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Pocahontas Costumes for Adults and Kids

Updated on July 9, 2014

Pocahontas Costumes for Adults & Kids

If you're looking for both a cute and a little out-of-the-ordinary costume for yourself or for a child, consider a Pocahontas costume. You really don't see outfits like this anymore -- much of Halloween is dominated by guts and gore.

I think it's a great costume, mainly because you can go all out or as reserved as you want -- you can dress up in just a basic Pocahontas dress, or you can add wigs, boots and arrows to make it a complete look.

Make an impact at your next costume party. Go as beautiful Pocahontas.

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Pocahontas Halloween Costumes - Pocahontas Costume for Women

This women's Pocahontas costume has it all (except for the wig). It comes with the dress that has pretty fringe and beaded details, fringe boot tops (you can wear shoes, and it will still look as though you have boots on), a belt, an armband, a choker and the headpiece with feathers on it. This is available in sizes small to extra large. I think this is one of the prettiest Pocahontas costumes available here! It's a little bit more of a sultry option, in my opinion, but you are still well-covered.

Women's Pocahontas Costume - Pocahontas Halloween Costumes

Here are some more Pocahontas costume options for women. Personally I like the brown with light trim better than the light with brown trim, but I actually think all of these selections are pretty, and I would gladly wear any of them as a costume for any party that called for one.

Pocahontas Costumes for Kids - Indian Costume for Girls

Is your little girl dreaming of dressing up as Pocahontas for Halloween or another costume occasion? If so then this child's costume package has it all! This child's Pocahontas Halloween costume pictured here is from Disney (and what little girl doesn't love Disney?). The costume includes the jewelry set and the shoes. If you're anything like me you'll love the look of this little costume and the pretty accessories that come with it, and so will your child!

Girls' Pocahontas Costume - Child Pocahontas Costumes

These adorable costumes are made to fit your little girls who want to dress up as for Halloween or other costume party. I think these are so cute, and they'll look great on your little girl! Make sure you provide her with costume accessories, too, so she'll really feel dressed and ready to go!

Forum Novelties Native American Princess Costume, Child's Small
Forum Novelties Native American Princess Costume, Child's Small

Pretty tan with brown trim rather than many that are brown with tan trim.


Let me play my flute for you!

Pocahontas Complete Adult Value Costume - Women's Pocahontas Costume

If you are on a budget, but still want to dress up for Halloween or another costume party, then consider this value women's Pocahontas costume. You'll get the dress, sash and headband all for one low price. You provide the wig and shoes, and your costume will be complete without breaking the bank! I think this is a great costume for the price.

Pocahontas Costume Accessories - Pocahontas Costume Extras

These costume accessories are really going to make your outfit look all the more authentic! The jewelry and other Native American accessories will make your Pocahontas apparel look as realistic as possible; as a bonus, you can always wear these in "real life!"

Beaded Native American Choker (Standard)
Beaded Native American Choker (Standard)

This pretty choker is a nice costume accessory choice!

Rubie's Costume Co Native American Pendant Costume
Rubie's Costume Co Native American Pendant Costume

I love this necklace. It will hang down lower than the choker.

Forum Novelties Native American Bow and Arrow Set-Standard
Forum Novelties Native American Bow and Arrow Set-Standard

Even though the men usually did the hunting, this bow and arrow is still a cut accessory.

Rubie's Costume Co Indian Spear Costume
Rubie's Costume Co Indian Spear Costume

You'll be ready to spear anything that moves with this costume accessory.


Tell Me What You Prefer!

Do you prefer the dark dress with light trim or the light dress with dark trim?

Indian Maiden Wig - Pocahontas Halloween Costumes

If you are dressing up as Pocahontas for your next costume party, you're going to need a coordinating wig to top off your Pocahontas costume! This wig is hand washable, but you need to be gentle with it. You can brush it with a wig brush, if needed, too. This wig will complete the Pocahontas look! I love this adorable wig!!!

Pocahontas Costumes

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