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Best Lego Toys for Boys

Updated on October 31, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys 2012: Lego Toys

Lego has many fans from young to old. Year after year, you'll find their toys amongst the top of Christmas shopping lists. This year is not going to be any different.

Boys love to build and construct stuff, so Lego is always a safe bet as a Christmas gift. The great thing about Lego sets is that they typically come in many pieces of building blocks. Besides the standard models suggested by the instruction manual, you can exercise your creativity and imagination to assemble them in many other ways. This provides many hours of playtime without the child getting bored.

Lego has its benefits for the minds and bodies of the children. Its distinct interlocking system allows the young ones to develop their skills in design and construction. A hands-on toy, it provides tactile stimulation to develop their hand and finger muscles too.

Anyway, you probably already know about all these, so let us start counting the 12 Days of Christmas Toys for the boys, young and young at heart alike.

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Day 1: LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle

The only Lego set so far to have Lloyd Zx in the Ninjago series. It also comes with the great devourer - A giant snake that devourers everything which crosses its path!

Day 2: LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

Definitely recommended for fans of Lego and Harry Potter. The set is incredibly detailed. You can see Sirius' face in the fireplace, and there is a Quibbler you can read using the bundled magnifying glass.

Day 3: Lego Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle

A spooky showpiece that is great for Halloween too. The boys will have fun putting this intricate challenge together. A glow in the dark mouse and spider each are included in the set.

Day 4: LEGO Castle Medieval Market Village

The Medieval Market Village makes a great display piece and addition to any kingdoms/castles collection. It might be a challenge for LEGO newcomers to build the set though since there are many teeny-tiny pieces.

Day 5: LEGO Super Heroes - The Batcave

Batman is reminiscent of the the early comics or 60's TV series in his blue and grey suit, while Robin in red and black costume is more a teenager than a kid. Bane, who appeared in the movie, is also included.

Day 6: LEGO Monster Fighters - The Ghost Train

Ghost trains have long been featured in many ghost stories and folklore. The spooky ghost train.with glow in the dark pieces will give you a Gothic feel. Take note that the set doesn't include any motor or track, but you can modify the train to run on other Lego tracks.

Lego Toy Sets Videos

Day 7: LEGO The Lord of the Rings - The Battle of Helm's Deep

Brilliant reproduction of Helm's Deep from the movie and novels. Unique minifigures include characters like the elf Haldir and King Theoden. A huge modular set requiring a large area to build fully with the option to remove different sections.

Day 8: LEGO City Fire Station

A fun set to put together with two fire trucks, a garage, and a living area like sleeping quarters for the firemen.

Day 9: LEGO Quinjet Aerial Battle

For the fans of The Avengers movie and comics, the set features Thor, Iron Man, Loki, an alien soldier, and the exclusive Black Widow. The swinging backdoor is a nice touch to the Quinjet, though more room inside the jet for minfigures would be cool.

Day 10: LEGO Shuttle Expedition

The successor to the popular 2010 release, this Lego set presents good playability with a greater challenge to put together. It is a must.for any space enthusiast.for its better replicate details of the space shuttle.

Day 11: LEGO City Police Forest Station

An easy build in the traditional police and thieves setup suitable for younger kids. Fun stuff to explore include a secret tree with a safe, a mail box which can be blasted out by the burglars.

Day 12: LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery

A winter village set featuring a two-story bakery shop that fits nicely into the mood of the season. There is a brick that lights up and displays the baked goods in the window. It also comes with an ice skating rink with mini figs.

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Do you have a Lego toy set for boys you like best?

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