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The Best Kids Costumes Ever

Updated on October 3, 2014

Childrens Costume Ideas from THE fancy dress expert

Kids just love dressing up. But did you know that dressing up and role play helps in your child's development?

For example, if your son or daughter dresses up as a nurse or a doctor, it can help them to develop an empathy for the 'patient' and a caring attitude. Communication skills are improved by the conversation between the 'nurse' and the 'patient'

A child's self confidence grows and problem solving and logical thinking skills are extended.

A child will copy grown ups around them, so if you are writing a shopping list, a child will try to copy. So writing skills start to become developed.

Dressing up is meant to be fun, but if it can also be a way for your child to develop it is a win-win situation.

The quality and range of childrens fancy dress costumes that are available to either purchase or hire for children, is growing on a monthly basis and now most themes will be covered. On another positive note, some designs are now being stocked in an extra large size which really helps cater for all primary school children.

Snow White Costume

Snow White Costume
Snow White Costume

The Top Six Reasons You Should Buy Your Childrens Costumes From Us

  • We stock Victorian, Egyptian, Roman, Tudor Costumes, Evacuee & Other School Costumes
  • We have a great range of costumes for Book Week
  • All Childrens Costumes comply with current EU Legislation
  • You Can Contact us 7 Days a Week
  • We are an actual shop as well (established since 1998 with a fantastic reputation) and we see children in our costumes every single day - this means we can give you honest advice about each costume.


All childrens Costumes Must Be To The Current BS EN71 Standard

Childrens Costumes

There is so much choice on the market for childrens costumes that you should be able to find the costume you require. Below, I have listed some popular themes and an example of the type of costume that is available.

One thing that you must make sure is that any costume that your purchase is made to the correct safety standards. If you would like more information regarding childrens fancy dress costumes and the law,, please click on the link.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding childrens costumes.

You can contact us 7 days a week on 01245 327156

Kids Pirate Costumes

With the success of Pirates Of The Caribbean, pirates remain one of the most popular costume choices for both children and adults.

There are so many pirate accessories on the market, you may find that you do not to actually purchase a costume but improvise with some old clothes.

Just cut down an old pair of trousers (or skirt), cut the bottom and the sleeves of an old shirt or Tee shirt. Fasten with a cord and you have a basic pirate outfit. Add some pirate accessories and you have an original pirate costume.

Some examples of our pirate accessories:

* Pirate coins

* Treasure Maps

* Coin Pouch

* Cutlasses

* Pirate Belts

* Pirate Hooks

However, if you do decide to purchase a costume, there are plenty on the market for both boys and girls. The costumes either come as a Captain Jack Sparrow (see image), Captain Hook or a poor pirate like Smee.

Pirate Girl

Pirate Girl
Pirate Girl

Childrens Cowboy & Indian Costumes

Dressing up as a cowboy or indian has been a favourite for children for many years (although these days the term 'American Native' may sometimes be used instead of 'Indian'). The costumes can be used for different themes too such as goodies and baddies (depends on what you think as to which side you go on), films (how many western films are there?) and countries. The indian costume could also be used as a book character, for World Book Day, from the book 'An Indian In The Cupboard'.

Again, it can be fairly easy to put a costume together without going to the expense of purchasing a costume. There are many cowboy and indian accessories available to make your own costume.

For cowboys, you can easily purchase a cowboy hat (stetson) and a gun and holster set. There are many more accessories on the market but these will be labelled as adult accessories only. If they are labelled suitable for children, they come under the umbrella of the BS EN71 guidelines as a toy.

All you need for a cowboy or cowgirl costume is a pair of jeans and a check shirt.

Indians may be more difficult to make at home easily, but again there are plenty of indian accessories on the market.

Boy's Cowboy Costume

Boy's Cowboy Costume
Boy's Cowboy Costume

Kids Halloween Costumes

At Halloween we tend to dress up as a true halloween costume such as witches, Dracula and ghosts. In the US, Halloween is a time where people will dress up in any outfit, as long as it is a costume. Over the last few years, we have found that the US trend is starting to filter through with a more diverse range of costumes being purchased over this period. However, the majority of halloween costumes purchased this year will still be the more traditional ones.

As more and more retailers jump on to the Halloween bandwagon, the cost of costumes has dropped dramatically. Some large retailers are selling costumes cheaper than it would cost us to buy in the first place. This has caused a change in the halloween industry with less fancy dress suppliers stocking childrens costumes.

Please remember when choosing your child's halloween costume that it:

* Is not too long, causing a trip hazard

* Does not reduce vision (it may if it has a mask)

* Is large enough to get warm clothing on underneath (if going Trick or Treating)

Fairy Costumes

Sorry boys but this is a girls only section!

All little (and plenty of big) girls love to dress up as a fairy. There is a great range of wings, wands and tiars to make it easy to create your own beautiful fairy costume on a budget.

A fairy can be used for many themes such as:
Fairytale - think of all the fairytales that feature a good (or bad) fairy. Sleeping beauty is just one.

Films - Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

Books - Fairy Godmother from Cinderella

1960s & 1970s Kids Costumes

This theme has been growing in popularity with children recently. This may be because more children are accompanying their parents to parties and the 60s | 70s theme is very popular with adults.

The costumes that are available are limited, but growing every month. It is such a fun theme, with great accessories to complete the outfit.

This is another theme where is would be easy to produce your own costume at home.

Just take an old pair of jeans or trousers and cut up the side seam to about calf height. Cut out a triangluar shape from a contrasting material and sow into the two cut seams and hey presto, 1 pair of flares. You could also add flowers to complete the look.

You could paint the CND symbol on an old tee shirt and you have a 1960s hippy look.

Girl's Hippy Costume

Girl's Hippy Costume
Girl's Hippy Costume

Kids 1950s Costumes

The era of Rock n Roll is a surprisingly popular theme with children. This may be due to the film Grease which is set in the 50's. All the boys want to be Danny and all the girls want to be Sandy or Rizzo.

The Grease costumes have recently become trademarked and the unfortunate result of this is that the price for these costumes goes up.

Look At these New School Curriculum Costumes

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Lady of The Palace - Girl's Rich Tudor CostumeGirl's 1940s Evacuee Costume
Lady of The Palace - Girl's Rich Tudor Costume
Lady of The Palace - Girl's Rich Tudor Costume
Girl's 1940s Evacuee Costume
Girl's 1940s Evacuee Costume

Childrens Victorian Costumes

In UK Primary schools, children have to cover various historical eras. Victorian is one of them. A lot of schools will encourage their students to dress up for the day either at school or on a day trip.

Boys can wear a grandad style shirt (no collar), a cravat (small scarf tied around the neck), a cap and shorts. You may be able to find this type of clothing at home.

Girls will normally wear a long skirt with blouse or a long dress. A pinny is optional. The Victorian costume shown right is a well off Victorian.

Victorian is also a popular period in the lead up until Christmas. Many towns in the UK have special Victorian days or nights where many of the locals, and especially shop workers, will dress accordingly.

Childrens Tudor Costumes

Tudors is another era covered by the school curiculum in the UK. The girls tend to love this era for dressing up as they can dress like princesses. Boys are normally not so sure about wearing tights! We get around the tight problem by telling them to wear their football or rugby socks.

Girls are asked to wear long skirts, a blouse and a lace up bodice. Hair should be covered by a small cap, this is called a Coif. The picture, shown right, is for a Tudor noble woman and not a peasant, as described.

Boys are asked to wear pantaloons (just shorts with elastic just below the knee). In true Tudor times, these pantaloons were very short, but all children would refuse to wear them! Boys also wear a shirt and a waistcoat (it can be laced like the girls, or just as a waistcoat). A round hat is worn on the head. The picture shown below is for a Tudor Nobleman. I would suggest that you put long socks over the full length trousers to create the pantaloon effect.

We are hoping to introduce some Tudor peasant boys and girls to our sale range very soon.

Many schools ask the children to not bring to school any modern things like carrier bags to hold their lunch in, so you may need to make a Tudor pouch (see below).

How to make a Tudor style pouch:

You will need:

* A large circular piece of material (leatherette would be ideal).

* A length of cord.

* Hole punch - or similar to make some holes.

Take the piece of circular fabric and punch holes into the fabric, about 1" in. Thread some cord through the holes, secure the cord ends together and pull. You have just made an authentic looking Tudor pouch to carry lunch in.

Boy's Tudor Costume

Boy's Tudor Costume
Boy's Tudor Costume

Childrens Roman | Eygptian Costumes

This is one theme that boys and girls both enjoy. It gives a chance for the boys to become Roman Gladiators and the girls to wear a Cleopatra costume.

There is a good range of Roman soldiers on the market to purchase for the boys, but you will struggle to find a boys Egyptian costume. We are in the process of sourcing an Egyptian King & queen for children. As soon as we have a picture we'll let you know.

This is a theme that you may be able to put together something fairly easily at home.

How to create a basic toga:

Take an old white pillowcase and make holes for the head and the arms. Take a piece of cord and tie at the waist. You can then add a drape, if required or some braiding to complete the look.

Boys Roman Centurian Costume

Boys Roman Centurian Costume
Boys Roman Centurian Costume

Childrens Book Characters.

Most schools in the UK will have a week or a day devoted to books. Some schools ask their children to dress up for a day as their favourite book character. World Book Day is always in early March and every year more and more schools join in.

I have listed below just a few examples. Visit this page for lots more childrens book characters costume ideas.

Some Examples For Girl's Book Character Costumes

  1. Snow White
  2. Alice in Wonderland
  3. Red Riding Hood
  4. Witch - The Worst Witch
  5. Tinkerbell
  6. Cinderella

You May Find What You Require On eBay...

Some Examples For Boy's Book Character Costumes

  1. Robin Hood
  2. Peter Pan
  3. Captain Hook
  4. Oliver Twist
  5. Pinocchio
  6. Julius Caesar
  7. Dracula

Childrens Christmas Costumes

The nativity play is a highlight of the year for many UK primary schools and their younger children.

Although the traditional nativity is still popular, we are seeing a growing trend towards a more modern theme. Some schools have such diverse religions in their school that they try and include everybody.

It is also possible to purchase small santa's and Miss Christmas costumes for children, these remain popular every year.

We also sell snowmen, elves and reindeer outfits for children, although they are only available in 2 sizes 3 - 4 & 5-6 years.

Girls Angel Costume

Girls Angel Costume
Girls Angel Costume

Boys T Bird Jacket

Boys T Bird Jacket
Boys T Bird Jacket

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