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Big Bird Costumes

Updated on June 30, 2014

Big Bird

Big Bird has been a fixture in pop culture since 1969, where he has been the chief character among a cadre of characters performing on Sesame Street, which was created by Lloyd Morrisett and Joan Ganz Cooney.

While Sesame Street was created by these two, the Muppets were the brainchild of Jim Henson, who as far as Big Bird goes, attempted to play the part, but was rejected because he couldn't walk like a bird.

This delightful, giant, yellow bird, which stands at eight-feet, two-inches tall, has been educating and entertaining children and adults for decades, and continues to be one of the most recognizable characters around the world.

The character of course is a great influence, making him a great and unforgettable choice for a Halloween costume, or a costume for special events.

Big Bird Costume Ideas

Big Bird costumes can either be bought from a retail outlet or made at home. We'll look at both below to give you some ideas concerning the options available to you.

An interesting thing about Big Bird costumes is they can be bought or made in a more interpretive sense, where you know by the feathers, yellow color, and something representing the beak, that it is big bird, but it won't be an exact representation of the famous bird.

On the other hand, you can also acquire or rent a costume that looks exactly like Big Bird as well, giving you a realistic look.

Either way, big bird is a lot of fun, and is sure to generate a lot of attention and good will from the happy character's persona itself.

Big Bird Costume with Tie

Seeing Big Bird with the tie is always humorous and enjoyable, as it adds a little bit to his character.

What a lot of people don't know, is Big Bird, when he was performing in the show, would occasionally don the tie in order to have a place to look out to be able to see where he was going because of technically difficulties.

So if you're wondering how you will see when walking around in this type of costume, it's through a hole in the tie.

Be aware that this type of costume will approach about the eight-foot mark in height; the reason for the hole to peek out of.


Big Bird and Tigger Costumes

Here's a fun look at two people dressed up as Tigger and Big Bird. For the Big Bird costume, it shows how different the look can be while maintaining an easily identifiable costume.

With this look it's more the neck that makes it look different, even though it still looks great. No one would really notice unless someone in another completely realistic Big Bird costume was standing right next to you.

Now I wonder what that dog is thinking looking at the two?


Homemade Big Bird Costume that Failed

Next we'll show several homemade Big Bird costumes, starting with this goofy, but hilarious one, which is so bad it has to be considered good.

Anyone with the guts to show up as Big Bird in this costume will definitely get a lot of attention. I wouldn't even be surprised if it was put together for that very purpose. After all, I don't think anyone would think that this was a serious attempt to design an awesome Big Bird costume.


Handmade Big Bird Costume for Child

I like this cute little homemade Big Bird costume made for a child. If you don't mind putting a little time in and accumulating a few accessories to make the design, it's pretty cool. When you compare it with some of the costumes that are offered for purchase or rent, this one does just fine for a child. It's really cute.


Cute Homemade Big Bird Costume for Woman

Here is a very cute and simple-to-make Big Bird costume that many women wouldn't mind wearing.

The feathers are cute, and the material chosen to display the legs as Big Bird's works great; as do the feet.

It's a nice combination of the orange legs and feet of Big Bird, while using the feather look for the body.

It shows you can put together a cute and compelling Big Bird costume without a lot of work. Nice job.


Big Bird Costumes

Even though Big Bird is a simple character, with just a few elements to incorporate into the compelling look he has, he is a great choice for a costume - whether you buy, rent or make one - as those wonderful colors and beloved character have a built-in attraction that always brings delight and enjoyment to those seeing someone in a costume of the giant bird.

The ideas and costumes shown and shared here should generate some thoughts on the direction you want to go if you're considering Big Bird as the costume of choice for yourself, a friend, or a loved one.


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