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The Best Sushi Boats and Sushi Plate Sets

Updated on November 17, 2013

Sushi boats and dinnerware sets for sushi lovers

Sushi boats and sushi plate sets are excellent gift ideas for the sushi lover in your life.

Whether you are making your own sushi at home or buying take-out, Japanese dinnerware sets heighten the sushi experience. In my opinion it is far more enjoyable to eat sushi from a sushi boat or a gorgeous sushi plate set than to eat it from your everyday dinnerware or from the take-out container.

On this page you'll find the best serving platters and dishes for sushi. There are beautiful sushi boats so you can re-create the restaurant experience in the comfort of your home. There are many attractive sushi sets including plates, saucers and chopsticks and there are also sushi & sake sets that also include cups and a sake bottle for the ultimate sushi dining experience.

To help you get started I've selected ten great sushi recipe videos to show you how to make sushi rolls, nigiri, temaki, sashimi and tempura. There are even two special sushi rolls for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Just for fun there are also five videos showing you how to make decorative garnishes for your sushi platter.

Image: 10 Piece Blue Japanese Sushi Plate Set from Amazon

Sushi Etiquette

Sushi has become very popular cuisine during the past ten years. However it isn't widely known that there is proper etiquette to follow when eating your meal. In order to enjoy your food to the fullest and not unintentionally disrespect your host you should take the following into consideration:

Don't rub your chopsticks together to remove splinters. Doing this is offensive as it implies that the chopsticks you have been given aren't good quality.

Eat your sushi with chopsticks or fingers. Sushi is commonly eaten with chopsticks. Because it is considered to be a finger food it is also perfectly acceptable to eat your sushi rolls, maki and nigiri with your fingers. Just don't eat with a knife, fork or spoon.

Eat your sushi in one bite. If you need to take two bites then that is okay so long as you don't place the half eaten piece back on the plate. Continue to hold it with your chopsticks or fingers until you have eaten it.

Don't use too much soy sauce. This is an insult to the chef as it implies that the food is not flavorful enough on it's own. It's similar to loading your food with salt and pepper without tasting it first. Also, too much soy sauce can cause the rice to fall apart.

Don't mix the wasabi with the soy sauce. Instead of making a potion of soy sauce and wasabi, spread a small amount of soy sauce onto your sushi and gently dip the piece into the soy sauce.

Ginger should be used as a palate cleanser. Instead of loading up your rolls with ginger, consider taking a bite of ginger between mouthfuls to cleanse your palate.

29.5" Wooden Sushi Boat from Amazon

Ordering a sushi boat at a Japanese restaurant is always an adventure. You can easily create this impressive experience in the comfort of your home with your own sushi boat. Whether you make your own sushi or simply arrange your sushi take-out on the boat the meal will be beautiful. Be sure to check out some of the garnish tutorials below to add some beautiful elements to your arrangement.

This sushi boat is restaurant quality. Made from wood, the boat is 29.5 inches long and 10.75 inches wide. The boat includes the net and wooden accents.

Plastic Lacquer Sushi Boats - Japanese sushi serving tray

JapanBargain S-2598 Plastic Lacquer Sushi Boat Serving Tray
JapanBargain S-2598 Plastic Lacquer Sushi Boat Serving Tray

Sushi looks impressive in a sushi boat and this plastic lacquer sushi boat is nothing short of beautiful. A wave design is painted on the side and the red detailing give the boat a pop of color. This boat is made in Japan and measures 17 inches long by 6 inches wide.


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Totally Bamboo Sushi Gift Set

This gorgeous sushi gift set is made from environmentally sound bamboo (no panda habitats were threatened to make these dishes!) and comes with one sushi platter (6 x 9.5 inches), two pairs of chopsticks, two chopstick rests and two 2" dipping bowls. Hand wash and use mineral oil occasionally to preserve the appearance of the wood.

Video: Mouth-watering Sushi Recipes - Sushi rolls, nigiri, temaki, sashimi and tempura

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Black Rectangular Sushi Serving Tray

Aps Paderno World Cuisine Raised Black Melamine Sushi Tray, 8-7/8-Inch by 3-7/8-Inch
Aps Paderno World Cuisine Raised Black Melamine Sushi Tray, 8-7/8-Inch by 3-7/8-Inch

This black melamine rectangular sushi tray has raised black detailing and uplifted corners creating an excellent look for your sushi arrangement. The tray is very durable and is dishwasher and freezer safe.


Sushi Service for Two - Sushi plate set

Msc International Sushi-service For Two
Msc International Sushi-service For Two

This is a cute gift idea for sushi lovers. This six piece set includes two plates, two pairs of chopsticks and two saucers with Japanese figures that double as chopstick holders. The soy sauce bowl separates from the chopstick holder for easy cleaning.


6pc Cherry Blossom Set

6 Appetizer Sushi Plates

6 Cherry Blossom Saucers

This cherry blossom sushi plate set is perfect for two. The powder blue plates are delicate looking and are decorated with lovely cherry blossoms. If you are expecting more guests you can buy additional matching plates and saucers to expand the set.

Blossom Motif Sushi Plate Sets - Cute sushi plates

Sushi for Two Set_Namako Blossom G280B
Sushi for Two Set_Namako Blossom G280B

Blue Namako Japanese Cherry Blossom sushi plate set with white blossoms. This beautiful set includes two rectangular plates, two sauce bowls and two pairs of chopsticks. A matching five inch bowl set for rice or miso soup is available for purchase separately.

Red Plum Sushi for Two J1816
Red Plum Sushi for Two J1816

A white sushi plate set decorated with tree branches and red plums. The set comes with two rectangular plates, two rectangular sauce bowls and two pairs of chopsticks. If you love this pattern then this set can be expanded with a matching bowl set and coordinating teapot with cups.


11 Piece Dragonfly Sushi Plate & Sake Set

5 Piece Dragonfly Tea and Cup Set

Dragonfly Chopsticks with Matching Case

Dragonflies are beautiful insects often associated with courage and happiness in Japanese culture. Dragonflies often are depicted in Haiku (Japanese poetry) and in art. They look beautiful when adorning Japanese sushi plate sets.

The 11 piece Dragonfly sushi set includes two plates, two sauce bowls, a sake bottle and four matching cups, all in a beautiful shade of blue and decorated with dragonflies. Two pairs of wooden chopsticks are also included.

The 5 piece Dragonfly tea set comes with four tea cups and a matching teapot with bamboo wrapped handle. The set is dishwasher safe and microwavable (although to preserve the bamboo handle I personally wouldn't put the teapot in the dishwasher). Comes in a black gift box.

To go all the way with the dragonfly theme you could purchase the beautiful lacquer chopsticks that come in their own travel case. Both chopsticks and the case are decorated with dragonflies.

Japanese Brush Stroke Sushi Plate Sets from Amazon

Brush Stroke 6 Piece Dinnerware Set
Brush Stroke 6 Piece Dinnerware Set

Although these plates have a modern look, they are based on the ancient Japanese technique of brush painting called Sumi-e. This gorgeous white on black plate set includes two rectangular shaped plates, matching sauce bowls and chopsticks. Matching soup or rice bowls are also available for purchase. An inverted design (black on white) is also available.


Video: Sushi Decoration Tutorials - Impress your guests with these decorative sushi garnishes

Poll: Sushi Garnishes

Will you attempt any of the above sushi garnishes the next time you serve sushi?

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Colorful Sushi Plate and Sake Sets - Sushi plates for two

These sushi sets for two come with two plates, two saucers, two pairs of chopsticks, a sake bottle and matching sake cups. Both sets will add a bright pop of color to your dinner table.

Sushi Boats & Plate Sets Guestbook - Do you own a sushi plate set or sushi boat?

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    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      6 years ago

      Sushi is an art. The serving, garnish and dishes are all part of the experience.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi, Tara! Nice lens! I can't imagine eating Sushi on a regular dinner plate.

    • MrKind profile image


      6 years ago

      I love sushi and this will come in handy, thanks for sharing!

    • Camden1 profile image


      6 years ago

      I don't own any sushi dishes, but they would make great Christmas or housewarming gifts!


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