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Make the simplest and best tasting jello shots for your next get together

Updated on December 8, 2010

I'm just going to provide a really simple, easy to remember, and delicious method for making the best jello shots possible. Everyone has their own method, but sometimes they are so involved or too general for anyone to make heads or tales of anything. The recipe is so simple, that I think this description is longer! Hope you enjoy it as much (and as many times) as I have.

Serving Information
    •    Serves: Each package of Jello can get you about 24 shots
    •    Prep Time: 6 - 8 minutes
    •    Total Time: 6 - 24 hours

    •    Jello (flavor of choice but I prefer Watermelon or Blueberry or Rasperry or Cherry or Grape)
    •    Apple Juice (I just use store brand or Motts)
    •    Vodka (I prefer a finely filtered non-burning brand like Ciroc / Grey Goose / Kettle One)


Every package of Jello comes with its own measurement style in the back so it makes it pretty easy. The most universal is 1 cup of boiling water and one cup of cold water. Since we are trying to throw a party here toss the ideas of water out the window and read on...

Before doing anything.. in fact why not just do it now.. put your bottle of vodka in the freezer.. go on.. i'll wait..
[done?.. ok lets move ]
Remember vodka doesn't feeze.. so it's always a great place to store it.

Now.. take 1 cup of apple juice (times this by however many batches you aim to make) and bring it to a rolling boil for 2 minutes.

Place 1 package of jello mix powder into a medium sized bowl and slowly pour the boiled (and still very hot i might add) apple juice over the powder.

Whisk the mix together with the apple juice until all of the powder particles have dissolved into the delicious smelling mix.

Grab the bottle of vodka out of the freezer, measure out 1 cup into a measuring cup and pour into the mix.

Now I recommend using a small gravy ladle or gravy spoon to scoop out the mixture and place it into 2oz plastic shot cups (easily found at your local supermarket)

Place these on a tray and refrigerate for 6 hours or over night.


[Trick of the trade: before taking your shot.. grab the plastic cup firmly in your hands and roll it side to side to loosen the jello from the cup walls and make it slide on down much smoother]

Cheers people!


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