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Great Valentines Gifts Men

Updated on January 23, 2015

What are the Best Valentines Gifts for Men?

Figuring out what the best Valentine's Day gift for a man would be can be a test of your ingenuity, patience and creativity. Make it easy on yourself and just take advantage of a page like this one that lists a great selection of pretty intuitive gift ideas that a man would like to receive on that special day.

As contrived as that may have just sounded, it has a lot of pluses going for it because let's face it, who really wants to stress over buying a gift for someone? Giving should be a joyous occasion, not one that turns out to be the culmination of hours of stressful searching and fretting over what to give!

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The sensible thing to do is to stop worrying about what to buy and just take a look down a relatively short list of ideas and just choose one that you think is closest to what you think he would like to receive. It's far easier than facing a huge catalog of choices or a store full or gift items that overwhelms you with too much choice!

Keep the act of giving simple and that way both the giver and the recipient can get the most enjoyment from it.

Valentines Gifts: Men

What gift to give a man for Valentines Day?

The answer to that question is really dependent on the guy your are thinking to buy for. Some men are really easy to buy gifts for while others are close to impossible with varying degrees of ease or difficulty in-between!

So before you start to brainstorm gift ideas for the man in your life, you really need to sit down and brainstorm the man! Take a look at this checklist for ideas:

  • What does he like and dislike?
  • What hobbies does he have?
  • Are there any aspects of his hobbies he is missing (and would make a great gift)?
  • What clothes does he like to wear?
  • What cosmetics does he use (if any)?
  • Is he a handyman and what tools does he use/lack?
  • Does he like gardening?
  • Is he into playing sports? Which one(s)?
  • Does he collect things (like coins/stamps/models etc)?
  • Is he a big music fan (think CDs/DVDs)?

That's just for starters. Thinking about these questions will help to get your brain into creative mode and you can probably come up with a bunch of other ideas for yourself. The trick is to figuring out what he already does and if there is anything about that where he is maybe missing an important aspect or tool or if he is running low on some product.

Take a look at some of the ideas from Amazon below for more creative stimulation!

Valentines Gift Ideas for a Difficult-to-Buy-For Guy

If you have a guy who does nothing other than work all day then slump in front of the TV when he's not working, then you have more of a problem on your hands. While some guys can be coaxed into new interests by receiving a gift that might start a snowball rolling, may more would resent you trying that tactic. If your guy falls into that last category, then don't give up!

Even the most disinterested guy can be grateful for a gift that makes them feel good. So now your task is to discover what makes him feel good that a certain gift would fit in with. For TV addicts, here are some ideas that might work:

  • Tickets to a movie premier
  • Tickets to a popular stage show
  • Tickets to be part of a popular TV show audience
  • Tickets to a ball/sports game (what team does he support?)
  • A DVD of the latest movie (hint: go for action/sci-fi/thriller rather than romantic)
  • A DVD of his favorite comedian's latest live show

It's just a case of finding something that clicks with what he does like. I'll leave the rest to your imagination... or check out the movie DVD ideas below:

Action Movie DVDs on Amazon

Is the Man in Your Life Easy or Difficult to Buy Gifts For?

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