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Best Quality Christmas Presents For The Top 1% of Society

Updated on February 1, 2015

It's Time To Celebrate Christmas

If you are like most of the top 1% of society, you love Christmas. It's the one time of year that you can actually show your family and friends just how successful you have been. Times have been very good for you, haven't they? If you are still in the top 1% richest people in society, you have seen your holdings increase substantially since 2008. No doubt that you managed to unload your garbage investments back then and get into more lucrative holdings. Not having to pay much tax is always nice too, isn't it.

There are many, many best quality Christmas presents here for members of your family. In order to help with your Christmas preparations, there are also great gift ideas for your best friends, your distant friends and even your employees.

Don't forget the little people. You have attained your position in the top 1% of society largely by the support of them. Giving them a nice Christmas gift is practically mandatory this year. Luckily for you, there are gift suggestions here that should allow you to give something to everyone you can think of and you will still be able to retain your position in the top 1% of society!

Top Quality Stocking Stuffers

Whey you give small gifts to people, you can imply that they are stocking stuffers. The little people love that!

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What To Buy Another Member of the Top 1% Who Has Everything - ...but they don't have this!

President George Washington - Manuscript Letter Signed 01/07/1781
President George Washington - Manuscript Letter Signed 01/07/1781

Perhaps you have a friend who has given you unbeatable Christmas gifts in the past. How can you ever top their gift giving ability? Here's how: an original, one of a kind manuscript signed by George Washington in 1781. By giving this to your friend, you prove that you are one of the greatest of the top 1% of society. When it is displayed prominently, you'll be associated with Washington yourself.


Gifts For Employees

Judith Ripka "Concorde" Blue Cushion Stone Ring, Size 6
Judith Ripka "Concorde" Blue Cushion Stone Ring, Size 6

This is a great Christmas gift that will really be appreciated by your employees. Best of all, they are scarce. Get them for your whole team so that when you are at a company function, you'll know who works for you and who doesn't.


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