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Big Time Rush Party Supplies

Updated on August 26, 2013

Big Time Rush Party Ideas

If you are planning a Big Time Rush party, Ive got good news and Ive got some bad news. The bad news is that its quite a unique party theme, so you wont be able to run into just any store to pick up Big Time Rush party supplies. The good news is that there are things you can do with basic themed items to make them into a great Big Time Rush party.

If your struggling for ideas or just looking for a few items to add a little magic to your Big Time Rush themed party this page will help you out. Featured are ideas for invitations, what to include in your party favor bags, decorating ideas, cake decorations and much more..

Personalized Big Time Rush invitations
Personalized Big Time Rush invitations

Big Time Rush Party Invitations

When it comes to a music or band themed party, typically the most popular style of invitations are the ticket invitations. These are great because they look just like concert tickets and really fit the theme. EBay has a ton of great styles that you can choose from and then you can print the digital files anywhere you like. The only downside is that they do not come with envelopes, so if you need to mail the invites you will need to buy your own envelopes.

Another idea is to have regular style invitations that incorporate your own pictures. There are a few styles available on Etsy if you want to go this route. Personally I like the ticket invitations, they are cute and you can easily fit in them in a regular envelope if you need to mail them.

Big Time Rush Party Decorations

Big Time Rush decorations are pretty much impossible to come by, so you are going to have to make them yourself or be willing to buy things that are not really party decorations. You can find plenty of giant wall decals to put around the house and the great thing about them is that they are reusable for your child's room after the party is over. Another idea is to pick up some Big Time Rush posters and place them around the house, for added effect you can break some glowsticks and border them around the posters. EBay has several different posters available. For the rest of the decorations you may just want basic streamers and balloons. You can add a bit more flair by looking up Rock Star decorations at Birthday Direct (think music instruments, stars and plenty of pinks and purples for your little diva). One idea is to get stars and other basic invitations and then print out Big Time Rush pictures to attach to your basic decorations.

Big Time Rush Party Food

Now you’re ready to start feeding all these hungry, boy crazy guests and the best idea is to make it feel like a VIP room at a concert backstage. One idea is to have each of the favorite foods (or smaller, easier versions on display), luckily Logan and Kendall’s favorite food is pizza so that’s great to have on hand. Less luckily James and Carlos are into spaghetti which is not quite as easy as pizza but still an option. The rest of the table should look like a VIP spread with different fruits, veggies, chips and dips and then little sweets to make it a real party. You can also have some fun with the rock star theme by adding in rock candy and pop rocks. Use a star cookie cutter to make star shaped cheese or small sandwiches for extra fun.

Big Time Rush Birthday Cake

If you want a Big Time Rush cake that is a real showstopper, the best idea is to go to the professionals. This will get you the best looking cake and the best tasting cake, provided you know a really good baker in your area. If you want to make the cake yourself or have your local grocery store make your cake then there are easy ways to turn it into a beautiful Big Time Rush cake. EBay has some great edible image designs that you can add to any cake. They have a variety of sizes and shapes so it will be a perfect match to whatever cake you plan on baking. The best part is that you can add the name of your birthday girl to the cake (or if you feel like indulging her...her married name once she marries the band member of her choice).The thing to remember when it comes to young girls or teen girls and their favorite bands...anything with the band's picture on it is sure to make them very happy.

Big Time Rush Party Games and Activities

Now you want to have something for the girls to do while they are at the party. The easiest thing to do is play some Big Time Rush music while everyone is showing up and you can even have some episodes playing in the background while everyone is eating. If you have a Wii console then you can purchase the Big Time Rush Dance Party game for the girls to play (or pull it out if you just happen to already have the game). It is sure to be a hit with all the girls. Another great idea is to have a trivia game where the girls answer trivia questions and whoever knows the most about the band and the members gets a special prize. You can also choose to have the girls play in teams so that there is more interaction and the girls can discuss their answers together.

Big Time Rush Party Favors

The last bit to this boy band extravaganza are the favors. Sadly you are not going to get bailed out by a themed party favor pack or anything that you can easily purchase at the store. Etsy has one great option that is sure to have all the girls screaming and that is bottle cap necklaces of all the band members. You can choose the images you want on the necklaces so that each girl can get their favorite band member or you can just have necklaces that feature all the members. Another idea would be to make your own lip gloss, put it in containers and top it with a Big Time Rush sticker. Classy Mommy has a great tutorial on how to make your own lip gloss, which would be a great project for your daughter before the party. You could also purchase lip gloss and add the stickers but that's not as fun!

Big Time Rush Party Note

See it's not that hard to have a fun filled Big Time Rush party even if there are not mountains of Big Time Rush party supplies at your local stores. All it takes is a little creativity.

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