. Birthstones, events, characters, sports and other interests can be added, and a teen can rearrange to her heart's content. Wonderful!

Pandora style charms for teenagers' charm bracelets: - Find great charms in a range of prices for your teenage niece

Do you have a childhood charm bracelet?

I have charms from the era of charm holders on necklaces. I also have a bracelet of charms from my Grandma's trip to South America. I have a few charms from my earlier bracelet, but the thick link bracelet is MIA.

Do you have such a memento?

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Earrings: If your teen niece wears earrings, a tasteful pair is great!

I don't have pierced ears. I'm a little forgetful, and I don't want the bother of caring for earrings and holes. I'm very glad that I didn't have to worry about earrings while my children were babies, as I had enough necklaces ruined that I quit wearing most jewelry. Still, there are those teens who love the ability to accent their wardrobes with earrings. Nice earrings are a great investment for those kids.

What's the right age for your niece to wear earrings?

You may differ in opinion from your teen niece's parents, but what's your perfect age?

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Unique Rings for Nieces - Clever Character Rings

This Tinkerbell ring is perfect for a niece who loves Disney, Tink, or fairies! The fun of having the sassy pixie displayed front and center is appealing to many ages. The sizing options makes this a perfect choice for a tween, teen, young adult, or for an adult who chooses to never grow up! Sizing from 5 to 12 includes half sizes.

Find your niece's ring here:

"Embrace The Magic" Tinker Bell Ring

Jewelry Boxes for Teenage Girls

My aunt gave me an elaborate jewelry box when I was about 13. It was beautiful and had many drawers and a carousel for necklaces. I also had a more compact jewelry box that my parents gave me. I loved both. You can find something with lots of space or you can look for a box that has many compartments. Music is fun, but it isn't necessary. My attitude is that something of quality will last her into adulthood. My own oldest daughter has a beautiful chest of drawers that holds her treasures. It's an antique, though, having belonged to her great Grandmother. A jewelry box can be as much a keepsake gift as the trinkets that fill it.

Teenage Trinkets: Junk Jewelry or Costume Jewelry Gifts for Teens

When it comes to character jewelry or plastic costume jewelry, I leave it to my teen daughters and others to pick those things out for themselves. These are items that rarely last and often fall apart. They are fine as goody bag or stocking fillers, but as a significant gift, not really worth my expense. Teens are going to accessorize according to their tastes, and my trying to guess what's in may be right on target or way off base. I'd rather select something meaningful and lasting, and while it may be on the cheap side in terms of synthetic verse real gemstones, picking something durable and pretty as a more symbolic and mature gift is worth the effort.


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