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Mens Valentines Gifts

Updated on March 15, 2013

Mens Valentines Gifts | All the Best Gifts for V-Day 2013

If anyone told you shopping for mens Valentines gifts was easy, they'd be lying. It's hard to find gifts that are both holiday- and relationship-appropriate!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner: use this guide to help you find the best men's Valentine's Day gift this year.

My advice? Get him something cute and couple-y, but also get him something he can use exclusively. The best of both worlds!

Image courtesy of iamharin at

Why do I think this is both a great men's Valentine's gift for him and for you? He looks incredibly sexy shaving with it, of course. Plus, it looks great on the sink.

If he's an electric razor fan, he'll still enjoy using this for those special occasions in which he wants the closest shave possible. This is a cool throwback gift he'll actually enjoy displaying.

Men's Grooming Valentine's Day Gifts

Inexpensive mens Valentines Day gifts

Most guys would never fathom asking for "beauty" products, but reassure him that these aren't really "beauty products", but moreso "MAN products". He may not believe you, but if he takes one whiff of this stuff he'll agree--there are no flowery perfumes here. Only strong, clean scents that he'll enjoy using. You know, man smells.

Classic Set -- Long Handles

The Perfect Shave Kit

Jack Black Face Moisturizer

Crew Citrus Mint Shampoo

Check out how cool that watch face is; I love the gunmetal dial on this Valentine's Day gift.

The leather strap gives it a bit of a dressier feel--perfect for V-Day (if he's more of a casual guy, see additional options below).

Up the romance factor by getting a sweet message engraved on the back of the dial. You'll have to flip it over to show him, though...knowing most guys, he'll never find it himself.

Blue Invicta Watch

Skagen Watch

Two-Tone Seiko

Kenneth Cole Watch

Remind him who's boss with this t-shirt: most guys probably wouldn't wear this in public (maybe some would--at least those with a good sense of humor!) but it still would be a funny Valentine's Day gift for men.

The shirt is available in lots of other colors, if white isn't his thing.

If anything, this would be a cute tee shirt to wear to bed!

More Mens Valentines Gifts: T-Shirts

Funny gifts for V-Day

Here's some more hilarious tee shirts--check out the one that you can actually include a photo of yourself! That's the ultimate, personalized Valentine's Day gift for men.

I Love My Wife Shirt

I Love My Girlfriend

Photo Tee Shirt!!

I Love My Girlfriend

Mens Valentines Gifts

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What Will You Be Getting Your Man This Valentine's Day? - What are some the best gifts you've given in the past?

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      Shopping for men is never easy...but these are some great Valentine's day gifts men would like