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Great Valentine's Day Ideas

Updated on February 11, 2017

Get a Clue Guys! You Know V-day Only Comes Once a Year!

Knowing your LIMITS

How Much is TOO Much

You know your lady.

Use your own best judgment here.

but always go a little beyond that instinct just to be sure

as long as your bank account permits it

don't put yourself or your family through financial burden over it

any woman who would have you do that is not in it for love.

steer clear of the gold diggers and bratty wantitalls unless that's your thing

Make Her Something Sweet

If cooking is your thing, why not make her something sweet. Give her a little bite of heaven and fire up those ovens and her interest in you all will burn bright. Don't let your flame sizzle out! Get to cooking, boys!

Hit Her Sweet Spot and She Might Melt for You

Treats for your lady
Treats for your lady

Which is better?

If you had to choose a last min gift for your mate, which would be the better choice in your opinion?

See results

Dinner for Two

take her out for a romantic dinner for just you two
take her out for a romantic dinner for just you two

Take Her out on the Town

dinner, dancing, candlelight. It all equals up to a great idea for her on this vday.

10 Great Valentine Day Ideas

© 2017 michael g


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