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5 Fun and Unique Senior Gift Ideas for 2015

Updated on January 14, 2015

Seniors Can Be Difficult to Shop For

I love my parents but as they get older they get harder and harder to shop for. Across the board I think almost everyone I know has the same problem. So, instead of panicking like I normally do I thought I'd come up with a few great gift ideas not only for myself, but also to share with my readers.

In this post I'll give you 6 unique senior gift ideas for birthdays and anniversaries. Be sure to leave any ideas you may have in the open discussion area below.

Arm Rest Organizer
Arm Rest Organizer

6 Great Senior Gift Ideas for 2015

Smartworks 6 Pocket Arm Rest Organizer

Many older people watch a lot of television. How about you consider getting them a Smartworks 6 Pocket Arm Rest Organizer? This way, they will have everything they could possibly need right next to them, therefore eliminating the need to get up and down. This handy device comes with 6 compartments that can hold remote controls, glasses, books, TV guides and anything else they might desire to have close by.

The sturdy 16" table top is great for snacks or drinks as well. I did notice that it is a little small to hold much food and if there are heavy things on the top, it can slide a bit. It is fully adjustable to fit nearly any size chair or sofa. This is not recommended for leather recliners and some rocking recliners; it does have a tendency to slip off. An easy fix for this would be to attach some velcro to the chair to keep it in place.

DayClocks Classic Oak Day Clock
DayClocks Classic Oak Day Clock

A Senior Gift Idea to Help Them Remember the Day

Don't Let the Days Slip By Clock

It can be hard to remember things clearly as we get older, sometimes this isn't due to any disease of the mind, but a mind that might be a bit more forgetful because of all the things they've crammed into it over the years. Something unique to help your loved one remember what day of the week it is, is this DayClocks Classic Oak Day Clock. This clock is divided into seven equal sections for each day of the week.

The clock face is 7" in diameter and the whole thing measures 9.25". But this isn't just for older people, this could be used to help a child learn the days of the week, or for some plain fun in a silly home. Many mothers are also so scatterbrained with all that it takes to raise children and care for a household, that they might appreciate the quick reminder of what day it is. A great feature is that you can get this in different finishes to ensure that it matches with your d├ęcor.

Many aging people decide to become more fit so they feel healthier and have better quality of life as they get older.

Funny or Gag Gift Ideas for Seniors 2015

Seniors love to laugh. Below I've listed a few gag gifts that they'll never forget.

Stronger Seniors Workout Program
Stronger Seniors Workout Program

A Senior Health Gift Idea

Give the Gift of Health

This Stronger Seniors Exercise Program works on stretching, aerobics, balance, improved flexibility, muscle and bone strength, stability and many other things. There are parts to the video for chair exercises, so there is less risk of falling down.

The two DVD's should be used together for an all over fitness regimen. Something you should be aware of is that the DVD is about an hour long, it can get a bit boring, but once you've found the routine you like, you can shorten the workout or pick and choose what you would like to do within the workout.

Some find that the pace is too slow and others find that it is just right; this really is going to be a personal preference. Consider giving this as a gift to a senior that you know could benefit from better health.

Beautyrest Micro Mink Warming Throw
Beautyrest Micro Mink Warming Throw

A Throw Blanket for Additional Warmth

Beautyrest Micro Mink Warming Throw Blanket

Because of slower circulation, older people tend to get cold very easily. You will always find throws and blankets all over an elderly person's home, but consider giving this Beautyrest Micro Mink Warming Throw for added comfort. This blanket is very soft with the 100% poly micro mink fabric. The wires are flexible enough that they aren't lumpy or uncomfortable.

There are three different temperature settings for different degrees of warmth and the controller is easy to use. It will also shut itself off after 2 hours. I really like that this throw blanket is not too heavy since lots of warming/heating blankets are weighted down with the wires. If you are expecting a very hot blanket, this is not it. Those that want very high warming blankets need to consider an actual electric blanket. This is more of a throw, and the settings are very low for just that extra amount of warmth you might need while watching television or reading a book.

Standers Handybar
Standers Handybar

A Convenient Senior Gift Idea

Senior Standers Handybar

Senior citizens sometimes lose strength and mobility due to age, but also to surgery or injuries as well. Help them get around easier with this Standers Handybar.

This stainless steel bar with soft, non-slip hand grips will slide into a car door latch to give stable assistance to a senior getting in or out of a vehicle. It is basically a grab bar that can be easily installed instead of spending lots of money for adaptations to your car. It is very sturdily made and worked wonders for my handicapped brother-in-law.

There are also versions of this device with a seat belt cutter and a window breaker as well, if you're interested. Most people have found this to be a useful item, and others have not liked it, or it didn't fit for whatever reason. It would be worth finding out if it is a good tool for you to have since safety is always preferred when dealing with elders.

1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments
1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments

An Unforgettable Senior Gift Idea - Well Maybe Not

On the fun side, consider giving this book as a gift - 1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments: Of Which We Could Remember Only 246. Most people are afraid of aging, so adding some humor to the mix can really help.

This book celebrates history's biggest mental lapses by some very famous people like Jimmy Carter, Marilyn Monroe, popes, Lincoln and even Nobel Prize winners, to name a few. It is a very good book that highlights those moments we all have that can be embarrassing and inconvenient.

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