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Big Christmas Box MP3 Music ~ Amazon Super Sale 2012

Updated on December 15, 2012

Amazon's Deal of the Century for LOTS of Christmas Music at a tiny little price!

Amazon has outdone itself giving us a great deal for a huge amount of Christmas Song MP3 songs for us to download to our iPods and mp3 players! This Holiday album will last the whole season and for years to come.

Are you ready to listen to the Christmas Music samples?

Then come along and listen with me.

Maybe whilst wrapping the holiday gifts or making the family's favorite Christmas cookies and treats.

Image Credit and available for purchase at

Why do I recommend this Christmas Song Album Collection? - Use it for...

  • ♫ Background music for your family's Christmas party
  • ♫ Music for your Work Holiday party
  • ♫ Mood Music for your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
  • ♫ Listening to the whole Nutcraker Ballet Suite
  • ♫ Hearing Christmas Bell music. Many are included.
  • ♫ Enjoying International Christmas-time Operas
  • ♫ Giving your household cleaning a little joyous twist
  • ♫ Enduring your unending Christmas Shopping trips online and in the stores
  • ♫ Did I already say Wrapping presents & Making Cookies?
  • ♫ Getting in the Holiday mood,

    because it "Tis the Season".

  • Oh, and for getting the little ones tucked in after the reading of "The Night Before Christmas"...

    "The Birth of Jesus Christ" read by Charlton Heston.


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Do you like Christmas or Holiday Music?

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Listen to Sample MP3 Songs from Big Christmas Box

Prefer not to buy the Entire Album? Just pick what you like for 99 cents each.

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Holiday Bell Music on Big Christmas Box - 5 Favorite Songs from the Bornand Family of Bornand Music Box

Holiday Bell Music on Big Christmas Box

My Favorite Songs on this Album from the Bornand Family of Bornand Music Box

Favorite Christmas Bell Music

Poll: Do you love Christmas Bell & Chime Music, too?

Do you love Christmas Bell Chime Music?

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Favorite Nutcracker Ballet Suite Music clips - A little taste of the first 3 scene music pieces

Poll: Have you seen the Nutcracker Ballet? Did you love it?

Have you seen the Nutcracker Ballet?

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13 hours of Favorite Christmas Music at a Great Low price? WOW!

Big Christmas Box
Big Christmas Box

208 Classic Christmas Song Mp3 downloads all in 1 album! The Nutcracker Ballet?Christmas Bell & Chime music?Story read by Charleton Heston?And more, too?Need I say more?


Is this Christmas Music still not what you are looking for? - Try searching here...

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